High winds will subside

CC Commons, via: Hans on Pixbay

For Sahaja Yogis it is very important because if say there’s a cloth or a sari which is blown off by the wind, even if you can hold it on one corner, you can hold it. And after some time the whole thing can subside. And this is what has to happen actually to the world, when Sahaja yogis will hold the sari, we can call, or this Universe with their wisdom and firm faith in Sahaja Yoga. Otherwise they can be blown off also if they are not rightly placed, if they are not grounded, if they are not fixed to their own enlightened faith of Sahaja Yoga they can be blown off with this wind which is there to torture the whole world, to destroy the whole world.

Shri Ganesha Puja 1993, Germany

Sahaja is effortless

"So you have understood about Sahaja yoga that Sahaja is 'spontaneous', that is born with you and your union is with the divine. So any amount of mental effort is not going to bring forth. I cannot guarantee anything. It has to work out. If it works out, your luck. If it doesn't work out, we will have to work it out later on. But once you get it then you have to respect it. And you have to learn it and you have to become your own masters. Once it happens to you will be amazed at your own powers and then you become the light and the light is not kept under the table but on a pedestal so that you can help others and salvage them."
Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi - 22 July 1988, extract from public programme, San Diego, USA.