How does one forgive?

Shri Mataji : Now I'll tell you one thing. It is a myth we don't forgive. What do we do? Supposing I say, "I don't forgive," then what do I do? I'm doing nothing. I'm just playing into the hands of the person who has harmed me, isn't it? All the time thinking about it, how much he has harmed me, how much pain he has given me. Do I do anything about it? Nothing, I'm just killing myself, I'm playing into his hands. But when you say, "Forgive," means you take it out of your mind, that's the point. You see, in practical way if you understand what Christ said is absolute truth. You don't know it's a mantra. At this point if the Kundalini doesn't rise, I have to say 'you forgive everyone', it rises. You won't get your realization if you don't know how to forgive. It's true, because not forgiving is just a myth. What do you do when you forgive or don't forgive. Nothing, it's just a myth. Now think about it, all right? Whatever is said is absolute truth, no doubt about it. I am here to explain all of them, whatever they said. I'm here to explain every word, whatever they have said it. And to prove that they were all right and they were all truth. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    February 23, 1983   Public Program Day 1   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia