Creation is an eternal process

The greatest blessing today is that many of you can feel the vibrations. And not only that but you also know and realize that they can think and they can love - it's a very big blessing. Of course, some of you haven't got it, but those who have got it know that these vibrations organize, because they raise the Kundalini, they go to the place where it is needed, out of compassion, to that portion where there is deficiency. They understand, they organize their universal nature and they love. They answer to your questions, when you ask them some questions - you receive answer from them. They are living vibrations. These vibrations are from the Divine. This Divine is called as Brahma - Brahma-tattwa, Principle of Divine.

We can say that the process of Creation is an eternal process. Means the seed becomes a tree and the tree becomes a seed, and the seed becomes a tree. It goes on and on - it's eternal. So, it cannot have a starting point and it cannot have an ending point. It goes on and on and on. That's why it can have different states of existence, you can say, state of being. So, the first, just the being, is Brahma, where nothing exists. We say 'nothing'. When we say nothing, it is a relative word ; because we do not exist, so we say 'nothing exists' - it's a relative word. When we are not existing, for us everything is 'not'. There is something, but that is not ourselves. And that's why, relatively, we say 'it is nothing'. It's only the word Brahma, you can say, you can think of an energy, if you want to, an energy-form that exists. But the energy accumulates at a point and forms a nucleus. The energy that thinks, energy that is distributed, accumulates at a point - concentrates on a point, you can say. And this point is the point we call as Sadashiva. This happens because that energy desires, thinks, organizes, loves. When it wants to create, when the desire is felt in that energy to create - at that time a nucleus is created. This nucleus we call as Sadashiva. This nucleus does not disappear. You can think of a nebula. I mean, it is something which is all relative you can think, you cannot think something in absolute form. So, with thinking you cannot conceptualize the whole thing. But if you can think of a state, where it's just an energy and no creation. But not the energy of electricity, magnetism, - all this. It's the combination, the synthesis of all the things which goes into Laya which becomes that, is all synthesized. It coagulates on a point, [unclear] coagulates at a point which we can call as a nucleus. This point we call as Sadashiva. This Sadashiva is the Ishwara, is the God Almighty.

We call it now God because now it has a limitation in the sense that we can call it something, but if it is just an energy we just call it a Brahma. You can say like this: when the water becomes ice, a follicle of ice is formed, you can differentiate between the water and the ice. But still, it's a relative, relative understanding. At this state God Almighty, Parameshwara, takes its form as an identity. That's why we can say that it is not Brahma, but an identity. Identity has its aura, has its aura, you can say, it's light. This light is the Divine love. It goes into various forms but Sadashiva remains as He is."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   February 20, 1977   "Creation"  New Delhi, India