Nabhi Chakra

The music was very fine and elevating to all of you. The effect of music in Sahaja Yoga is tremendous, and if a Sahaja Yogi sings the song it's so great that it acts like a mantra upon My being. So I'm very thankful to Mrs. Venogopalan for singing such a beautiful song today. It stirred Me completely... 

Today I will tell you about the Nabhi Chakra which deals with this honesty of seeking. Nabhi Chakra is the center which controls or manifests outside in the gross as Solar Plexus. Nabhi Chakra has two sides: one is the left, another the right, and one in the center. So on the left hand side is the Gruha Lakshmi, on the right hand side is the Raja Lakshmi or Gaja Lakshmi and in the center is the Lakshmi which ascends into Mahalakshmi.

When the seeking starts, a human being first starts seeking food. Food is very important for all the animals. If they have no food then they cannot exist. So the seeking starts with food, and when the shelter is sought, they try to find the water. So this center is made of water and in this center resides the Deity of Shri Vishnu or Narayana; and His power, as I told you, is Lakshmi and then Mahalakshmi. You will find out in Sahaja Yoga that gradually you start developing one power and then the other. Everyone who comes to Sahaja Yoga, if they are truthful and not involved with any wrong things, then definitely they are helped in Lakshmi Tattwa, means their well-being is looked after. As Krishna has said, "yogakshema vahaamya." So He looks after the kshema part of it. Everyone who has been to Sahaja Yoga has been helped miraculously also in the Lakshmi Tattwa, that means materially. In so many ways they are helped, that one has to just see for themselves how these miracles take place. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   January 31, 1983   " Nabhi Chakra "   Public Program  Delhi, India

Innocence is paramount for spiritual growth

It is so Sahaja today that the day of celebration has fallen onto the birthday of Shri Ganesh. Every month they celebrate the fourth day of the moon as the birth date of Shri Ganesh, and today is that date. Luckily, we are here for the Puja of Shri Ganesha on His birthday. I've said a lot about Shri Ganesha and His importance in our life. He's the giver of wisdom, but this wisdom comes from our innocence. Innocence that is innate within us. As children we are innocent, but as we grow we start exerting ourselves in a manner that we start losing our innocence. We lose it in two ways; once we have lost our innocence, we cannot believe that others could be innocent. Another is, that we think innocence is not important. Innocence is the sustenance, is the basis of spirituality. If a person doesn't have innocence, he cannot rise in spirituality.

That's why the first job of Sahaja Yoga is to establish Shri Ganesha within you, to awaken Him. As soon as the Kundalini awakens, you must know that, Shri Ganesha comes into being. Without His awakening within you, the Kundalini cannot be raised. But it could be temporary, or it could be a permanent thing. It could be very temporary with people who are not yet adjusted to the new method, or to the ways of God's love. Those who have not understood, or those who have not gone through those traditions, is rather difficult for them to establish Shri Ganesha within them. At this point I find, there are people who fight with their problems, and try to overcome the outward problems, and establish Shri Ganesha. But there are other people who are still not there; they start doubting others' innocence. In Sahaja Yoga is a very common failing. I've seen people complaining about others, saying that their innocence is not established. Is the first sign that your own innocence is in danger. Because you doubt yourself, you are doubting others. If you are doubting others, then be sure that you are not going to gain anything. Your job is to look after yourself, and not others. And if you start doing like this, gradually in your mooladhara, there will be lots of these bhoots, that will just jump in. And they'll give you more ideas, and more ideas of doubting others. By doubting others, you can never correct them, and never yourself. So those people who indulge into this kind of practices, go away from their innocence. They try to find out what others are doing, what are their ways of using other people in Sahaja Yoga, for their own purposes. Or some sort of a funny spy-like attitude, they develop. In Sahaja Yoga, you have to only spy yourself, and not others.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   January 21, 1984  Shri Ganesha Puja   Nasik, Maharashtra, India

Can't hold back a river

...the word 'religion' makes people quite nervous. They think religion means you are binding and then you have to get into some sort of a traditional style of living which is dead. But here our traditions are that we accept which are comfortable for our spirit and for our ascent. So, that gives us the complete freedom to enjoy ourselves in the fullest way. Under these circumstances, we forget what country we come from, what caste we come from, what families we come from. All these past things we forget and we become new blossoming lotuses spreading our beautiful fragrance all over the world. So, all these old ideas which are just curbing our progress should be given up.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi -  January 12, 1985, extract from talk to Sahaja yogis, Mumbai, India tour.

Experience = awareness and feeling

You have come here to learn something, to go deep into your experiences of the knowledge of your roots. Shri Krishna has said that this is a tree which is upside down, the roots are upwards and the leaves are outwards. In the same way, you know that Kundalini really, when it rises in the Sahasrara or above Sahasrara, then you start getting the feeling of Kundalini.

So, one has to understand that when we are now getting subtler and subtler and trying to feel the Kundalini, we should try to get out of materialistic attitude and materialistic viewpoint and materialistic sticking point.

I had met one guru before, because you know I went to all of them. And I asked one of them, I said, "Why do you take money, so much money from these people who are western people? So much, why do you take and just they become beggars, absolutely, like beggars they become because you charge them so much and so heavily?" And he told me that unless and until you make them beggars they will never take to God. They are too rich to be near God.

I mean, this explanation I just could not understand, it was absurd, I could not understand how can this explanation have any proper meaning that you should make people beggars and then they be nearer to God. I said, "In India we have many beggars, do you think those beggars are nearer to God?"

So he said, "No, otherwise, you see, they get stuck up with their money and you must just make them absolutely without any money, moneyless."

So, I mean, of course to such a stupid person what can you talk? What can you convince? I couldn't say to him, "Then why are you taking the money? Then he would have said, "Because I'm detached." You see, anything one can say like that if you start like that you cannot just stop it.

But one has to understand that materialism has gone into our roots and if we have to clear out our roots we must get out of materialism. That's important, but that does not in any way mean that you torture your body or anything, I don't mean that. But what I'm saying, your attention. So now, when we are dealing with our roots we have to be in the center, in the core. In the core  we are taking in, sucking in the feeling or you can say the... Feeling and awareness put together, what do you say to that in English, is there any word? Is there any word which makes awareness and feeling put together? Is there Gavin? [answer: Experience] Oh, yeah, experience, you can say the experience into your awareness and feeling. You have to get the experience into your awareness and feeling.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  January 7, 1983  Talk to Sahaja Yogis   India Tour   Rahuri,  Maharashtra,  India

Peace, love and joy reside together

Today is the parting day with all the joy and enjoyment of our personalities has become a beautiful painting in My memory. But for a mother it is very difficult to understand that everyday I have to think of leaving some of My children somewhere and going to another place. I wish a day should come we all of us should live together all the time. In your love for Me you have lived in this Spartan conditions. And have never complained about it. Whatever was possible the Indian Sahaja Yogis tried to organize. But, it's like one brother appreciating another brother and avoiding all the subjects which might hurt each other, which might upset another person. Is that beautiful love and affection among yourselves that has brought forth the success of Ganapatipule station. I know there are lots of inconveniences to both the parties but, the bliss of love covers everything. So nice to enjoy each other, each other's company, whatever may be the circumstances, discomfort, one doesn't feel hurt, one doesn't feel in anyway insulted or neglected, is such a beauty spared all over, such   beautiful waves of compassion and love among yourselves. There is nothing more I want but to see all of you so nicely enjoying each other's company, loving each other, being kind to each other. We have now started, in a way, that little world where peace, love and joy reside together. Please remember that you have to go much further with it. We have to build up many more Ganapatipules in the world and we have to work for it, in unison and in complete concord with the Divine forces. I have no doubts that My dreams are all ready visible and they will be completely fulfilled by My worthy children.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   January 6, 1988  Ganapatipule Farewell Talk   India Tour


From yesterday's program and all these days we must have realized that to get your Kundalini working out, to get Her to rush towards the Sahasrara and to widen your Shushumna Nadi it is not necessary that you should sit for meditation for 3 to 5 hours. Of course, you must meditate for a short time because that is at a point where you are alone, one with your God. But otherwise in the collective when you emerge into it then the Kundalini rises the same way. It's a very discrete way of understanding what happens. In the collective, when you are, you compensate each other, compliment each other and the subtler side of the cosmos starts manifesting in you. Then if you could really emerge there is a word 'emerge' in Sanskrit language or in Marati language is very good is [Ramamana?]. I don't think emerging with joy but there is no 'with' you see, emerging into joy. So if you can emerge into the joy of anything that is Sahaj you can become a meditative personality. You can achieve that meditative mood within yourself. With that mood, with that force, new subtler dimensions start breaking out within you. Your different kind of conditionings, which are like, shackles binding you down, just open out and you become a free person - 'Bandhamukta'. With that force everything breaks, your ego breaks, your conditioning breaks and you become one with the joy of life, divine life.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   January 5, 1988  Ganapatipule Seminar   India Tour