There's nothing that you have done that cannot be forgiven

So you have understood about Sahaja yoga that Sahaja is 'spontaneous' that is born with you and your union is with the divine. So any amount of mental effort is not going to bring forth. I cannot guarantee anything. It has to work out. If it works out, your luck. If it doesn't work out, we will have to work it out later on. But once you get it then you have to respect it. And you have to learn it and you have to become your own masters. Once it happens to you will be amazed at your own powers and then you become the light  - and the light is not kept under the table but on a pedestal so that you can help others and salvage them. The subject matter is too long, and in English language itself only I might have given at least 3000 lectures. So you can all have My tapes and everything but first get your Self-Realization. Unless and until you get your Realization, no use talking about anything. But one has to talk, so I have told you something about it. You should not feel guilty if I have said something by which you have felt guilty. That is one of the conditions of Self-Realization. If you are feeling guilty then it is very difficult. You must know that the Divine is the ocean of love and forgiveness. And there's nothing that you have done that cannot be forgiven. Actually you are challenging the power of forgiveness of the Divine. First of all, you forgive yourself and be happy and pleasantly placed within yourself so that you get your Self- Realization.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    July 22, 1988   Public Program   Balboa Park   San Diego, Ca.  U.S.A.

In human beings there are ten valencies...

It is such a great day today that the French got their liberation on this day. But what is this liberation for? - I don't know. In no country where they had freedom and liberation, I have seen, it has not worked something very much that was expected. Say in France... So the liberation through anger, when it comes, hatred is the basis of these revolutions and these so called achieved liberations. If the liberation takes place within yourself, so that you are no more slave of anyone of these horrible destructive forces and negative forces, then it's a real liberation. The second thing that has happened in France, first time in Europe, it has been recognized as dharma. It's a very big thing, and give a hand to it. [lots of applause] It is recognized that Sahaja Yoga is dharma. It is. But today it was recognized. This is a very big thing. I must say credit goes to your leader and to all the Sahaja Yogis of France who have worked so hard to get this sanction, this kind of a position. It's a very great thing.

So, today I was thinking that we'll have the puja of Shri Vishnu, who was the basis of dharma. So far we have never worshipped anyone who were the basics, except for Shiva. We only worshipped the incarnations because they became as incarnation; Ganesha came as incarnation, the Goddess came as incarnations, Rama, Shri Krishna, Gurus, Christ, Buddha, all of them came as incarnations on this earth. And we worshipped the incarnations who came on earth specially. But today, as Sahaja Yoga is established as dharma, we have to know about Shri Vishnu who is the basis of dharma. Later on He came on this earth as Shri Ram, then as Shri Krishna, and ultimately as Kalki. It is a beautiful evolution of Shri Vishnu. So, one has to understand what is the basis of dharma. If you know, in the matter they are eight valencies. They are negative, positive and neutral. But in human beings there are ten valencies, and these ten valencies are created by Shri Vishnu, within us . They are protected, looked after, and nourished by Shri Vishnu. And whenever He finds human beings falling down in their dharma, He takes His birth on this earth. Ultimate stage is the Virat. At that stage, this Vishnu principle divides into two: one goes to Virat, another to Viratangana. But the third principle is what you call as the Mahavishnu, which incarnated as Lord Jesus Christ. So all these three principles act, at this time, in Sahasrara mainly.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 13,1994   Shri Vishnu Puja   Paris, France

Spirit: The Universal Constant

In the same way, spirituality has grown from the seed, today to this flower state. In this living process you cannot just have a flower from somewhere hanging in the air, it has to be on the tree, it must have a basis. The basis should evolve into that, you cannot just have something from somewhere, then it is a plastic flower. It must have basis to all the flowers, to all the religions. It must have connection with every religion. Any religion that teaches that that is the only religion, cannot be a religion. It has to be universal. It must relate to all of them. Any person who is Divine has to be a universal person, he cannot belong to one sect, one religion, or one country. He transcends all the barriers which are artificial. God has made only one world. There are some of course, some mountains, and some rivers and human beings who have variety, even one leaf is not like the other leaf, so how can any face be like another face? And the variety creates the beauty, otherwise you'd be bored stiff. Imagine, if everybody in this world look like Chinese or like Germans or like Indians you'd be bored stiff. But variety was created for beauty and not for fighting. That we should fight that your nose is longer than mine I'll fight with you, we measure the nose size, how much is the nose and then you fight. Sometimes human beings behave worse than dogs... they never measure noses, do they? (Shri Mataji laughing) So we come to a point that we have to be universal. But by saying, "We have to be universal," we do not become. By giving lectures you do not become. I know all these people who talk universality of united nations, all that, I know them very well. It is just an idea, but is very temporary, it can drop out any moment. The friendship will drop out also any moment. Friendship of nations drop out any moment. Once upon a time America and Russia were great friends, today they are great enemies, God knows how suddenly they became enemies.

All these uncertainties have created chaos. What is a certain thing within us is the Spirit. When the Kundalini rises within you from its base She pierces through six centers and comes out of your fontanel bone area, here is the seed of God Almighty and the reflection is in the heart of the Spirit. That is the power like energy that rises within us and in the heart is a little fire which gets ignited by that energy and the whole being gets enlightened. That enlightenment first of all gives us collective consciousness. By joining these organizations and stupidities you cannot get that state. The Kundalini has to rise and you have to become the Spirit. So the first thing that happens to you is the nature of the Spirit is that you become, actualize,  the experience of collective consciousness. It is not a false certificate. I cannot give you certificate, you have to give yourself a certificate honestly. If you are a profound person and a deep person you can see that reality is to be certified by your central nervous system. But if you have no value of your life, you can waste it, what can one do about it?

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 9, 1986   Second Public Program   Vienna, Austria

Seeking Truth in Ambiguity

But the problem with the seekers today is this, that they don't know what they are seeking. They have no idea as to what to seek, how to seek, what to expect. They - it's an unknown area they are entering into, it's very unknown to them. And this unknown area which they are seeking is now represented by so many people. Everyone says, "I am the one who will deliver the goods." Another one says, "I am the one who can do it." Naturally confusion is created. As it is, modern times are the times of confusion, great confusion. And when there's such a confusion comes in, then only we find out a great solution also, a permanent solution, to solve the problem once for all. There has been never such confusion in the minds of human beings as it is today, as to the right or wrong, never so much. Whatever was said this was not good they would do, knowingly that they are doing wrong. If they were good people they would say, "All right, this is good, we'll do the good." But everybody knew that this was wrong or right - they may do it. But today no one knows what is wrong and what is right.

Apart from wrong and right, it's much beyond that. You have to know yourself; because this awareness is within us that we do not know ourselves, we do not know the absolute. We live in a relative world. Of this everybody seems to be conscious - maybe in the subconscious or maybe in the unconscious, but definitely there's a feeling in every one of us that we do not know. And it's a very honest feeling, it's a very sublime feeling that we have to know something more.

Now when we say the word "know," we think as if I would say, "I don't know about Derbyshire, I have never been there." Now this means what? "I don't know about Derbyshire" - I mean, what don't I know about Derbyshire? I can read it in the books, I can find out. I can know all the history of Derbyshire. I can find out who were the people who were making beautiful porcelain here, I can find out all about their history; everything I can read about it. Still, why should I say I don't know anything about Derbyshire? Because I have not been to Derbyshire before. I have not been to Derby, I have not been to this area, I have not seen this place, I have not visited it, I have had no experience of this place, so I don't know about it. This is exactly what is the situation.

The situation is that we do not know about the Divine. We have read about it, we have heard about it. So many people have written about it. Once they know there's an enquiry about it, they come out with books - books after books, thousands of books they have written. How many of them are true and how many of them are untrue? It is impossible to find out, because we do not actually know. Supposing somebody says that Duke of Bedford was born in Derbyshire. All right, how will I know? I would not know till I meet somebody who is really belonging to that place, who knows about it. In the same way, the knowledge that we have also about Divine is very confusing; but this is not knowledge, this is never the knowledge.

The idea of knowledge comes to us as if it is a kind of an answer to our enquiries which is rational, which we can understand intelligently through our intelligence. But now this area is beyond intelligence, beyond rationality. Beyond all that is limited is the unlimited area. All such unlimited areas can be only known by experience of your awareness. Now this one should understand is a very delicate thing, how to know something, an experience of our awareness. Not an experience, they suddenly see a light so it's an experience - I mean, you can always see a light. It's so great, the people feel about it that they have seen some light suddenly sparking before them - nothing so great. There could be some area from there a sparking can come, and maybe it is of no use to you, but just you might feel that you have experienced. So one must know that seeing is not experiencing.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 10, 1982   " We Have To Know Something More "    Public Program    Derby, U.K.

The Real Meaning of Yoga

Today, it's a great day that you are here to worship your Guru in the realm of the heart of the universe. If we can do that in our domain of the heart, we don't have to do anything else.

Today, also, I feel I have to tell you about Sahaja Yoga and its value, which is related to other Yogas which were accepted in the olden days all over the world. They called it, one, as the Yoga - not Sahaja Yoga, Yoga. It started with various types of practices of 'Ashtanga' Yogas - eightfold yogas - with a Guru. And one had to go through lots of hardships. Nobody who was married was allowed into that Ashtanga Yoga, and they had to give up their families, give up their relationships. They had to become absolutely without any attachments, to go to a Guru. All their property, all their possessions were given up. Not to the Guru as is done in modern times, but given away. And this was called as Yoga.

The another style was called as Sankhya. Sankhya is where all your life you have to gather things with detachment, and then to distribute them completely and take to a Guru, in a way completely surrendered, and then get realization. Sankhya was the left-sided behavior. And the Yoga was the right-sided. Where the Gayatri Mantra was used was the Sankhya. Because they were left-sided, they used to use Gayatri Mantra. They went so much to the left side - that is to gather things, to gather possessions, to gather properties, to gather all kinds of friends and relations and societies - that they were afraid that they may be completely lost into all those things. They would go to Gayatri, the Mantra of Gayatri which teaches you the essences of all our Chakras - the centers. I have told about this before also - 'Bhu', 'Bhurv', 'Swaha'. 'Bhu' stands for the essence or the 'Bija' of the 'Mooladhara'; 'Bhuv' for the universe that is created that is Swadisthana's 'Bija'; 'Swaha' is the 'Bija' of the Nabhi; 'Manah' is the essence of the Heart Chakra. Then, 'Janah' is the people, collectivity, is the essence or the 'Bija' of the Vishuddhi Chakra. Then, 'Tapah' is the one where you go into 'tapasya', into renunciation, into hardships - is the essence of the Agnya Chakra. And then the 'Satya' is the truth, is the essence of the Sahasrara - not the truth that we think as truth, but the truth that is expressed in our central nervous system. So, this is discovered at the seventh stage of the Sahasrara. So the people who did Sankhya were, sort of, not so much respected as spiritual people, because they thought these are all involved into worldly things and worldly possessions and worldly happenings. So, they were regarded as something secondary. Or those who were yogis of the Gurus were regarded higher, because they had already given up everything, and they have gone to a Guru giving up all the things that they have. But here, these Gurus had a problem within themselves because they found that those who came to them gave up everything - no doubt - but still there was lurking attachments. In their own 'Ashramas'  they found, these people had their own attachments to things. Though outwardly they had given up, but inside they had not given up. So, they were still sticking on to these ideas that, 'Oh, its all right. But still we can have little things like that, doesn't matter.' Like that, there was little compromises going on. Like, as we have here nunneries and all that. So both, in a way, were artificial. The one side, is the Sankhyas, were trying to ascend with all the luggage they were carrying. And another were trying to descend with all the ambitions of ascent

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 12, 1987   Guru Puja   Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, U.K.

We are a part and parcel of the whole

I bow to all the seekers of truth. So many of you have already found out what is the truth, truth about yourself, that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this ego, conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. After realizing that, not knowing but realizing that, when you become the Spirit your attention gets enlightened by the Spirit. And this enlightened attention is so intelligent. And as it is connected with this all-pervading Power, you'll be amazed that whatever you try to look at, to put your attention to, it just works. It is such a proof that you are one with this all-pervading Divine Power. To prove that there is Divine Power which is all-pervading, first you have to become the realized soul, you have to become a person who is enlightened, as they call it - Buddha. The word is Bodha; comes from enlightenment. And the one who is enlightened is a very different personality from what that person has been. You become very powerful, no doubt very powerful; powerful in the sense is the power of love. Is not the power we know of, but is the power of love that acts, that works. And then you are amazed at yourself how you have been able to do so many things which you would never do. And how your personality becomes very sensible, wise, and also absolutely in balance.

Nobody has to tell you anything. You are your own master. But first you have to grow to that point. Till you become that, you are not yet empowered fully. But some people who are not yet understanding the importance of becoming, who do not know that they have to grow, become again useless, good for nothing. I always remember the parable of Christ. Yes, He tells that "You are sprouted, but you are wasted." It has to grow. And that's what yesterday I insisted that you pay full value to your ascent. You look after yourself, and grow into it. Then you will know what is the power of love is. There is no ego about it. No, not at all. You don't feel the ego. What you feel is that it is flowing. It's flowing; wherever you go it's flowing. This power is flowing and that captures the whole atmosphere, the whole environment. If you people get your Realization, also all the global problems can be solved. Like you have got now very much pollution problem. The pollution gets settled down.This power of love can settle pollution because it also acts on the five elements. You'll be amazed how it acts on five elements.

Because it's all interwoven, we don't know that we are not singled out. We are not something separate from this universe. We are a part and parcel of the whole. But this feeling of part and parcel of the whole is not mental, it's not just our understanding, but this is what you experience all the time. Even small things or big things, in every way you really realize how everything is helping you so much.

But spiritual life is even better when you are meditating, otherwise your attention is going here, there, there, there, because you are not awakened, you are not enlightened. But after some time when you have really become a Sahaja Yogi and just close your eyes and then you will find you are in that blissful state where you get rid of all problems, all worrying things and you just become silent - thoughtlessly aware - which Jung has described very clearly, that you have to become thoughtlessly aware, means you go beyond the thinking mind.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
July 6,1998  
Public Program
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Holland Park School   London, U.K.