The Relative and The Absolute

So, we have this mechanism, as I told you, for your last breakthrough. If we had known the absolute truth and if we had the absolute knowledge, there would have been no quarreling, no different “isms”; there would have been no wars. But because we haven’t got that, we are separated by ignorance, and everybody thinks “I’m right. Whatever I am doing is the correct thing and whatever I am thinking is the correct thing.” But there is no way to judge whether it is correct or not. 

Like when you say it’s a one meter long, then we have a meter, as you know, in the Museum of Paris which is kept as one meter all the time. But that, unless and until you discover we are living in a relative world without any absolute (reality). That’s why there is chaos; that’s why there are problems. 
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   April 11, 1991   Public Program   Melbourne, Australia 

A replica of the platinum-iridium bar in Paris that was the international standard for length before 1960.