Sattwa Guna

... jump on to sattwa guna. On sattwa guna you start accepting (it). You become extremely mild. You become a mild personality. Then at that time you do not discuss as to, “Oh, I don’t like it; this was wrong; this should not have been.” All these things do not come to you in sattwa guna. You start seeing it. That time you see, “All right, doesn’t matter. It’s done, it’s done.”

-- What is a Sahaja Yogi, May 17 1980

Two Types of Attention: How Diaries Help Sharpen Attention

It is when you think of becoming then the preparation is done to become something and on the whole, when you know that it is your ego and superego which are loading you up, you have to scan them out with vibratory awareness. Now there are two types of attention we have to pay. First is a constant attention that is a routine of a Sahaja Yogi, and the second one is the emergency attention.

(CC) licensed photo by rogergordon 

For your constant attention, you have to fix up your mind on certain facts. The first one, as I said that if you keep a diary then you will know that you have to remember what important things have happened. So your attention will be alert and you’ll be looking out for such points where what is the thing you see. And you’ll be amazed if you make your attention alert, what new things come to you, very brilliant ideas and the miracles of life and the miracles of God’s beauty and His auspiciousness, His greatness, His kindness, His blessings - how they work out if you start writing every day even two lines about it. It will make your mind constantly involved with it. That’s a human style of doing things.

Also you can mention in the diary what happened. Did you, could you do your meditation? Did you get your time for meditation or not? A little bit as if you are appearing for some sort of a examination or something, prepare a little note like that. Did I get up in the morning? Did I? Then any special path or any special movement in the center or left or right also should be mentioned so that you keep a watch on your mind.

It’s a very good thing to maintain a diary. Also, you will see progressively how your ideas are changing, how new priorities are settling down, how you give more importance to real things and very little to unreal things. I think this is a very, very practical side of human beings that one should have a diary. Same diaries, after some times, will become historical things and people would like to see what you all have written – not to be hypocritical about it or deceptive about it, but quite truthful and understanding. You should jot down few lines just before sleeping.

-- Shri Mataji

"What is a Sahaja Yogi?", Informal talk, Old Arlesford, UK; 17th May 1980

How to know if a Guru is good or bad?

First of all you must see what sort of a disciple they have. Those who say, “We are doing something,” you should find out what are the kind of people that are following. Because they are some cinema actors and cinema actresses, it doesn’t mean that they are sane or they are wise people. What have they got, is the point. What powers have they got? As self realized people what powers they have got and what transformation they have gone through. What is the new awareness they have got?

A Revolutionary New Awareness

So we have to awaken ourselves into that new awareness by which we can know the absolute truth and we can know that divine power which is surrounding us. All this compartments that we have made around ourselves will break and we'll see the dawn of a new era where we will know that all of us are capable of achieving that great height of awareness.

-- Shri Mataji, Founder of Sahaja Yoga
1990 Vancouver Public Program

Sahaja Yoga and Thanksgiving

"But you are at a different level now. So it's more of a thanksgiving to your own kundalini and to Adi Shakti, glorifying that whatever has happened so miraculously is because of the kundalini which was within you, which was reflected by the Adi Shakti. But one has to know that only we are realized souls is not the point, only that we can feel the vibrations is not the point, that we can give realizations to other is also not the point. Then what is it? Very important – it’s the content within us. What do we have within us is the point. These are all the expressions of what we have within.

Supposing somebody is generous, then know that he’s a rich man, otherwise he cannot be. So the content within us we have to see. And when we start seeing the content, where do we find in the nature there is real content? We say the sea. Sea is there you see, full of water. So much of water it sucks in from everywhere and then it allows itself to be boiled by the sun and gives rain. But sea is the lowest level, stands at the lowest level and sucks in all the water from everywhere."

-- 1989 Navaratri Puja in England

Nature of Cool Breeze in Sahaja Yoga: How Cool?

"Now this cool breeze is not chilling breeze nor is this a hot breeze but a kind of a cool soothing effects that you feel all around yourself which you have never felt before."

Miami Public Program, 1990

Suffering in Love

...when we suffer, in love, it is out of our strength that we suffer and not out of our weakness.

Krishna Puja 1973-Aug-28

Respecting the True Self: Spirit

[...]you must respect yourself and you must respect your personality, you must have self-esteem that you are not just a human being, you are the Spirit. 

-- Miami, 1990

One truth about ourselves

At the very outset, we have to know what we are seeking. We are seeking the truth. But what is the truth? The truth is that we are not this body, we are not these emotions, this intellect, this ego, these conditionings, but we are the Spirit, the Pure Spirit. This is one truth about ourselves.

Miami, 06-03-1990

Neeraja: Born of the Sea

"This Lakshmi was born or came out of the sea, the great sea, which was churned thousands and thousands of years back. And She came out of the sea because She is the daughter of the sea. That's why She's called as Neeraja. Neera means 'water' and ja means 'born out of.' This has happened thousands and thousand years back that She was born. So what is that? What is this Lakshmi? See symbolically, what is it expressing? It is expressing the awareness. Lakshmi expresses awareness, and She came out of the sea, you know that; the awareness first started growing in the sea. The life started existing in the sea, to begin with, and then it grew out. Without the life there is no awareness. First the life, because everything is jarda, everything is dead, and when it becomes life it means it has awareness. So the awareness started growing in the sea."


H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Shri Mahalakshmi Puja, Hampstead, London, 9/11/80

Power flows from Humility

"... see for yourself how many powers you have already got and the more you'll know, the more you'll become humble. It's very surprising, you'll become humble, no fear of any kind..." (quote from Navaratri Puja, 9 October 1994, Cabella. Italy)

Spiritual Quality of Russians

'Everywhere I have travelled into far remote areas and found that the people of Russia are the best amongst them. They are indeed half-Sahaja Yogis already and many are Sahaja Yogis as well. I could not go to Russia this year. I shall definitely visit next year'.[Mahalaksmi Puja, 10.11.2007, Noida, NCR, India)

Significance of the Americas

"if America works out, the rest of the world will follow."

(Shri Mataji about SY in America on Sahasrara Day 2008, Cabella)

Power and Humility

"... see for yourself how many powers you have already got and the more you'll know, the more you'll become humble। It's very surprising, you'll become humble, no fear of any kind..."
(quote from Navaratri Puja, 9 October 1994, Cabella। Italy)

Easter Puja 2008 (Nagpur)

00:30 Baith Jaiye (Sit Down)

01:40 ...All of you to be there... [???] I dont know, how you've managed to come.

[Applause, Laughter]

01:58 Otherwise its a very important day today, for all of us, because you know how Christ died. He was crucified. He was put on the cross and .... he said about you people. He asked for forgiveness from God.

02.40 What we have to learn from his life is the way he knew how to forgive all of us... We also have to forgive people. ... they say [?] it is very difficult for people to forgive and if they are angry, they are angry. They cannot forgive. Then you are no more Sahaja Yogis. Sahaja Yogis [?] must forgive. Very important. Because that is the power you've got from Christ to forgive. Human beings make mistakes. That is a part of their lives. But at the same time as Sahaja Yogis you have to ????, that you have to forgive. That is much more important than getting angry. So to forgive people for doing something wrong according to you or according to God, you have to forgive. And you will be surprised that forgiveness is such a ??? great ??? quality... that to forgive people you become innately? pure. Because the dirt of the anger which is .... thrown out. So to forgive is the biggest blessing you can have. Even Christ said 'forgive them because they know not what they are doing'. So if Christ had to say: 'so what about you?'

We are ordinary human beings. And if we have done great... people can get angry and upset with you. But the best thing for you is to forgive. Forgive for doing something
that should not have been done. So the biggest quality of Christ, that he knew how to forgive. And if he forgave people who... still he forgave them, because he loved them. And that is what you should also: forgive.

Today is a special day for him. Special day for forgiveness and that is why I said, whatever you have....

6.30 Forgiveness comes by people who are... who are good hearted... We have a right to forgive, and we have a heart to forgive. If we dont have, we are not Sahaja Yogis. We must learn to forgive... and forgive without any remark[?] behind it. Today is a very special day, because that is what Christ did. BEcause one of the most powerful day....

He could do anything. He could punish them, all of them for misbehaveing. But what is did, he just tried to forgive and he also asked God for forgiveness. So whatever may be your power, whatever you might have achieved in your life, whatever position you must be occupying, but you must learn/try the way to forgive, otherwise you are no where [in life/near Christ]. You must try to forgive, thats a very great quality, if you can forgive... all the time forgive. And that why today... you all... I wanted to meet you all and tell you that today is a day to forgive. That doesnt mean you sit down and take how many people you should forgive. That would be absurd. But take that off your mind. And you think you are... then just think that you dont know how many powers you have and you cant even forgive when you've got all these powers, when the greatest power you have is forgiving. And today is the day for forgiving, forgiving people whom you think they have done wrong or they are un-... please try to remember how big your.... just forgive them. Then you've forgiven. If you forgive them from the heart then you've punished them. You've given them back whatever they ... deserve .... So this should not... a difficult thing to forgive, but people think its very difficult to forgive, because they ... have very good understanding them... and then they think how can they forgive. I dont know what ... can do. Anything can't affect you, after all you are all realized souls, you have got your second birth.

And you are special people. So you should have special quality, and they special quality is to forgive... to forgive. Not to go on remembering on what you should be angry and you should be upset, but just remember what things you have to forgive... just forgive, for what is going on. Practical thing... most practical. Supposing somebody slaps me, allright. If somebody slaps me, what should I do? I should slap him back? No. Then.... Then I should think they must be stupid fool to do like that. On the contrary if you can just forgive, just forgive that person who has done something wrong, for you, it is important that you must forgive because it has no effect... once you forgive it will have no effect on you, your goodness, your righteousness. But I think human beings find it difficult to forgive, normally. Normally. But you are all realized souls. You are not only human beings. That's why I am requesting you: you have the power to forgive, to forgive everyone who hurt you, who tortures you, who troubles you. How for you can go just... and you'd be amazed he will change, he will change and you will also enjoy yourself. Its a difficult thing for people to understand, but just try. Just try what I am saying. If somebody does any harm to you, just forgive that person and see the reaction. Reacion in that person and yourself: what happens.

But if you want to carry the burden of anger or stupidity, whatever it is, then you are unnecessarily loaded with useless things. We should not waste our energy on deciding whats wrong, what it is.. and what it is you should do. That we should not. Just be Nir-mala... and you just forgive... say that "I forgive". Today Christ, such a powerful person, such a powerful God... and when he was crucified how He asked for forgiveness... why did he do it? Because that has power, to forgive... its very powerful. You dont lose your power, on the contrary you go higher in your power, you go higher in your personality. Just forgive, as simple as that, to say "I forgive". Just like that. Thats how I live, because people are there always... and they do whatever they like. But I dont get angry on their point and not get upset on their point... just say "I forgive" - thats all - and you'll be amazed...

So this is a very big quality for which today is a special day. On the cross Christ said that "O God forgive them for they dont know what they are doing". On the cross, where.... ... and what we have to learn, is to forgive. For our sake, not for others. This helps us. If we forgive, it will help us... within our(selves). This is the message for today and permanently. PERMANENTLY.

Always, if you are angry with anyone, just say 'I forgive'. If you find somebody hurting you or troubling you or torturing you - how will you will work it.... just forgive, just forgive. Today thats why is a very important day for us. And I am so very happy that [?] are here and I can speak to you. Thank You.