Roots of poverty

What is the basic root of poverty? It is not God. It is human beings, the human beings who have got too much ambitions, human beings who are all the time running after the mirage of money. In money-oriented societies of the West have created this kind of mentality, even in the East where people want to have everything of the world. They want to have today the house, tomorrow the car, day after tomorrow the helicopter. Maybe they may like to have even a big jumbo jet to themselves. How do you curb this? Unless and until you bring those people who are amassing this money too much and extracting the money from the poor and on the other hand the poor who do not feel responsible enough to create work for themselves and not to be parasites on anyone. These two factors must to be tackled at the same time, and Sahaja Yoga is the only way you can win.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    September 29, 1979     Public  Program    Mumbai, India.

Fwd: Sri Mataji quote : " Zen means meditation. "

Today again we are back together and I bow to you all who are the seekers of truth. Yesterday it was the introduction of Sahaja Yoga in which I explained to you what is the truth. A gentleman yesterday raised three, four questions regarding kundalini. As I told you that the knowledge of this kundalini is the knowledge of the roots on which we sustain ourselves. The whole instrument is called as tree of life in the bible. Actually Christ didn't have sufficient time to explain many things because he was crucified so prematurely. We only know 4 years of his life where he spoke to people, where his disciples, whatever they could gather, have written in their own opinions. So now whatever I tell you about kundalini, I say is the knowledge of the roots. We know about the shoot. In the West specially we know about the shoot and nothing about the roots.

This knowledge has been a secret knowledge for thousands of years till it came in the sixth century the Adi Shankaracharya, who was a very great realized soul, who came on this earth, he started talking about it. About 14,000 years back since then we can see there were poets who wrote about kundalini like Markandeya. But it is in the poetry form and was only available to very few people who were capable of coming to the situation of self-realization.

About 8,000 years back, Raja Janaka, who was the father-in-law of Shri Rama, was the first one, where we see clearly that one disciple called Nachikita who went to him for self-realization. But Janaka told him, you can ask for anything else, but not for self-realization. So we can understand very few people got realization in those days. Viditama, who was a disciple of Buddha went to Japan and started Zen system of religion. Zen. Zen means meditation. But it is written that there were only 26 kasyapas up to the eighth century. Kasyapas are the realized souls. So in the sixth century Adi Shankaracharya talked about it. In the bible there is a mention that I will appear before you like tongues of flames. Bible is a sacred book, but is also very secretive. The knowledge of bible is extremely symbolic and unless and until you are a realized soul you cannot understand it. So this kundalini resided here in the triangular bone called sacrum. This bone is called "sacrum" by the Greeks. And they know a lot about the Primordial Mother and her manifestations into three aspects. I asked them, when did you discover all these things, was that when Alexander came to India? So they said, 'No, it was discovered much, much before that, when there was Indo-Arian rapport between our country and India.' 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     September 27, 1982     Second Public Program    Vienna, Austria

Spontaneous Evolution

I'm here to tell you that you have a very great purpose in life and that you are to be bestowed your power of your Spirit which resides in your heart. This has to happen to all of you. You are seeking this. You are seeking your Spirit. You are trying to bring your Spirit into your consciousness, into your awareness. This is your second birth. This is your baptism which is actualization, not just a lecture or a brain cleaning. It's a happening that has to take place within you.

If this happening takes place within you or not is to be seen. But first I will tell you logically how this happening has to be effortless.

We have evolved to human stage absolutely spontaneously. For becoming human beings we need not read any books or stand on our heads. We have taken for granted our human stage. It has happened to us without doing any efforts, without thinking about it without planning about it. So, if this is a living process of evolution we are going to get it effortlessly. For example you cannot pay for it. It is absolutely absurd. How much do you pay for a seed to be sprouted? And whom do you pay? Nature has prepared the seed in such a way that it sprouts by itself. So it is absolutely spontaneous which means Sahaja. Saha means 'with' Ja means 'born'. It is born with you. The living process is built in you as everything that has to be manifested by the seed is built in it. The seed becomes the root then the shoot. Then it becomes the branches and the leaves and the flowers and the fruits.

You cannot say at what time exactly the flower becomes the fruit. You cannot specify the time. At the most you can say the season or the 'blossom time'. I feel the 'blossom time' has come.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    September 21, 1980    Public Program    Nice, France