And it [Love] won't allow you to sit comfortably with yourself, enjoying the peace and the bliss, when the rest of the world is not enjoying that... 73 Krishna Pja
when we are close to a mountain we cannot see much of it,
and that is why we do not realize... the greatness that is facing us
The love that I am talking about - the divine love - makes you not only strong but dynamic. It is the greatest luminous power that we can think of. Only when love is surrounded by gross, and is lost in the gross, it looks as if it is weak and under chains. The time it is released, the dynamic power of love can transcend all the evil powers of the world. - 73 Krishna Pj

... and what security of understanding that everywhere in the whole world we have brothers and sisters who are on their inner being, on their divine, and how we are bound together with that love. When I talk of love, people think that I am trying to make you weak people - because people think those who love are weak. But the most dynamic power in this world is that of love. - 73 Krishna Puja

Your search for truth was intense and definite. You wanted to know
the truth, that is how it worked out:
if I know only my head, that is not sufficient. If I know only my neck, that is not sufficient. If I know only my leg, that is not sufficient. But, the more I know about myself the more dynamic I become: The more expansive I become. [73 Krishna Puja]
I bow to all the seekers of truth. I bow to you because you are the epitome of the evolution, because you have risen above the rest of the creation of God to seek something beyond. Maybe there have been mistakes. Makes no difference.

-- Shri Mataji 1985 March 10th Public Program in Sydney