Secrets of Artistic Dexterity: Myelin Sheath of Hand Nerves

So first thing that happens to you is that your attention becomes subtler. Attention becoming subtler means you start understanding deeper things. For example, a bird can see a flower but cannot feel the beauty of a flower. And a unrealized person can see the beauty of a flower, but cannot see the vibrations of the flower. So you become subtler; your attention becomes subtler. You definitely are at a higher evolutionary stage than the other people are.

Now we have to see how we use our attention. You have seen even when you were not realized, that supposing you start developing an art in your hand from your very childhood, then you develop the deftness of that particular art, because a kind of a myelin sheath grows on the nerves.

In the same way, when you are realized, I would say when you are a newly born person, if you start respecting your attention then gradually you develop a deftness for Sahaj Yoga. But so many people, when they get realized, they hardly come second time. Even if they come second time they do not develop the feeling of vibrations more. They still go on being busy with their day-to-day work, wasting their attention on things which do not give you the subtler feelings.

So the subtleness, the deftness of the art of Sahaja does not develop itself. For example, I would say a person who is over-read, as soon as he gets his realization he starts tallying it with what he has read. This makes his attention again wasted. As it is, his attention has been fixed by these conventional ideas; some of them are correct, some are incorrect, some are absolutely faulty. Some are useless. Some are only because they wanted to make money, they have published some trash. As soon as you get realization, you go back to your own gross awareness and start tallying this subtle with the gross. You start again losing your vibrations. Actually after getting realization I have seen, with small children, they sleep for very long hours, could become little inactive for some time. But if an elder gets it he will immediately go to the bookstore and buy one book on Kundalini and start reading about it. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
January 27, 1977, "How to Fix the Attention "  
Bordi, India

Standing-up to Dangerous Indian Religious Cults that Exploited the Seekers of Truth

You have come here to learn something, to go deep into your experiences of the knowledge of your roots. Shri Krishna has said that this is a tree which is upside down, the roots are upwards and the leaves are outwards. In the same way, you know that Kundalini really, when it rises in the Sahasrara or above Sahasrara, then you start getting the feeling of Kundalini.

So, one has to understand that when we are now getting subtler and subtler and trying to feel the Kundalini, we should try to get out of materialistic attitude and materialistic viewpoint and materialistic sticking point.

I had met one guru before, because you know I went to all of them. And I asked one of them, I said, "Why do you take money, so much money from these people who are western people? So much, why do you take and just they become beggars, absolutely, like beggars they become because you charge them so much and so heavily?" And he told me that unless and until you make them beggars they will never take to God. They are too rich to be near God.

I mean, this explanation I just could not understand, it was absurd, I could not understand how can this explanation have any proper meaning that you should make people beggars and then they be nearer to God. I said, "In India we have many beggars, do you think those beggars are nearer to God?

So he said, "No, otherwise, you see, they get stuck up with their money and you must just make them absolutely without any money, money-less.

So, I mean, of course to such a stupid person what can you talk? What can you convince? I couldn't say to him, "Then why are you taking the money? Then he would have said, "Because I'm detached." You see, anything one can say like that if you start like that you cannot just stop it.

But one has to understand that materialism has gone into our roots and if we have to clear out our roots we must get out of materialism. That's important, but that does not in any way mean that you torture your body or anything, I don't mean that. But what I'm saying, your attention. So now, when we are dealing with our roots we have to be in the center, in the core. In the core  we are taking in, sucking in the feeling or you can say the... Feeling and awareness put together, what do you say to that in English, is there any word? Is there any word which makes awareness and feeling put together? Is there Gavin? [answer: Experience] Oh, yeah, experience, you can say the experience into your awareness and feeling. You have to get the experience into your awareness and feeling."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
January 7, 1983
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