England is the Heart

... it shows how William Blake thought of you people; and he represents that hope for England in this poem that I had about you people. As I had told you that: England is the heart, and the heart has to be, first of all, established, otherwise Sahaja Yoga is not going to be established.
Now the people who live in this country are least believing, I think, in William Blake as you all do.This poem shows very clearly what hopes William Blake had. He could see the vision very clearly and he said that England has to become the Jerusalem. In Sanskrit language it's called as teevtha. Teevtha means a pilgrimage place, a place where pilgrims come in. And this indication here, of this poem, which is so beautifully written by William Blake, shows that he saw the vision of Sahaja Yoga prospering in England in this beautiful manner.
But, as it is, this heart is so materially bound. There's so much of materialism that has come into our veins even. And we have to realize that we have to get it out of our mind, out of our body. It has gone into us so much, the materialistic approach towards life , that we have to really take a strong action against it. It's so much that anybody who comes to this country also becomes materialistic. Imagine the heart becoming a matter. Think of the heart becoming a stone. And today on a day when you are here to worship Me as a Guru, My desire is only one: and that is that you all should become gurus yourself. Now I have struggled for seven years here to build you up and all the struggle that is described has been done single-handed to begin with and then so many of you joined.
But when you join Me you have to realize that you have to really transform yourself. You have to know that you are, first of all, realized souls. Which, also, very few people really realize and are aware, I think, that they are realized souls. They are not the other, mundane, type of people, ordinary people. They are realized souls. So as it is they have to get out off this shell in which they have been living. The ideas of securities, that you have had so far, come to you all from materialism if you study yourself correctly. Everything is trickling down to you that is materialism. "
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    July 19, 1981   Guru Purnima    Guru Puja   Chelsham Road Ashram   London, U.K.