The currency of guilt

"So when you try to find faults with others, know that we have too many faults ourselves. Not to feel guilty – of course, that point is there also. You should never feel guilty about it. If you have faults, just see, 'What faults do I have? How will I correct? What chakras I am catching?' Instead of seeing the chakras of others if you see your own, then you’ll become purified, you’ll be very clean, you’ll be wonderful; everything will be fine. But if you cannot see your own faults, that means you haven’t yet got your Self-realization. 'Self-realization' means to know about your Self."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 28 March 1991, extract from talk after Mahavira Puja, Gidgegannup, Perth, Australia.