Human and Divine Minds 🇦🇹

You have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. Not your mental projections, but you have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. But people told Me that, "Mother, their vibrations are not so good. So many of them indulging into cheap talks. Because you think you are well-educated, you have got jobs and you have this and that. It's better to have people who are uneducated, without any jobs. They will enter into the Kingdom of God. Christ has said, "Rich cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." But I would say now, "The intellectuals won't enter." In My experience the intellectuals won't enter. Because they are going with their brains against reality. Try to understand. As soon as you come out your Agnya be careful - you either go to the left or to the right. Unless and until you understand that you have to grow beyond your mind. With our mind if we could have understood or if you could have got our ascent - it would have been the easiest thing to do. But no - everybody has a brain of limited projections. So somebody goes this way, somebody goes that way, somebody goes that way. And that's how we have the problem of wars. We have the problem that everybody has a different attitude. Now see, they started having a - say, Europe. I must congratulate people in Austria that they have done European Community. But they are all fighting. There are so many points on which they are quarreling. With all difficulties now they got this. And think, they are suspicious, they are not trusting each other, because they are on a mental level. This is something is a curse, I think. Human mind cannot be superior to the Divine Mind. And you'll stop at Agnya. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 18, 1994   Talk at the Airport   Vienna/Schwechat, Austria