How do we prove that there is God?

The first and foremost question is how do we prove that there is God?  Because you assumed that there is God because somebody has said, "There is God." Now what are the ways of proving this - that there is God? So we have to attack the question, first from the reasoning point that we should be able to tell people that there is God through reason not through experiencing, because they are to be prepared. There will be many who really do not believe in God but just out of fashion they're saying, "All right we accept" because they want to keep up peace and the compromise. But how you start about convincing them rationally? Perhaps I spoke in one of My lectures if you have that, I don't know if you have got it. But we can prove it - the existence of God. You may call it God or nature or whatever it is, from many point of view. For example in short we can say, "There are many scientific things we cannot explain".

We cannot explain how the periodic laws were established without somebody being there. Periodic laws of chemical substances of the elements that exist on this Earth is so regular and so properly plotted down that you can see there must be some plotter otherwise it cannot be done. I mean if you want to avoid it, you can avoid it but there must be someone. Say we come in this room and find everything properly organized, lit up and we should know there must be somebody who has done it...

People like Jung have proved the existence of collective consciousness...The existence of unconscious, which gives us dreams through which we get universal symbols. All over the world whether we are in India or in England or anywhere. The symbols are the same and he has done experiments with thousands of people. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 29, 1980  " How to Prove God Exists "  Dollis Hill ( London ) Ashram   U.K.

What living work have we done?

We are here because we are seeking. We are seeking something of the beyond, because we have a feeling within us that there is something that is beyond. But we have no guideline to understand what we have to do about it. In all the scriptures it was described that there is higher life, there is eternal life, there is Kingdom of God where you have to enter, that you are to be reborn. All this is Greek and Latin to most of the people.

And how to achieve it is another problem that faces us. For this we must ask one question to ourselves: what have we done to achieve this human state? From amoeba to this state how did we come? Do you know what you did, what effort you put in, how many times you were standing on your heads... breaking your bones? Did you see any cockroach working it out? Did you see any dog doing that or did you see yourself any time? Have you any memory of that? What have you done? In any human behavior have you seen that for doing anything important we have to do something about it? For example, we have eyes. We have them. We haven't done anything about getting them. They have been fixed properly, and this nose being fixed just in the center. We haven't done anything about it either. All this that we are supposed to be of which we are very proud. We think we are Mr Such and Such and Such and Such. You see Mr Ego part. We must know first of all that this we have not done. We have not created ourselves.

What else are we creating? Let's see. We have created this thing [INAUDIBLE]. Now this is all dead, from dead to dead. What living work have we done? Anything? Can you sprout a seed? Can you, even one? Even one you can't. So that means we have done nothing so far. It is only a myth that we believe into that we do this and we do that. Some people travelling by train, if they put their luggage on their heads and think that they are carrying the luggage, what will you call them? It is the same way, is our being created especially for a special purpose. You may call it God. You may call it nature, whatever you may call it. But it is not done by you by any chance. Once you understand this then the second point comes in. What, how are we to be Self-realized? How are we to be in that consciousness? So the answer is you cannot do it [sir]. If it is a living process you cannot do it by anything. You cannot work it out. It's difficult to understand this proposition. But it's a fact that you cannot do anything living and you cannot do this most dynamic thing within you that you take your second birth. If you could accept this assumption then we can go further, that you cannot do anything about it.
So now we come to this conclusion that somebody must do it. The one who have done so far is going to do it again. The one who has made this has also put a code with it. He has made all the arrangements. In the same way the one who has created you has made all the arrangements in your machinery, in your instrument, in this living machinery. He has created you so beautifully you can't imagine. And then here you are today just to be connected. And this can only be done through the Grace of God."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 30, 1979   " When in Darkness "   Dollis Hill  ( London ) Ashram  U.K.

The Ocean of Love

I told you about the three powers we have within ourselves: one is the power of desire that is on the left-hand side; and the another power of action which is on the right-hand side; and the central power which is the power of our divinity or evolution. Also I told you about the centers that we have. The lowest center is below the Kundalini which is responsible for our innocence. When this center gets disturbed then our innocence is also disturbed. This is a very, very important center for Sahaja Yoga. It plays a very vital role in your evolution. Whatever you have done before or you have done now to spoil the awakening of the Kundalini or you can say to spoil the Sushumna, the central part, is all recorded in that Kundalini Itself. But the recording takes place because this center which is at the end, which is innocence, receives all the information from this conditioning line, the left side. It receives all the information and it records, just like a tape recorder. So the Kundalini is aware of the mistakes that are committed by you personally, by the society, by the conditioning of the, your seeking, by all sorts of things that you have done so far, by which you have tried to hamper the path of your Realization. So this is the path, the central path which is very important for your ascent. But that should not give you a guilt. One thing I must tell you, when I speak you should not take Me that seriously. Because that's the worst thing that happens to you, that you start developing a guilt, and then the Realization becomes very difficult. So please do not develop any guilt when I say something, or just start pondering, "Oh, I have done this mistake and that mistake." Because I'm talking of first and last time as I said it and today is the first time I would say again, to begin with, that I'm talking of Ocean of Love. If you were so perfect there was no need to   have Sahaja Yoga. There was no need to do anything. Should have been the simplest job, you see. Anybody could have done it. Because there are complications and problems that somebody has to work it out. So there is nothing to feel guilty about it. First thing I have to request today is not to feel guilty about anything. 

So the second center is of your activity, as I told you. So through your activity also you create problems on the central line. Now how do you create that? It's like this. You can see the left and the right and the central. Central part is the Sushumna. Now these two start working. When they work very hard or they pull each other on the sides, then sometimes this may be dislocation completely by   which you lose your complete connection with the whole. Or could be that it may narrow down, the path may narrow down, and sometimes it can be very much injured or sick. These centers could be very sick.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 25, 1981   " The Ocean of Love "    Public Program    Hampstead, London, U.K.

You must spread fragrance

So today I'm going to tell you about Adi Shakti which is a very, very ancient subject. Adi Shakti is the power of God Himself, and She created this world to bring His kingdom on this Earth.

You can imagine, there was nothing but darkness. And out of this darkness She had to create all these beautiful, picturesque trees and all kinds of vegetation. That She did create. But what is the use having all these things which do not speak, do not understand? There's no manifestation with them. Of course some of the trees and some of the flowers do receive beautiful vibrations and they grow very well, but not all, some of them.

For example I must tell you that here flowers have no fragrance, all the flowers they have no fragrance. I've been going round to see if there were flowers of fragrance. But what they do is to grow them big. They are very big, much bigger than you can find them anywhere. But there is no fragrance. While in a poor country like India, the flowers have tremendous fragrance. Even small flowers have tremendous fragrance. Now what is the speciality of the fragrance in India and nowhere else? Nowhere. Some flowers may be having little fragrance, but if there is no fragrance in the flowers that are grown so beautifully, full of love and care but lots of wild flowers also India have more fragrance. What is the reason? They say that the soil of India has fragrance. How can you have fragrance in the soil? But it is a fact... 

So now you are born here. You have brought the fragrance, you are the people who are realized souls and you have got the fragrance to spread. So your responsibility double, I think, that you must spread fragrance. Fragrance is something very innate. Even this soil which we should say is without fragrance, the people have fragrance in their character, in their behavior, in their understanding and there is peace which they are aspiring. I don't say they are peaceful but they are aspiring to have peace. This aspiration only suggests they are fragrant people, that they are very fragrant. What is a fragrance in a human being is his nature, his temperament, how he is and how he behaves towards others.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 24, 2007    Shri Adi Shakti Puja   Cabella Ligure, Italy

Adi Shakti is a complete personality

Today it's a different day altogether for all of you, because this is the Puja of Adi Shakti. And Adi Shakti is a complete personality, it's not only the left side that you know. You all know only the left side, from Shri Ganesha through the ascent of different, different chakras on the left side. I didn't want to tell you about the right side to begin with, because those who have gone through the right side got just lost.

They got Gayatri Mantra from the writings but they didn't know what it was about, they just used to learn it by heart. They didn't also know the real meaning of it, and that is how they moved on the right side and, I don't know, they landed up at the Agnya; and then they were trying for the Self-realization. They were promised that if you do this right side properly, you will reach to the ultimate goal of Self-realization. But none of them reached there. Most of them got into a terrible temper, terrible temper of cursing others, of destroying others. All these things they learnt through their right-side movement. There was no kundalini awakening, and they were made to go up to the, at the most, Agnya Chakra, and then they collapsed into different places of complete ignorance.

All these books were written without understanding that it's not easy to go via right side, but best was to awaken your kundalini. The kundalini directly takes you up in the center of all the chakras, up to the Agnya and crosses Agnya, and goes beyond Agnya into the Sahasrara, and then it pierces through the Sahasrara.

Now, what is so important about the Brahmarandra, from where it pierces? I never told you about it. But now I think for most of you the time has come. You see in the childhood the child has a talu, is the fontanel bone area which is pulsating always. It is pulsating because the spirit entered through that area, and when you close it, it settles in the heart. Now you have to become the spirit-oriented person, but how to enter into the Sahasrara was the problem."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 23, 2002 Shri Adi Shakti Puja Cabella Ligure, Italy

Every one of us has it

All the books, all the scriptures, which are true scriptures, have said one thing, that to know the truth, you are to be born again. That's not only in the Bible. You see if you take Patanjali, which is a very ancient book, it's not that  Patanjali asked you to stand on your heads, is wrong, it's just a wee, wee, wee, wee bit of it. But what Patanjali has written is that you have to achieve the truth on your central nervous system through your Atmudarshana, the word is written, meaning the experience of your Spirit.

Now English language has an advantage and a disadvantage. That the spirit could be the Atma, the spirit could be an alcohol. Or spirit could be a dead body, it could be any circumstance, but it is not so. There are three separate things, absolutely opposite to each other. So the Atma - the Spirit -  has to be found out, is said even by Mohammed Sahib, he said you are to become the Pir, is said by Zoroaster, is said by Lao-Tse, is also said by Zen. Buddha has said it, Mahavira has said it, every one of them has said it. So many religions have started in the name of God without going to the truth that you have to be born again.

Now you have to be born again does not mean that you certify yourself I am born again. Self certificate, you can call it, 'I am born again', but you don't become. What is so special if you are born again, what should be so? The human awareness at this level is just ready to be born again. And in Sanskrit the word, for a bird is Dwija, means born again, and also for a Brahmin who is born again. But those who call themselves Brahmins are not Brahmins. They just call themselves Brahmins. Have they come to know the Brahma, the all-pervading power of God? Those who say that they are born again should feel the all-pervading power of God around them, if they cannot feel it, they are not born again. So all these self-certificates are deception, self-deception and deception of others... is just a money making process.

So the truth has to be achieved through your evolutionary process, which is a living process. Again we must understand living process. Not through just talking, mental projections, sitting down here... big talk about it, or by giving you some courses, or taking some money from you, you cannot get it; it's a state in a living growth that proves that it is living. That means the state of our awareness has to be higher than what it is. If our state cannot rise then it is not of any use. Like the seed becomes the roots then the bark, the leaves, the flowers and then the fruit. Different states. In the same way a living religion must give you a different state and that state of religion is within us. Every one of us has it. When we go against that living religion within us, we go into imbalances."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 22, 1984   Public Program   South Bank Polytechnic   London, U.K.

The one who creates everything

 In Russia the people somehow are very open-minded. Not only that, the scientists specially are very open-minded and were suppressed very much, so they tried to find out the subtler things; not only finding out about chemicals or about some physical properties of the light, but they wanted to go into the subtler side. And they had found out already a great deal of knowledge about the auras - auras around the hand, auras around the body - they had done so much of research and it was accepted all over the world, their findings.

Now this gentleman was a specialist, I think, because he's a very well-known, very, very well-known person and he's holding a very big position. He was saying that he was - he has to run 150 organizations - very humble and very nice person. And when he came out with this discovery I was happy in a way, because scientifically if it is proved, then nobody can challenge it. He has already written a book with all the algebraical complications of what he wanted to prove. And he said there is a vacuum, beyond the consciousness there's vacuum, and in that vacuum only you can know the reality. And once all this becomes the reality it is a science, and that's how it is made into science. He showed so many of My photographs, specially the one where lot of energy is coming out of My Sahasrara when we are on a boat. So he said, "She is the Source of all the cosmic energy." And that's what is Adi Shakti is: She's the one who creates everything.

The whole atmosphere that we know of is very artificial, but when you understand what She has done... The first thing She does is to - in My book also I have written down about it, but I would like to tell you - that Her first, I should say, manifestation is on the left-hand side. That's the Mahakali's manifestation. So She comes on the Mahakali system, the left-hand side, and that is where She created Ganesha. Shri Ganesha is created because His purity, His innocence and auspiciousness, this had to be created before She created the universe."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     June 21, 1998    "You Must Develop Humility "    Adi Shakti Puja    Cabella, Italy

Actualization: The Hypothesis to Test

But the theory that God exists, and that you are a part and parcel of that great thing, and that you have within yourself a Spirit in your heart, can be actualized, can be actualized. And should be seen from that. If it can be actualized, it's the greatest thing that could happen to human beings. Within us lies, if you see here clearly - this is of course a hypothesis which you may not have heard about. Doesn't matter. Because all this research I'm talking to you about, or all these theories that are theory for you today may not be tomorrow, of course. But these are not the work of one day, or two days, but thousands of years. Of the nature that created human beings, and of the human beings, those who went into the search of the topic.

Just like anything, I would say that, there is, say, gravity, existing in the Mother Earth. But it was found out by humans. So first it was created by some force, and was found out by human beings - in the same way, this all was created within us and was then later on discovered by human beings, who shut themselves away from the mundane research of the world, and the mundane things people are seeking. And then people themselves are trying to find out what are we here for. So it's the culmination today that is working out as en masse Realization. It's the culmination of all these people, and the culmination of all this knowledge. It is now being expressed, which is very rightly described in the Bible, in all the scriptures that at this time, it has to happen. The greatest of all was your great poet, William Blake, who has very clearly described these days. After Realization, you will know His importance. Perhaps in this country people have thought Him to be a visionary and some sort of a chemical action going in His head, that He saw all these things. But whatever He has said is coming true - every word of it. And to understand it you have to have this new awareness about which we are talking."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  June 18, 1981 " There Must Be Something Beyond "  Public Program  Hampstead, London,UK

Canajoharie: This place has so many vibrations...

 It is such a great pleasure to see you all assembled here, and which is such a far-fetched place, away from the madding crowd. It's such a beautiful place, and which has vibrations. 

I selected this place suddenly from a very thick newspaper, American newspaper. The vibrations were just shooting out and I said, "What is this, coming from where?" And there was a little advertisement, and I said, "This is the place where we have to go." This place has so many vibrations, even in the advertisement.

So you can imagine how the guidance comes. It comes from vibrations,and that's how I was here and this place was selected by the divine Force, and it happened only in one day. Such a miraculous thing to happen in one day! It was taking so much time for them even to get this, and suddenly I told them, "Better get it." It all worked out, and we are now here in the most beautiful atmosphere.

Of course, you know that Red Indians were driven out and they came here to hide themselves. They were hiding themselves in this place so that they should not be crushed and destroyed forever. That era is over now, that era of domination, of entering into somebody else's land and occupying it, and considering it to be a great revelry. All that is over now, the human understanding has gone much beyond; and they understand that this is sinful, this is wrong, whatever we have done was wrong. But those people are no more. And the children and the grandchildren of those children of these people who were the children of God, they used to think, they do not like all that; because you have no right to take somebody's land like that and occupy it as your own. Of course, the land doesn't belong to anyone, but still wherever you are born, that's your land, and that land has to be kept with those who are born here who own it.

But this kind of aggression has been going on for ages now. Now the time has come to finish this, once for all give up this kind of adventure, is to enter into somebody's land or somebody's house and occupy it. But there's another kind of aggression I see now, is that they enter into the minds of the people now through their talk, through their all kinds of aggressive attitude, and the mind itself becomes a slave. The present times are like that, I think, where people have no freedom to think what is right, what is wrong, and also to take to right things. They have to accept whatever is happening around, whatever is immoral, whatever is destructive. One has to accept because still, I think, we do not have sufficient number of Sahaja yogis who can oppose all these adventures of modern times."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 20, 1999    Adi Shakti Puja    Canajoharie, N.Y.  U.S.A.

I look after the well-being

" The problem of our western society is this. You see the eastern society has its own problems and western society has its own problems. Basically they are two different problems, absolutely two different problems. And to discuss about the problems of the east will be of no use to you. For example, in the Gita, Shri Krishna has said that, "Yoga Kshema Vahamyam." I look after your yoga, means the union with God. Vahamyam, means I carry that, carry that process or I'm the person who has to do that process. And Kshema, Kshema means the well-being. I look after the well-being. But in India, people absolutely believe that God looks after our salvation. I mean they do believe, I mean that's the faith they have. Which is a very big advantage, they don't believe that they can do anything about it. Most of them, I mean except for a very few westernized, otherwise normally they think that is only God who is going to do it for them. In whatever way possible. He might send an Avatar, or an incarnation, or somebody who will redeem us. They don't believe that they can do anything about it. And they are right, they are very right. Absolutely that's the correct attitude about things. That, Yoga cannot be managed by - Yoga means the union - by anyone but for the grace of God. That is no doubt. Like Adi Shankaracharya has said clearly, "Hat Yoga Na Sankay". By doing anything, by doing this, you see, acrobatic things or taking postures or doing anything, you cannot achieve your salvation. By doing any sort of a Sanyasa it is called asceticism, you cannot achieve. It's very clearly said. By doing all these tricks you cannot achieve, but by the grace of the Mother. He believed in the Divine Mother, so he said by the grace of the Divine Mother only it will work out."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 19, 1979    " The Difference Between East and West "    Public Program                      Caxton Hall, London, U.K.

But whatever is unknown is not divine

I bow to all the seekers of truth. Since ancient times man has been searching the truth. He tried to search the truth in various forms of happiness and he discarded many a times because he found that happiness was not permanent. For a short time he felt happy with something and then he found it also gave him great unhappiness. Like a lady, she had no child so she used to weep and cry and she had a child who later on disowned her. Then human beings started seeking happiness by enjoying the power, the power over other men, the power over other countries, that also they were not very much satisfied.

Their children started feeling guilty about what their forefathers did. Then the movement started seeking something subtler most in the art and music. That also had limitations. It could not give that permanent joy to people. It is promised that one day you all have to have this permanent joy. And then they started challenging all such people who have prophesized and who have been promising that such a day will come. So many reached the conclusion that there is nothing like joy, that life is all the time on the cusp of the wave. Like two faces of a coin they thought happiness is always combined with unhappiness like day and night.

Despite all these conclusions human beings did not give up their search. They were seeking, they indulged into all kinds of enterprises, jumped into all kinds of dangerous things, followed all kinds of cults and gurus but they could not find that joy. This joy resides within us in another realm of which we are not aware. At the human awareness we cannot feel that joy. Human awareness is only judged by our mental projections. All our experiences are based on our satisfaction, on our ego, on our conditioning. We project our mind, imagine something and start following that. All human institutions are nothing but projections of the mind, which is a limited means. We are identified with different kinds of ideas or theologies, they are all mental projections. Or those who came from higher awareness also we dissolved them into these mental projections. Even the great scriptures were transcribed through this mental projection.

But this mind is a limited thing, which cannot enter into that subtle where we have to find the source of joy, the Spirit. As you know that if you have to study Microbiology or Histology you have to use a microscope. In the same way if you have to know about the Divine forces and the Divine Love, how they act, you have to become first the Spirit. The mental projection is a very dangerous thing sometimes, because it forms a big barrier away, very much away from reality. To supplant it, this barrier, one has to forget the mind for the time being. But whatever is unknown is not divine. If there is a mad man, he also has forgotten his mind but he is not divine. Or a person who is possessed is also not a person with divine understanding. So one has to understand that when it is said you have to know it doesn't mean that you have to know through your mind, you have to know through your Spirit."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 16, 1983   " Joy Has No Duality "   Public Program   Paris, France

You have to desire it

" But God is not going to fall at everybody's feet that, "Please ask for it." That is your freedom. That is what you have to ask for. You have to desire it. You cannot give up your freedom nor it will be denied. It is respected. In the same way you cannot take God's freedom which doesn't fall at your feet. I request you to seek it. So now I'm talking about that All-pervading Power which you cannot see. I would say it is like a mirror which is God's reflection of various things. We cannot see the mirror because we stop at the reflections. Our attention is on the reflection, that's why we cannot feel the bliss.While the mirror is the one that is reflecting and all the reflections are changing. But because our attention is still in that dreamland of reflection we cannot feel that All-pervading Power. So now, is there any method within our being which is being raised by God Almighty? Because if He has created us He must have power which triggers this happening within us by which we become aware of that All-pervading Power.

I say there is a method; there is a special instrument within us which is being placed by God. Through our different stages of evolution He has placed different centers within us which are subtle centers in the spinal chord and there is a gate. Now these centers do exist within us and if you want to see these centers you can with your own eyes. You can visualize it. You can see, some people, I will show you, when they, we try to raise their Kundalini you'll see that this Kundalini will start pulsating. You can see with your naked eyes that triangular bone. In the triangular bone you can see the Kundalini pulsating and then you can also see the rising of the Kundalini if I tell you. And you can also see the pulsation of these centers in some. This may not be in every person. It may be in some few people this could happen, but not in every person, because if there is an obstruction here and there, then only the Kundalini pushes our centers too much, too hard, and that's how you see the pulsation very clearly. But some people have such beautiful centers and such beautiful Kundalini and such beautiful desire that it just rises straight, just like a jet."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 15, 1979  " Sahaja Yoga Introduction "  Public Program   Reading, U.K.

Without the confusion evolution cannot take place

We are expecting something great to happen and the happening that has to take place has been already described in all the scriptures. But somehow we are mislead by other people who have a better way of manifesting their own style and we get so confused because this is the time of great confusion. Without the confusion evolution cannot take place. Unless and until people are confused they will never try to aspire for something higher. If you see in the animal stage also, there was a confusion for the fishes to come out. And that confusion made one or two to lead the rest of them and that's how they could crawl onto this Mother Earth with confidence. So the areas started changing gradually. That from Mother Earth then they started looking towards the sky and evolution went on like this till the human beings were created. Now all these areas are within ourselves. These are all the elements into which we had to probe into. We had to find about them and through this evolution we have been able to look into these, to fathom them, to find out their nature through our intelligence. So we reached this point where we could understand the elements, we could understand their use for our purpose. So far so good but that's not the end. That's not the end of our evolution. If it was then there would have been no more search, there would have been no more seeking, people would have been happy, would have been satisfied but that's not so. So there has to be something more that we have to achieve.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 14,1982 " You Are All Bound By One Thread " Public Program Caxton Hall London,UK

...they don't know what it is to be spiritual.

To raise your Kundalini is not so difficult and to give you so-called realization, also not difficult in the sense that you can feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of the fontanel bone area. You can get your baptism, but I call it so-called because the journey later is the difficult thing. If the attitude is not earnest then you just lose it in no time. So where the people are very ego-oriented, I should say, convex personality is there, it is even difficult to give realization to begin with, and even if you give realization, to maintain it and to make them grow is even more difficult, much more difficult. Now sometimes Sahaja Yogis ask Me, "Mother how is it that in India You may give realization to thousands and they all stick on, while here when you give realization to people they just come and go away, are all wasted as described in the parable of Christ of the seed, that some seeds just were lost in the rocks?" So why it happens here? I would not blame them but I would say that they have had no knowledge what Self- realization is, how difficult it is.

If you read Pantanjali's "Yogashastra" you'll be surprised how they were taught how to lead a good, righteous life after marriage, what was the relationship of a husband and wife, what was rhythm of sex life, how they should keep their children, how to develop their attention towards God every day. All these things are absolutely missing from the lives of people who have turned their backs to God. Now, whatever you may try, to turn your backs to God or to yourself, to your spirit, it exists and it asserts its own existence in you. It does. Even if you try to defy it and deny it, it comes up, and so people are seeking and seeking. The tragedy of the whole thing is that very great seekers have gone in the West where people have no knowledge what is Self-realization and what one has to do to achieve it and what a great blessing it is to have it. This is the biggest problem we face all over and now that I am going to America I also get the same problem there.

Now the thing is, people have full idea as to the value of a diamond. They know if the diamond is so many carats, it means this. If it is flawless it means this. If it is purest blue then it means this. But they don't know the value of their spiritual life; they don't know what it is to be spiritual. Under these circumstances, naturally, what happens that when even they get Self-realization they cannot stick on to Sahaj Yoga and grow further. Not that they lack in quality. I would say it is not so. I would not say they are the people who are good for nothing; they are not good for spiritual life. So all the Sahaj Yogis must have a very compassionate and understanding attitude towards them, that when they come to you they have no knowledge. They are not trained that way. They are not taught that way. I wished the people in the countries where they have lost themselves in the material gains should again read some of these books into details and try to find out what kind of life human beings were supposed to lead and what kind of life we are leading now.

Now the word there is yama,  nyama, is a word in the Patanjali Shastras, yama and nyama. The nyama are the rules for yourself, what rules you have to observe, and what rules you have to observe for others is yama, where, how to deal with others, what should be your relationship to your wife, to your children, to other relations that are there and how you must respect particular things and to prepare yourself for Self-realization, the ascent. All this balance has to be there if you are to ascend in life. Even to lead a proper good life you have to be like that.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 13,1983   Public Program   Porchester Hall   London, U.K.

Wisdom is the balance...

Rationality gives us the sense to understand that we cannot reach there through rationality.
Because unless and until this thing happens to you, you are not going to believe in it. You are not going to believe in it that, this rationality, on which we depend, which is our support, which  we all the time think that our identification is complete with rationality. And we are very rational, we are proud of our rationality also.

So then, you reach a point when, through rationality, where you understand that this is not the horse which will be useful any further. This is the use of rationality! One way it takes you to that culminating point where you think it is to be discarded or cannot be depended upon. On the other side rationality gives you a view, a view which can be related later on, when you get the experience. You start understanding why rationality was failing you. So it's a teacher on a negative way. It's a teacher on a negative way. But it is essential because man was given freedom and he started using his freedom, he started using his rationality.

When he reaches that point, then he starts depending on his wisdom. And wisdom is the balance between his emotionality and rationality, in the centre of it, between his heart and his mind. It is a centre somewhere there, in the central, or you say in the fulcrum. So if you are too much on the emotionality or too much on the rationality you have to move further into the centre and balance it at a point; then only you are in wisdom and that's how you rise within yourself. Any extreme behaviour, on the left or the right, or dependence, is not going to help you."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 12, 1978  " Rationalism,Emotionalism and Wisdom "  Public Program
​ ​
Caxton Hall  London, U.K.

You are genuine seekers...

 Today we have gathered here to know something about ourselves. If the knowledge is from the books, or from some person who says that he knows about the self, how far will it reach us? It can only go up to mental level, and we can only understand it through our mental understanding. The mental understanding comes to us through our rationality, through our intellect, which in itself is a limited thing.

So we enter into another understanding which is still very limited. For example, if I tell you that there is a self within us, in our heart, which resides, and that there is a power within us which is all the time waiting for an occasion to give you your second birth; if I tell you that, then you will only understand me mentally. This is all being said already. What is so new about it? At the most I might give it in a very modern fashion, something quite intellectual, which will make you more have mental feats to go round and round, and sit down and analyze, and reach nowhere.

I say there is a power, no doubt, which is called as Kundalini, within us. So many say that, because it is written, long time back, thousands of years back. Christ has said it, that you are to be born again, that you are to be baptized, not by theological college people, but somebody like John the Baptist, who had the authority from the Divine. This power does lie dormant within you, but everybody writes differently about it. Very few really agree. This is another confusion one faces, that there is a power lying within us, and some say that it gives you electric shocks, some say you start jumping like a frog, and some say you start flying in the air. Such a confusion, while you are seekers, seekers of ages. You have been seeking. You are genuine seekers and then, while seeking, you don't know where to go, what to expect, and you jump into problems.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 11, 1980  " The Knowledge of Self Within "  Public Program  Kingston-Upon-Thames,  U.K.

I call it the Blossom-time

Just like a candle which is not yet enlightened cannot be enlightened by itself, you need another enlightened light to enlighten it. But once that candle is enlightened ( it ) can enlighten other candles. And this works spontaneously. So one has to know though we are frustrated very much, the way people are talking about God and just making money out of it. Either they are money oriented or they are power-oriented. Like you have heard people have to pay some money to a temple or to a church. But what can church give you, or what can a temple give you? Unless and until your Kundalini is awakened? For example this is an instrument which is not connected to the mains, what's the use of this instrument? It has to be connected to the mains, and that is why we find all these so called religions going in the opposite direction. You have to become the Spirit, is said by all the scriptures. But that doesn't mean that you can just brand, "Now, I've become the Spirit," and say, "I'm a twice-born." What is the difference between a person who is twice-born and who is not? A twice-born person has powers. Powers not to kill but to love, and love that acts. As you know Christ touched people and they got cured. In the same way there could be some healers also. But they are trying some tricks, because in their own life they are very materialistic, they charge money for curing you. They have no authority to call themselves as self realized souls.

So we have to be honest about our seeking and should ask for the truth only. Because falsehood is not going to give you satisfaction. You will go on from one to another to another. Falsehood will ultimately make you frustrated and unhappy. So for genuineness and goodness one has to understand that the time has come for you to get Realization. I call it the Blossomtime. In the beginning on the Tree of Life there were one or two flowers. But today it is Blossomtime where many have to get their Realization. It's the last breakthrough in your evolution that you have to become the Spirit. Your Spirit is the one which gives you absolute truth. Once you get your Realization, then you start feeling Cool Breeze of the Holy Ghost in your hands. The All pervading power of God's Love about which so many scriptures have written. And you start acting like a computer which is already programmed very beautifully. You get absolutely truthful answers to all the questions that you ask.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  June 10, 1988   Public Program   Graz, Austria

That's how God shines within us

(The other) day in the ashram, I was telling you about our subtleties, the subtleties we have already within us which we do not understand. Could be from our sub-conscious mind, could be from our supra-conscious mind, could be from anywhere that is unknown to us; but the subtleties that lead us to our universal being is the one we should bother about...

The most important thing that God has to give us is His love, His connection with us, His kingdom, His powers. So the subtleties which we should really accept within us should be which takes you to the realm of joy, to the realm of collectivity.

Like suddenly you see a little child weeping on the street. You feel your heart is weeping, not that you feel guilty about it but you feel one with the child . Then definitely that subtlety of compassion that is God, is felt. But you don't feel guilty about it and you don't give him two p's or something to insult his ego. You do something very constructive about it, extremely constructive and you do it secretly; you don't like to tell anybody about it because you think it is vulgar to talk about your compassion. You do it so sweetly that the other fellow doesn't feel it. The whole act is such a beautifying thing. You don't announce it in the paper and you don't publish it in Who's Who or you do not go for a Nobel Prize or something. This is all very vulgar for the subtle thing that you worship within yourself, because that element within you is so much higher than all these gross considerations that you just care for that.

That is what God is. That's how God shines within us. Even before our realization, before our connection with God, He shines in some people even before they have been realized. You see that; they're quiet people. They're not show-offs. But they're very sincere, extremely kind-hearted. Such people when they face Sahaja Yoga, immediately they get their vibrations. They're not people who are worried about money, or they're worried about the gross things of life or achievements that are so stupid. Such people may exist as very ordinary people; they need not be at the helm of affairs, mostly they're not; because they're not ambitious. They do not want much success in life; they don't see any point in being very successful. They might be something very ordinary; they might be something, doing something very important also.

But in their lives, those who come in contact with them remember that, yes, there was a life or there is a life, definitely there's a spark. Because such a person being so subtle does not assert. Such a person cannot be very dominating, assertive, argumentative; such a person is quieter, his attention recedes from all quarrels and all squabbles of life. But such a person has a great position in the domain of God. That you've seen how in Sahaja Yoga suddenly you find people manifesting their divinity. Maybe such a person is too naïve for all practical purposes. He might have been cheated, might have been misled by some horrible people who try to exploit his seeking but still it remains. This element suddenly gets ignited in Sahaja Yoga and for such a person, this is the most important thing is to feel that being which always kept him away from all the rest of the ideologies and greetings and have always given him strength and confidence and joy. He sees that clearly in Sahaj Yog; he adheres to it and when he nourishes it, he's amazed that he has found himself. Then it becomes his life.

Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 9,1980 " The Subtlety Within " Public Program Caxton Hall London, U.K.

Logos or the first sound, the AUM

Yesterday you all enjoyed the music and I was very happy, at your enjoyment. Music plays a very dynamic role in human life, one has to understand that. One of the mysteries I was describing to you, last time, also, created by naad, they call it naad. You can say the logos or the first sound, the AUM, the Brahma. The sound, first time, the sound that was created, when the Primordial Mother, or the Primordial Power, of Divine Love, the power of God separated, from God Himself. God was the Witness, Witness of the Play of the Divine Power. There is no difference between the two. God Almighty and His Power are just like the sun and His rays. For us human beings, this is impossible to conceive the mystery. Moreover, in our ego, we think that we can understand Him, is another mystery for Me. But, to Me it's a very sweet thing to see human beings trying to comprehend the mystery of God. It's like a little child trying to understand the favored work of his father. Or could be much more. But this sound, the first sound, which is described as also logos I believe, is the sound of this Primordial Power, of this Divine Power that has created the whole universe. Now one may say that how are we to believe that this sound exists? Of course, one should not believe. But whether you believe or not, it exists, so why not discover it. Instead of discarding something, why not discover it? Is a better way of looking at things. You should keep yourself absolutely open and see for yourself if it is true or not. For any scientific man it is important to be an open-minded person. If he is bound by some traditional ideas or some sort of old fashioned ideas or, you can say, some sort of hypocritical ideas, or fanatical ideas, such a person cannot be a scientist. For any scientist, is important, to be a very open-minded man, objective and not subjective. You remain subjectively, very controversial, when you are not self-realized. Before that, every subject is a different subject. Someone likes a blue color, someone like a red color, someone likes a green color. Someone likes to eat ice cream, someone likes to eat something else. Everybody is a different person subjectively. Some person like a blonde lady, someone likes with the dark hair, and everybody has a different idea. There's nothing like absolute among people, naturally, because they have not reached their absolute. So you are absolutely subjective. For music or for anything, whatever you like, is all subjective..."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 8, 1981 " The Mystery of God " Public Program Caxton Hall London, U.K.

So, lethargy is not going to pay

That made Me think about England, that we have to know that this country also may face a phase, if we do not get up now. You see it's all right to divert your attention to Falklands and all that, but it cannot feed you. So, we have to understand, all the Sahaj Yogis must understand, that they all must have some sort of a degree or something on the paper; that's very important. And though you are all realized souls and you are spiritually so endowed, everything is there, but you have to think of the whole. If the country completely goes down in its production and its capacity to activate itself, you will go down, too. So, your attention should be now, of course, you should not be materialistic, but towards putting more activity into you, even in Sahaja Yoga, in meditating, in working it out in yourself.

So, lethargy is not going to pay. And this is one thing, is such an inertia, such an inertia that exists, that unless and until you really put in complete willpower, this inertia may not be combated, may be very difficult, even in Sahaja Yoga. You see, it is very easy to escape and explain, you see, yourself, "Oh, I got up and, you know, this happened, that happened." But, I think the symptoms are of a very dangerous type and as Sahaja Yogis you have to be very patriotic about it and you have to think about it. After all, you are symbols of the English people. Whatever works out in you will start working out in the rest. So, how you behave towards yourself and towards the general atmosphere is very, very important.

Now, towards Sahaja Yoga also the attitude has to be understood very clearly. You see, like a Maharaja in India who lives in quite great comfort first of all, lives like a lord and he orders about, you see, and then everything is lost. But, still he talks like a lord, behaves like a lord. His whole thing is the same way, though, it's not that the kingdom is there, that he's the ruler, but he'll talk like that to everyone, because the habits are formed. I think the mind also has formed a habit. The whole atmosphere is charged with such ego since long and that's why towards Sahaja Yoga also, the attitude has to be humbler, much humbler, because without humility you cannot do. That's one thing you must understand. It's no question of you rationally saying something about it or explaining about it. But, you see, basically one has to be extremely humble.

First of all, it's a very big privilege to get realization. You know that. It's a greater privilege to do it, and it's the greatest to be a Sahaja Yogi. Is a very great privilege that you have, which very few people have and you are the ones who are chosen specially. But, the humility part of it is still missing about Sahaja Yoga . Like, we should ask, "Make me a better Sahaja Yogi, a humbler Sahaja Yogi, a compassionate Sahaja Yogi, a sweeter Sahaja Yogi. Dissolve my ego." This is very important, we must understand, because whatever works out in you, will work out in this country."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi June 7, 1982 " You Must Improve Yourself " "Nirmala Palace" London, U.K.

Is there any purpose in our life?

 It is very kind of you to have invited me to Hampstead which I have visited many a times before. And I always felt that people living in this beautiful area must be having beautiful ideas about the Divine, because you see the effects of Divine better in the nature, in the beauty of nature. And then you start thinking that how God has made this beautiful world for us to enjoy. But so many things we take for granted, for example, our human life itself. We have taken it for granted. We've got a beautiful body, very beautiful personality. 

At this point of awareness also we start thinking about something that is of the beyond. We start thinking that this is not the end of life. Why God has created us? Why did He create us out of amoeba with such care, with such love, with such delicacy? Why has He created us to be a human being? Is there any purpose in our life? Or are we just here to exist like animals then die, at the most, having some insurances to be paid for our children? Is that the end of this human life which is being created with such care? For thousand of years a little cell of amoeba or, say, a little unicellular animal has gone through such a tremendous change to become a human being with this fantastic awareness. Why? Why has he come on this Earth? Such a question must arise in every intelligent mind. And when such a question arises, the search starts in the real way. 

This came to us because there was an urge to seek. The time we needed to meditate to find out "what are we". Now, when I'm speaking to you about something , what we are and what we have to be, you are not to take Me for granted either. That would be very wrong, because if there is blind faith it's not going to help you at all. If it is also to deny, it is not going to help you. It's a very simple, practical, common sense. I can tell you how. For example, I say that there is a room, a big room, beyond there. Now, if you sit in this room and say, "Oh, I do believe you." You do not go and see the room. Secondly, if you say, "No, I deny. I don't believe you," still you don't see the room. So both ways it's just the same. So, what you have to do, that is to see the room. And this is how you are going to see about the Kundalini, all these forces that are existing within us, with that open mind that, "Let us see. If it is so, it's a very great thing."

Actually, human beings should be really very much thankful that there is a purpose in their life, that God has created them for a very great purpose. He has created them so that He can bestow His kingdom to them. So that as a very, very loving and compassionate Father, He could manifest His light, His whole, entire desire by giving you what He has, is His kingdom. It's a fact. That's why He has created us.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    June 6, 1980  "Why Are We Here ? "  Public Program  Hampstead, London, U.K.

You cannot sell spirituality

I bow to all the seekers of truth. I do not know how to thank the mayor of Oakland and mayor of Berkeley for being so kind to give this certificate to Me. I must say this is a wonderful country where people recognize something that is doing good work. Really remarkable it is. I had been here before, to Berkeley, because everybody tells Me that there are lots of seekers of truth in Berkeley. This is the thing that attracted Me very much. But first of all we should know what are we seeking all these days. Once you start seeking it goes on like a rat-race of seeking. Or have you been able to find something? So what do you have to find in your seeking? As you know, in all the scriptures it is been told that you have to know yourself. You don't know yourself, you don't know what problems you have within. People get into diseases without knowing until it develops into a very serious trouble. Also they go on hurting others, being jealous with others, being in tension and stress. All kind of problems come to them, and they don't know why it happens, why, what is the reason? 

Now for that, there is placed within us a beautiful thing called Kundalini which lies in the triangular bone, which is called as "sacrum". That means Greeks knew about it, that's why they called it a sacred bone. In the triangular bone it lies at the base of your spine and this is the one which is going to give you a real ascent. This is the one which is going to connect you to the All Pervading Power of Divine Love. They have all talked about God, Power of God, Divine love, all kinds of things, but we don't know where it is, where does it exist, how it works. If really it is there or not, also we are not very sure. So this power lies within your triangular bone. All of you have this power within you. It is not anyone who belongs to any nationality, or to any culture but everyone has this power within himself. But you'll be surprised, how people have made such a horrible picture of Kundalini and they say that when the Kundalini rises you may go mad, you may shout, you must do all kinds of things. Because they have no authority to do it, because they don't know how to do it - that's why they make up a story like that and tell you, because they don't want you to ascend, I think. Or they don't know, they are incapable of awakening the Kundalini. But I must tell you that She is your Mother. She is your individual Mother. She knows everything about you. It is all recorded, whatever was your past, whatever mistakes you committed, whatever aspirations you have, everything She knows about it, it's all recorded there in the 3-1/2 coils. But She is your Mother, your own Mother and when you were born, your Mother took all the trouble upon Herself. She didn't give you trouble. In the same way when this Kundalini rises, She doesn't give you any trouble. Now people are afraid even to talk about Kundalini because those who talked about Kundalini were, I don't know what sort of people they were, and it was such a misleading thing that they thought, it's better not to talk about it. But talk is talk, talk is not everything.

What has to happen is the awakening of this Kundalini. It's an actualization, it is not just talking, giving lectures, you do this, you stand like this, put your hand this way, your legs that way, it's not that. It is very simple, that this Kundalini, which is responsible for your last ascent, your, I should say, the last step in your evolution, this Kundalini is your own Mother and She cannot harm you. She can never do that. This is the fact I would like to tell you first of all. Because I know in America all kinds of people have come from India, those people also they were released from jail, wore some sort of a dress and came here. They are all minting money, that's what they are doing, they are good at it. So if you have any understanding about Divinity you must understand that you cannot sell it and you cannot purchase it. If you can purchase some person then such a person cannot be your master, he can be your servant but not your master. So once you understand this point, it is very important for you people to know that it is not saleable because you know this is a consumer society, and everything has to be sold. But not spirituality, you cannot sell spirituality. And those who sell spirituality are spurious people, they are not real, they are absolutely bogus people as they call them, and you don't waste your energy and money on them.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   June 5, 2000   Public Program   Berkeley, Ca.  U.S.A.