" But still I would say that the society if you all see around, is very, destructive. The morality part is very disappointing. When I see the newspapers I am really shocked how things are happening and I cannot explain why people behave like this in this manner. Maybe you can say these are some, possessions, or maybe their genes, or maybe their breeding. So one of the things very important for Sahaja Yogis is, to lead a very very moral life. With immorality as it is people are punished as you know. They get all kinds of diseases, all kinds of troubles, also problems in the family, that affects our children. I always felt that, the society is to be looked after by women, by women, not by men so much. They have to be tolerant because that's their job, that's what they have to do. There's nothing inferior or superior ; on the contrary a superior woman would be a very good housewife, would be a very good, collective personality. She'd be the more sensible and a balanced person, because she has a double job to do. Firstly she has to establish her children all right, give them a proper training by her own life, and then she has to look after the society.

When you see the ills of society, that has taken so much of toll, of so many young generation, I think Sahaja Yogis have a very great responsibility, towards their fellow man in their own country. We talk of so many things but actually you'll be surprised you all are gifted with the power to emit vibrations by which you can correct the society. You are all the channels of those beautiful vibrations, which you must use and utilize. But if you do not pay attention to your vibrations, and to your growth, then all these subtle powers that you have do not manifest. That is what I feel about Sahaja Yogis yet, they have not realized how important they are and what is their role, much more than any other Incarnations' disciples, Incarnations' pupils, had. Because you yourself, you are realized souls. You yourself know all the things. All the subtleties you have, and if you can just understand that by spreading Sahaja Yoga you also go much deeper, within yourself, you will take it up and work it out. Of course while spreading, people are worried about their ego sometimes. They think that supposing we are successful, then ego might come into it. Doesn't matter. It's part of the game. But you should see. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   February 19, 1995   " Informal Talk to Yogis "   Melbourne Airport, Australia