As a result of self-realization what happens!

As a result of self-realization what happens ? That's the point. Firstly, you start feeling the Divine vibrations on your finger tips. Divine vibrations like cool breeze and it starts flowing through your hands. You'll be amazed when it first happens you start doubting. I know people who went and closed their doors and windows, wanted to test and find out if they had those cool breeze. You have it. Is a sign of yourself, and within this, pure vibrations. As a result of that so many other things can happen. But the most important thing is that you become a very peaceful person. You'll become a very balanced person and you become that witness about which all the religions have talked. You get to the state of that witness. And once you become the witness, you see the whole picture, the whole world in a very different manner. You become the witness. It's a state in which you watch everything. You do not react but you watch and your presence itself will help people."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi      August  22, 2002     Public Program New York, USA.

England is the Heart

... it shows how William Blake thought of you people; and he represents that hope for England in this poem that I had about you people. As I had told you that: England is the heart, and the heart has to be, first of all, established, otherwise Sahaja Yoga is not going to be established.
Now the people who live in this country are least believing, I think, in William Blake as you all do.This poem shows very clearly what hopes William Blake had. He could see the vision very clearly and he said that England has to become the Jerusalem. In Sanskrit language it's called as teevtha. Teevtha means a pilgrimage place, a place where pilgrims come in. And this indication here, of this poem, which is so beautifully written by William Blake, shows that he saw the vision of Sahaja Yoga prospering in England in this beautiful manner.
But, as it is, this heart is so materially bound. There's so much of materialism that has come into our veins even. And we have to realize that we have to get it out of our mind, out of our body. It has gone into us so much, the materialistic approach towards life , that we have to really take a strong action against it. It's so much that anybody who comes to this country also becomes materialistic. Imagine the heart becoming a matter. Think of the heart becoming a stone. And today on a day when you are here to worship Me as a Guru, My desire is only one: and that is that you all should become gurus yourself. Now I have struggled for seven years here to build you up and all the struggle that is described has been done single-handed to begin with and then so many of you joined.
But when you join Me you have to realize that you have to really transform yourself. You have to know that you are, first of all, realized souls. Which, also, very few people really realize and are aware, I think, that they are realized souls. They are not the other, mundane, type of people, ordinary people. They are realized souls. So as it is they have to get out off this shell in which they have been living. The ideas of securities, that you have had so far, come to you all from materialism if you study yourself correctly. Everything is trickling down to you that is materialism. "
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    July 19, 1981   Guru Purnima    Guru Puja   Chelsham Road Ashram   London, U.K.

Only way to grow is to be collective

... if you do not try your hand and if you do not try to give Realizations to others, firstly you'll have no faith in yourself. You'll have no self-esteem also.
The second part is that you try giving vibrations to other persons, but don't get involved with that person. I've seen some people who get too much involved. If they give Realization to one person, they think they have done a great job and they start working on that person, his family, his relations, this thing. So, so far, as you must have learned, that one may be related, one may be closer to one person, but not necessarily he will have that lmuch of chance of Self Realization. Only way to grow is to be collective. There's no other way out. If people think that by staying away from ashrams, alone living somewhere they will achieve much - that's not the way Sahaja Yoga is meant.

Formerly, people used to go to Himalayas and most of them were separated and only one or two persons were chosen for spiritual growth. Here it is not question of spiritual growth, it's a question of your collectivity growing in you. That is how you become a person who is collective, who enjoys the collective, who works on collective and lives with the collective. Such a person develops new kind of powers. And these powers are such that they are very subtle, but they penetrate into any molecule, atom or human beings, anywhere. And their penetration is only possible if you have a temperament which is collective. Without being fully collective, you cannot achieve that height which is very necessary today for Sahaja Yoga. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 20, 1997   Guru Puja   Cabella Ligure, Italy

Human and Divine Minds 🇦🇹

You have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. Not your mental projections, but you have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. But people told Me that, "Mother, their vibrations are not so good. So many of them indulging into cheap talks. Because you think you are well-educated, you have got jobs and you have this and that. It's better to have people who are uneducated, without any jobs. They will enter into the Kingdom of God. Christ has said, "Rich cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." But I would say now, "The intellectuals won't enter." In My experience the intellectuals won't enter. Because they are going with their brains against reality. Try to understand. As soon as you come out your Agnya be careful - you either go to the left or to the right. Unless and until you understand that you have to grow beyond your mind. With our mind if we could have understood or if you could have got our ascent - it would have been the easiest thing to do. But no - everybody has a brain of limited projections. So somebody goes this way, somebody goes that way, somebody goes that way. And that's how we have the problem of wars. We have the problem that everybody has a different attitude. Now see, they started having a - say, Europe. I must congratulate people in Austria that they have done European Community. But they are all fighting. There are so many points on which they are quarreling. With all difficulties now they got this. And think, they are suspicious, they are not trusting each other, because they are on a mental level. This is something is a curse, I think. Human mind cannot be superior to the Divine Mind. And you'll stop at Agnya. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 18, 1994   Talk at the Airport   Vienna/Schwechat, Austria

We have evolved from amoeba to this stage

" We have evolved from amoeba to this stage. We are human beings. Our evolution has come through our attention - fixed outside. The happening has to go inside. But the evolution so far has been by going outside. Like some fishes felt the land and tried to crawl out and they became the reptiles. The reptiles wanted to run fast so they developed four legs as a tortoise. As animals they could not eat; so they raised their head. Things at the height they could not see, so they raised their body more. So all the evolution so far has come through the urge of seeking only, but it has been outside. We have been seeking food, as human beings we are seeking power, we have been seeking money, possessions, comfort. But now the seeking has to go within. For example, when we are building a house we build all the outside and everything properly. When it is all done outside then you go inside and start decorating. In the same way you have to go inside to achieve the last breakthrough. For example, we have made a fortress for ourselves and we have to enter inside the fortress to enjoy it. We have to penetrate inside the house to enjoy it. But our attention is outside. We cannot go inside.

So something has to happen that you are to be sucked in. Some sort of a vacuum is created inside by which you are sucked in. It's a beautiful arrangement which has been sahaja, means spontaneously growing within us. Like a seed has all the map of the tree it has to become. It does not have to consult A to Z or anything. It has its own map, and it grows on that map spontaneously. In the same way our being has been growing spontaneously since we were just matter, lifeless matter. Gradually it was sprouting and we reached the stage where today we are human beings. But that's not the end because if it was we would have known our meaning, you would have known why we are here. Now the happening takes place through the awakening of this Kundalini. It is placed in the triangular bone. It is there. You can see with your naked eyes it is there.

We are here to tell you the message that now this last evolutionary process which has to take place has started. Like every instrument has to be prepared first of all and put to the mains so the electricity starts flowing through it and starts manifesting. In the same way your instrument has been created so beautifully and the electricity, that they call as the divine power of love of God, has to flow through you. To connect you to that power very beautifully God Almighty has placed this energy of Kundalini in your triangular bone. I say this is the power of divine love."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  July 17, 1980   " Seeking The Force That Drives Us "  Public Program  Northampton, U.K.

Are we our guru or not?

When we say we have become our own guru, we should really try to find out with our introspection, are we our guru or not? Because before this your mind was on one side and your heart was on another side and your attention was in another dimension. So these three things were creating confusion within you. If you understand a human being, then you will be surprised to see how these three things act separately in a human being. 

And sometimes they fight also. First is your intellect and your mind, second is your heart, your feelings, your emotions, and the third one is your attention. In these modern times this confusion is the worst, because all the time your attention is outside. It could be towards beautiful things, or beautiful women, or beautiful men or all kinds of nonsensical way of wasting your energy. 

Such attention then is absolutely like a horse which is let loose. You cannot control such an attention. And this attention runs wild from one to another. Is a fashion also. It's sort of a very popular thing to keep the attention moving all the time. But this attention that has to be towards the Divine, towards the Almighty, is just being frittered away. 

Thus, attention doesn't grow its own roots. First is to find out about yourself, where does your attention go? What makes you feel like looking after or concerned or attention? You see, the attention comes from various problems, and could be your upbringing where you are not controlled, could be your education, could be your atmosphere in which you live or could be your own ego or your conditioning.

So, this attention is being attacked by all these outside energies or negative forces and it gets entangled, like a river flowing straight into the ocean can get lost in a barren place. In the same way this attention, which has to go towards the Divine, gets frittered away and is finished. This weak attention cannot take you towards the Divine. Ultimately you find that all this attention is being completely absorbed or frittered away by the nonsense that's going on. Unfortunately or fortunately you are born in these modern times, and in these modern times, as you know, it's a very chaotic condition. In these chaotic conditions you don't know what is right and what is wrong.

And there are all kinds of attractions which can take away your attention and reduce the energy of your attention. It is possible more for the people who are very right-sided. Also the left-sided people can be very much affected. Right-sided people as you know go up to a point and become extremely dry, self-opinionated and aggressive. All their attention is in aggression, while the people who are on the left side are indulging too much into their own whims and their desires and their own temptations. Both sides can fritter away your attention which is the most important, it is the most valuable thing, is your attention. But the attention cannot be controlled by a person who has a weak mind or a weak heart. 

Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi     July 16, 1995   Guru Puja    Cabella Ligure, Italy

Mind itself is a myth

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

I have to say that truth is what it is and it cannot be changed. It cannot be described. Unfortunately at this human awareness you cannot know the absolute truth. If you had known the absolute truth there would have been no problem of quarrelling, fighting, arguing. Because absolute truth is singular and I'm sitting before you. You all know I'm here, so you are not going to argue on that point. But when we argue we cannot see. We do not know who is sitting next to us. If there is some sort of a sound everybody will start running, helter-skelter, hurting each other. Maybe they might start fighting. But your eyes are open. When you are alert you know where you are.

So what is the truth? The truth is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego, these emotions, but you are the pure spirit. That's why all of them have said that you have to take your second birth. That means this birth is not the complete thing. In Sanskrit also we call a realized soul, a saint as Dwijaha, means born twice. Also bird is called as dwijaha, means born twice. And the bird is like a small egg. Till it grows and is broken by the mother it is not a bird, it doesn't exist as a bird. And when it is mature then it comes out of the egg, but there are still some things sticking to him out of the blood and the egg and other things. Then it starts flying; the mother teaches him how to fly. Then the bird becomes free, strong enough to go around the whole sky.

In the same way, it happens with human evolution. At the human stage we are just like an egg. One side is the ego, another side is the conditioning. This is how our mind is made by us. It is a myth, mind itself is a myth. And we can make computers; we also can make our own mind. So one has to go beyond this mind to know the reality, to know the absolute truth. This is the evolutionary state one has to achieve. That's the last breakthrough of our evolutionary process that has to happen to most of us. What surprised Me, the way the Russians have taken to Sahaja Yoga, also people in Ukraine, also Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary, but maximum by Russians."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 15, 1996   Public Program   Moscow, Russia

Liberation and Liberty - Bastille Day

 It is such a great day today that the French got their liberation on this day. But what is this liberation for? - I don't know. In no country where they had freedom and liberation, I have seen, it has not worked something very much that was expected. Say in France... So the liberation through anger, when it comes, hatred is the basis of these revolutions and these so called achieved liberations. If the liberation takes place within yourself, so that you are no more slave of anyone of these horrible destructive forces and negative forces, then it's a real liberation. The second thing that has happened in France, first time in Europe, it has been recognized as dharma. It's a very big thing, and give a hand to it. [lots of applause] It is recognized that Sahaja Yoga is dharma. It is. But today it was recognized. This is a very big thing. I must say credit goes to your leader and to all the Sahaja Yogis of France who have worked so hard to get this sanction, this kind of a position. It's a very great thing.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 13,1994   Shri Vishnu Puja   Paris, France


" Today, it's a great day that you are here to worship your Guru in the realm of the heart of the universe. If we can do that in our domain of the heart, we don't have to do anything else.

Today, also, I feel I have to tell you about Sahaja Yoga and its value, which is related to other Yogas which were accepted in the olden days all over the world. They called it, one, as the Yoga - not Sahaja Yoga, Yoga. It started with various types of practices of 'Ashtanga' [Sanskrit/Hindi meaning 'having eight stages/parts'] Yogas - eightfold yogas - with a Guru. And one had to go through lots of hardships. Nobody who was married was allowed into that Ashtanga Yoga, and they had to give up their families, give up their relationships. They had to become absolutely without any attachments, to go to a Guru. All their property, all their possessions were given up. Not to the Guru as is done in modern times, but given away. And this was called as Yoga.

The another style was called as Sankhya. Sankhya is where all your life you have to gather things with detachment, and then to distribute them completely and take to a Guru, in a way completely surrendered, and then get realization. Sankhya was the left-sided behavior. And the Yoga was the right-sided. Where the Gayatri Mantra was used was the Sankhya. Because they were left-sided, they used to use Gayatri Mantra. They went so much to the left side - that is to gather things, to gather possessions, to gather properties, to gather all kinds of friends and relations and societies - that they were afraid that they may be completely lost into all those things. They would go to Gayatri, the Mantra of Gayatri which teaches you the essences of all our Chakras - the centers. I have told about this before also - 'Bhu', 'Bhurv', 'Swaha'. 'Bhu' stands for the essence or the 'Bija' of the 'Mooladhara'; 'Bhuv' for the universe that is created that is Swadisthana's 'Bija'; 'Swaha' is the 'Bija' of the Nabhi; 'Manah' is the essence of the Heart Chakra. Then, 'Janah' is the people, collectivity, is the essence or the 'Bija' of the Vishuddhi Chakra. Then, 'Tapah' is the one where you go into 'tapasya', into renunciation, into hardships - is the essence of the Agnya Chakra. And then the 'Satya' is the truth, is the essence of the Sahasrara - not the truth that we think as truth, but the truth that is expressed in our central nervous system. So, this is discovered at the seventh stage of the Sahasrara. So the people who did Sankhya were, sort of, not so much respected as spiritual people, because they thought these are all involved into worldly things and worldly possessions and worldly happenings. So, they were regarded as something secondary. Or those who were yogis of the Gurus were regarded higher, because they had already given up everything, and they have gone to a Guru giving up all the things that they have. But here, these Gurus had a problem within themselves because they found that those who came to them gave up everything - no doubt - but still there was lurking attachments. In their own 'Ashramas' [Hindi/Sanskrit meaning hermitages] they found, these people had their own attachments to things. Though outwardly they had given up, but inside they had not given up. So, they were still sticking on to these ideas that, 'Oh, its all right. But still we can have little things like that, doesn't matter.' Like that, there was little compromises going on. Like, as we have here nunneries and all that. So both, in a way, were artificial. The one side, is the Sankhyas, were trying to ascend with all the luggage they were carrying. And another were trying to descend with all the ambitions of ascent."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 12, 1987   Guru Puja   Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, U.K.


As I yesterday I told you, that on your central nervous system you should be able to feel others and yourself, which is inside.

Now for example, a person who is mad. When he started becoming mad, he did not realize. He did not realize he's already possessed and that he's getting mad, and that he should have treatment - nothing he realized. Gradually he became mad, and he is in the lunatic asylum. Or a person who gets a cancer does not know he has developed a cancer, till they say that now it's hardly fifteen days you have to die.

This is on physical level, mental level. A person who is egoistical does not know that he is egoistical, that he's oppressing others, and others are a part and parcel of himself. Like Hitler never realized that he was such a horrible devil, that he will go to hell. And those who were around Hitler that time did not realize that a devil is growing in this society, that a devil is going to come. Nobody realized everything, and suddenly after eleven years he's comes back as a horrible destructive satanic force. So if you read the books written before his regime, they were actually supporting him. Because they said that "We are getting decadent, our society is decadent and we need a person who'll take us to austerities and who will make us a little disciplined. We need discipline, we must have discipline," and so they liked him. Even the young students liked him. When he went to the universities he charmed them by saying, "We must have discipline, we should be austere, you should not eat this food, you should not that food, you should become very austere." And that thing was very much appreciated by the young people. They did not realize whether this man was a devil or not.

Now knowledge is such that in that you see the subtle of yourself and subtle of others. And the subtle of  our ours and the subtle of others resides in the chakras. These are the chakras which reside within us, and these chakras are the ones who cater to the need of any emergencies we have. For example, if we have to run very fast, we can run very fast. Our heart starts beating, the sympathetic goes into action, then these chakras bring it back to normal, by supplying proper energy to that part which has been over-used. They bring it back to normal. When, say, on the left-hand side and the right-hand side we have two extraction of the sympathetic nervous system, when this extraction is too much on the chakras, these chakras get separated. And there is a deity in every chakra, and when that deity sleeps off there is a separation from the whole, because that is how we are connected with the whole. You see, supposing this is the vertebra, it's like this: once it is broken off, you are broken off from the whole. The control is lost. Once the control is lost, then you start working on your own. Once a cell starts working on its own, it becomes malignant. It loses that relationship with the whole which gives it balance, a sense of proportion and coordination, how much to grow, and that's how cancer is set in.

In the society also nowadays, because the society is becoming ego-oriented, we go on saying, "What's wrong? What's wrong in this, what's wrong in this?" There is a dharma within us. We have got ten dharmas, the ten sustainers within us, the Ten Commandments that we have to obey - why? Because if you go out of them, then you go into an imbalance. And if the imbalance is set in, then you can develop any one of these problems which come out of imbalances. That is how we cannot cure cancer, because we cannot make the cells go back to its normal condition. At the most, what we can do is to remove the cells from the body who start attacking others and making them also ego-oriented. But we cannot make them again normal cells. Only through vibrations you can do it, because when you vibrate these centers they become more powerful, they expand their aura so the circle that was small becomes bigger, engulfs both the sides and bring them together, and again the deities are awakened and the cells start getting the message from the whole.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 11, 1982   " Becoming the Knowledge "   Public Program   Derby, U.K.

What is a certain thing within us is the Spirit

In the same way, spirituality has grown from the seed, today to this flower state. In this living process you cannot just have a flower from somewhere hanging in the air, it has to be on the tree, it must have a basis. The basis should evolve into that, you cannot just have something from somewhere, then it is a plastic flower. It must have basis to all the flowers, to all the religions. It must have connection with every religion. Any religion that teaches that that is the only religion, cannot be a religion. It has to be universal. It must relate to all of them. Any person who is Divine has to be a universal person, he cannot belong to one sect, one religion, or one country. He transcends all the barriers which are artificial. God has made only one world. There are some of course, some mountains, and some rivers and human beings who have variety, even one leaf is not like the other leaf, so how can any face be like another face? And the variety creates the beauty, otherwise you'd be bored stiff. Imagine, if everybody in this world look like Chinese or like Germans or like Indians you'd be bored stiff. But variety was created for beauty and not for fighting. That we should fight that your nose is longer than mine I'll fight with you, we measure the nose size, how much is the nose and then you fight. Sometimes human beings behave worse than dogs, they never measure noses, do they?

(Shri Mataji laughing) So we come to a point that we have to be universal. But by saying, "We have to be universal," we do not become. By giving lectures you do not become. I know all these people who talk universality of united nations, all that, I know them very well. It is just an idea, but is very temporary, it can drop out any moment. The friendship will drop out also any moment. Friendship of nations drop out any moment. Once upon a time America and Russia were great friends, today they are great enemies, God knows how suddenly they became enemies.

All these uncertainties have created chaos. What is a certain thing within us is the Spirit. When the Kundalini rises within you from its base She pierces through six centers and comes out of your fontanel bone area, here is the seed of God Almighty and the reflection is in the heart of the Spirit. That is the power like energy rises within us and in the heart is a little fire which gets ignited by that energy and the whole being gets enlightened. That enlightenment first of all gives us collective consciousness. By joining these organizations and stupidities you cannot get that state. The Kundalini has to rise and you have to become the Spirit. So the first thing that happens to you is the nature of the Spirit is that you become, actualize the experience of collective consciousness. It is not a false certificate. I cannot give you certificate, you have to give yourself a certificate honestly. If you are a profound person and a deep person you can see that reality is to be certified by your central nervous system. But if you have no value of your live, you can waste it, what can one do about it?

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
July 9, 1986
Second Public Program
Vienna, Austria

You have to challenge the past

We try to do our level best, but still sometimes you feel that there can be some mistakes we might have committed. But it is not for you to be upset about it. Because once you have reached the shores of joy then you should not give it up for anything. Because it is your choice whether you want joy or you want unhappiness. Now in this Guru Puja I felt everybody reached a very great height of achievement and have become the joy itself. Now whatever your past was, whatever mistakes you might have committed in the past in your ascent or whatever might have happened in the past because of others, to you, is all lost in the past, the ocean of the past.
So the judgment will come from you to yourself. "Am I still involved in the past that was last, that was yesterday, is finished now? Am I even now bothered about it? "  And your Mother will also sometimes test you on that.  Sometimes I may remind you of some mistake of yours and then see what happens to you. And then I will know where are My children. Now you have become the fruit, which is ripe. So why should you worry about things which you are not anymore? Now if you have become a full fledged bird why should you worry about the egg that used to smell so badly. So this is the attitude one must have towards oneself, the confidence within yourself. So that's how you challenge your past, and now you can even challenge your future. Now start thinking what can happen to us, supposing. Which is very, very common nature of the western people. Yes, because if you tell somebody, "Now, will you please go and telephone to that person", immediately that person will tell you, "Perhaps he may not be there. (Laughter) Now let me see what's the time. This is the time he has to go out, so he must have gone out." (Laughter) But why don't you telephone? And you telephone and the fellow is there. This is the western style of futuristic explanations of everything.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    July 7, 1986    " Challenge the Past and Future "    Talk to Sahaja Yogis after Guru Puja  Vienna,Austria

We are a part and parcel of the whole

I bow to all the seekers of truth. So many of you have already found out what is the truth, truth about yourself ; that you are not this body, this mind, these emotions, this ego, conditionings, but you are the pure Spirit. After realizing that, not knowing but realizing that, when you become the Spirit your attention gets enlightened by the Spirit. And this enlightened attention is so intelligent. And as it is connected with this all-pervading Power, you'll be amazed that whatever you try to look at, to put your attention to, it just works. It is such a proof that you are one with this all-pervading Divine Power. To prove that there is Divine Power which is all-pervading, first you have to become the realized soul, you have to become a person who is enlightened, as they call it - Buddha. The word is Bodha; comes from enlightenment. And the one who is enlightened is a very different personality from what that person has been. You become very powerful, no doubt very powerful; powerful in the sense is the power of love. Is not the power we know of, but is the power of love that acts, that works. And then you are amazed at yourself how you have been able to do so many things which you would never do. And how your personality becomes very sensible, wise, and also absolutely in balance.

Nobody has to tell you anything. You are your own master. But first you have to grow to that point. Till you become that, you are not yet empowered fully. But some people who are not yet understanding the importance of becoming, who do not know that they have to grow, become again useless, good for nothing. I always remember the parable of Christ. Yes, He tells that "You are sprouted, but you are wasted." It has to grow. And that's what yesterday I insisted that you pay full value to your ascent. You look after yourself, and grow into it. Then you will know what the power of love is. There is no ego about it. No, not at all. You don't feel the ego. What you feel is that it is flowing. It's flowing; wherever you go it's flowing. This power is flowing and that captures the whole atmosphere, the whole environment. If you people get your Realization, also all the global problems can be solved. Like you have got now very much pollution problem. The pollution gets settled down.This power of love can settle pollution because it also acts on the five elements. You'll be amazed how it acts on five elements.

Because it's all interwoven, we don't know that we are not singled out. We are not something separate from this universe. We are a part and parcel of the whole. But this feeling of part and parcel of the whole is not mental, it's not just our understanding, but this is what you experience all the time. Even small things or big things, in every way you really realize how everything is helping you so much.

But spiritual life is even better when you are meditating, otherwise your attention is going here, there, there, there because you are not awakened, you are not enlightened. But after some time when you have really become a Sahaja Yogi and just close your eyes and then you will find you are in that blissful state where you get rid of all problems, all worrying things and you just become silent, thoughtlessly aware - which Jung has described very clearly, that you have to become thoughtlessly aware, means you go beyond the thinking mind."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi July 6,1998 Public Program Holland Park School London, U.K.

What are we here for?

All the seekers of truth, I am very much thankful to you for giving Me this opportunity to meet you all over here .You are here because you are seeking and the seeking is so innately expressing itself that you cannot get over this feeling of seeking even if you want to. But perhaps I do not know if you know what you are seeking; why you are not happy; what is the expectation you have about your seeking. All of you must have had some background of seeking. Because seekers are a special category; every person on the street is not a seeker. Every person we come across is not a seeker. It's a special category. I have seen there are seekers who are real seekers and there are also fake as we have in everything, because it's a fashion to seek, because nice to talk of seeking.

In everything I can understand the fakeness but in seeking I cannot, because you are the gainer, you are the one who has to gain. So you should not fake it. Better try to awaken your sincerity and to get that which is real because human beings have reached such a stage of evolution that they cannot exist any more now, unless and until they find out the truth about themselves, unless and until they face the reality, unless and until they know why are they here for; they cannot go on like this, is an impossibility. All the shocks and all the horrible ideas people are giving you about the destruction of human race is because of this void that they feel, this distance they feel from reality. They feel that, "We haven't yet seen anything that is real. Everything we venture into, any enterprise, any movement towards progress, ends up into a nonsense." And the whole absurdity of this kind of a progress, when it comes face to face, you start feeling, "Now where are we? Are we on the right lines? Where are we moving?"

This seeking that has come to you is of course the outcome of this confusion, no doubt, that you can see intelligently, this confusion around you. One of the things is that with your rationality or with your logic I should say - rationality's rather... can be very funny. With your logic you must have reached a point where you see this confusion, and you must be wanting to find out after all what is the solution? You work very hard, create an atom bomb, then it becomes like a devil on your head, you cannot go further with it.

Any such movement of human beings towards understanding the meaning of their existence leads into a chaos. Then it is definite that we are in a cocoon and whatever we do it comes back to us. There must be way out, there must be a method by which we get out of it and see for ourselves, "What are we here for?" You cannot solve this problem through your intelligence or through your rationality, because human mind is limited and the limited mind cannot go to something that is unlimited. Like when I came to this hall, I had to leave my car behind. But it's very difficult to understand that with rationality you cannot reach some place and you reach that place spontaneously.

But we can derive at that conclusion, by seeing that we evolved spontaneously, we evolved automatically .We did not think about it. Say, from animal stage to this stage we have come; from amoeba stage to this stage we have come, without doing anything about it. Spontaneously it has happened. People, perhaps do not understand the word "spontaneous." Spontaneous means it's a happening through some living force and the living force acts on its own. It drives you up to a point, like a flower becomes a fruit. Now the flower cannot do anything about becoming a fruit. In the same way we cannot do anything about our evolution we should accept most humbly, because we have done nothing so far to become human beings. We have taken for granted our human life. But how we got it, we do not know. We did not pay any money for it. That way anything very vital to life you get it spontaneously. Like our breathing, nobody taught us breathing. We did not have to join Cambridge University to learn our breathing, did we? It comes so spontaneously as soon as we are born we start breathing. All that is vital for the progress of life comes to us spontaneously."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 3,1981  " The Search For Truth "  Public Program   Cambridge, U.K.

You have to achieve is self-knowledge

The other day we had a conference with the Hatha Yoga people and told them that in Hatha Yoga there are eight parts, ashtangas, eight parts. Only a wee bit part of one of them is exercise. And this exercise also, is to be done according to the need of the person, or it can complicate your body. It can trouble you. So, the real achievement of Hatha Yoga is also thoughtless awareness. What Patanjali has said? He has said that there should be thoughtless awareness and then there should be doubtless awareness. In those days, one had to work very hard to achieve it. Among thousands of people, one person used to achieve. Also same thing about Tao or about Zen system. One has to go through a great practices years after years to reach the satori stage...

Now this has been absolutely reduced to ten minutes exercise. Like we first build now the dome of the temple and then the temple. Like we raise the Kundalini by which you get the light, light of your Spirit. Maybe little, but you do get. In that light you see yourself. As I always give you the example of a snake in My hand. There is darkness and I am very egoistical and I can't see what is in My hand. Till the snake bites Me, I don't believe it is a snake. Anybody tells Me, I won't listen. But as soon as little light comes in, I through away that snake. In the same way, you throw away whatever is destructive in you.

I never say, "Don't do this and don't do that." I do not say about the Ten Commandments. These are not the days for Ten Commandments. But let them have their own light. In their own light they can see what's wrong with them. They become their own masters, they become their own gurus and let them grow in reality.

That is what Sahaja Yoga is, today's Sahaja Yoga. "Saha" is "with", "ja" is "born with you," is the right to become a self-realized personality. In these special times, I call it a blossom time, which is definitely, believe Me, is the Last Judgment. If you want to go to hell, you can go to hell and if you want to go to Heaven, you can go to Heaven also. It is your choice and in this choice, you are free to decide what you want. Somebody asked Me, a newspaper lady once, "what is the proof that it is the Judgment time?" I said that "you can see from..." You must have seen the photographs, miraculous photographs. There were never cameras before. So, Mohammad Sahib said, "Don't make My picture." And Christ's pictures are, sometimes He looks like a Catholic Roman or He looks sometimes like somebody from France or somebody from England, depending on the artist.

But now, these cameras are doing wonderful work, I should say. They are producing such miraculous photographs, that I am amazed, but to prove that this is the Last Judgment, so be careful. So, what you have to achieve is self-knowledge, to begin with. So you know which of your centers are catching, where are you in trouble."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 1, 1996   Public Program   Bucharest, Romania