We have evolved from amoeba to this stage

" We have evolved from amoeba to this stage. We are human beings. Our evolution has come through our attention - fixed outside. The happening has to go inside. But the evolution so far has been by going outside. Like some fishes felt the land and tried to crawl out and they became the reptiles. The reptiles wanted to run fast so they developed four legs as a tortoise. As animals they could not eat; so they raised their head. Things at the height they could not see, so they raised their body more. So all the evolution so far has come through the urge of seeking only, but it has been outside. We have been seeking food, as human beings we are seeking power, we have been seeking money, possessions, comfort. But now the seeking has to go within. For example, when we are building a house we build all the outside and everything properly. When it is all done outside then you go inside and start decorating. In the same way you have to go inside to achieve the last breakthrough. For example, we have made a fortress for ourselves and we have to enter inside the fortress to enjoy it. We have to penetrate inside the house to enjoy it. But our attention is outside. We cannot go inside.

So something has to happen that you are to be sucked in. Some sort of a vacuum is created inside by which you are sucked in. It's a beautiful arrangement which has been sahaja, means spontaneously growing within us. Like a seed has all the map of the tree it has to become. It does not have to consult A to Z or anything. It has its own map, and it grows on that map spontaneously. In the same way our being has been growing spontaneously since we were just matter, lifeless matter. Gradually it was sprouting and we reached the stage where today we are human beings. But that's not the end because if it was we would have known our meaning, you would have known why we are here. Now the happening takes place through the awakening of this Kundalini. It is placed in the triangular bone. It is there. You can see with your naked eyes it is there.

We are here to tell you the message that now this last evolutionary process which has to take place has started. Like every instrument has to be prepared first of all and put to the mains so the electricity starts flowing through it and starts manifesting. In the same way your instrument has been created so beautifully and the electricity, that they call as the divine power of love of God, has to flow through you. To connect you to that power very beautifully God Almighty has placed this energy of Kundalini in your triangular bone. I say this is the power of divine love."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  July 17, 1980   " Seeking The Force That Drives Us "  Public Program  Northampton, U.K.