Communication is Central to Love

"The voice should be melodious and the language should be controlled. If we can control our tongue, 80% of collectivity we'll achieve. Tongue is, first of all, of course, for saying things, which are sweet and beautiful. Let us find out what sweet things we are going to say to people who come here. Not expressing our views about, 'I like it,' 'I like that,' 'I want that.' But on the contrary, 'Do you like this?' 'Do you like this?', 'Would you enjoy this?' So the language should be directed towards others, showing interest and concern."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 2 May 1985, extract from talk about Nirananda, Vienna, Austria, Speaking on the topic of collectivity in Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Why is kundalini awakening instantaneous? Can human evolution be accelerated suddenly?

"We have to understand how this happening takes place by giving you a simile of a spacecraft. Now the spacecraft as you know has got many, what you call, containers set in each other like a telescope. Spacecraft has got many containers fitted into each other like a telescope. So the whole stuff first flies out or goes out towards the space with a certain velocity. The whole of the machinery goes towards the space with a certain velocity, to a point, first, with certain velocity. Now when the first container explodes, the rest of it is triggered with a much higher velocity, say if it the first is V, it is V raised to the power, say, X. Then the second one explodes and the third one explodes and the fourth one explodes. Maybe the velocity now becomes V raised to power 100 or VX raised to power 100. At the last stage, the last container explodes and releases the spacecraft into the space. In the same way, your evolution takes place. It is all built in the seed. It is all built in your seed, in the seed. Like the seed has the complete tree and all the trees that are going to follow, in the same way from the matter you start growing into human level. It is very difficult for the biologist to explain how in this such a short time, a man is created out of a small, little amoeba. If you apply the law of chance, it is an impossibility."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi - 1 May 1980, extract from public programme, Zurich, Switzerland.