Personality Cults & False Teachers: A Checklist

That’s first thing I’ll tell you. But I will tell you to ask yourself or ask anyone, “What has he done for anyone?” Has he been able to give you any power or anyone the power, all right? Now I can tell you all these who are here who are realized souls who are here, they are just like you to look at. Of course from face you can make out that they are very relaxed and very happy people. But they can cure people, they can give realization to people, they understand everything that is wrong with you and with themselves also. So what has he done to your awareness? Nothing.

Now, his disciples, what have they achieved? You ask them, “Where is the Kundalini of this person? What is the problem of this lady or what is weighing upon her mind?” They won’t be able to say. If you cannot even make out what’s wrong with another person or with yourself how are you going to help? All such people, what do they do? Let us see, simple thing is that they can mesmerize you. You may feel happy for a while, it’s just like drinking, you know, if you drink you feel happy. But by drinking what have you achieved? Have you become masters? All of them are like that, you see and this gentleman, so obviously, because he asked for Rolls Royce. What is a Rolls Royce for a prophet? I mean what does it matter? (Shri Mataji laughing) You see My point is? This so obvious, I mean this is so logically obvious. First of all anybody who takes money from you is a parasite, simple as that. And to ask for Rolls Royce – of all the things? So you see? You have got Christ, you can see from Christ’s life. Will He care for your Rolls Royces?

To such a person – He’s a king, He doesn’t bother. Whether he has a Rolls Royce or not, whether he sleeps on the ground or not, makes no difference. Such a person doesn’t care for anything. Because he is in comfort, he has got his own comfort. He is a man of self-respect. Do you think will He ask for anything whatsoever? I mean it’s so obvious, for you people it is so obvious. But when I talk to some people of this guru, the particular one you are telling me, they said, “Mother we give him the metal and he gives us the Spirit.” This – can there be an exchange? Can you purchase your Spirit? Use your logic, all right? God has given us brains to understand, logically we can reach there. Can you – can you purchase, can you purchase the Spirit? Isn’t it so simple? We can’t pay for it, My child. We cannot.

If you want to give Me a flower, all right. Is just an expression of your love, and that’s all. But you can’t purchase Me, you can’t. Your love can purchase Me, all right, that’s different. But you can’t purchase Me with metal and money, can you? What is a Rolls Royce? I mean, I don’t understand what are all these crowns and things. What are they good for? They don’t give you joy. Go and ask the people who wear the crowns.

Yes, the other day I was with Mrs Thatcher, poor thing, she was so miserable. (Laughter) Yes, she was, you know. I tried to sort of put her down, her vibrations, she was very miserable. We were just across the table talking to each other. And what I was doing was to balance her, poor thing, she was, she’s very upset. So you must understand you are too simple people, you are seekers of ancient times. You are not seekers of today; you are seekers of ancient times. And this time has been promised to you before also. And now you have to find it. Now, you must keep your logic straight forward. I mean, anybody who asks for Rolls Royce, I mean this is one of the stark examples I would say, cannot be any guru.

Is a stark [INDISTINCT: empow?], absolutely, one of those. But there are subtler ones, he’s not so subtle, you will get out of him, in no time, I know, all of you. But the subtler ones are even worse. Some of them may not even ask for money – may not. I don’t know of any but there may be some. Because I heard about someone who doesn’t now take money, in India. He had made money here and now he’s gone to India and he doesn’t take money from them. But the one who has really not taken money, one person whom I know, has been using women. He’s not interested in money part; he’s using money – women. You see, so this is what it is; you must understand. His interest is not in your Spirit, but in your purse and in your women? Imagine. How can holiness be combined with these dirty habits of people? That means they themselves are under the control of their desires, which are anti-God.

These are all anti-God activities. And you people being so simple-hearted, I tell you, you are so simple-hearted. If you tell an Indian that their guru takes a Rolls Royce he’ll say, “haa…” [Shri Mataji makes a dismissive gesture]. They immediately they will cancel. They know all this kind, how can it be? Nobody would give to him… any guru in India. Gurus have to pay people sometimes (Shri Mataji laughing), first to entice them. Westernized Indians is different, but those who are real Indians, they, they, you see they are, people live with the mothers and they know, “What is what,” you know, nobody can befool them, they are very practical people.

- H. H. Shri Mataji May 20th 1982, Brighton, UK