Mother's Kundalini

Think of... how your Mother loves you, who is your Mother... if you really believe in Her, in Sahaja yoga. these two things should solve your problems - no more thinking. Just think how much your Mother loves - when you think how much your Mother loves you, you are jumping onto Her Kundalini, and at that time when you jump onto Mother's Kundalini, then there is no thought.

Complete silence will exist once you come onto Mother's Kundalini - but not through your mental projection, but through your meditative spontaneous experience - just feel the joy of that. Just think how much your Mother loves you, and then you are jumping onto Her Kundalini.
--Ganesha Puja, Rahuri,

Mother's Love

"Allow your heart to be drenched in your Mother's love. Just allow. See how much I love you..." -- Shri Mataji

In Her Heart

"You see, you must know
that as you reside in my heart,
I also reside in your heart...
...and I know what`s happening"

Shri Mataji says with a huge joyful smile
during a talk to Sahaja Yogis in
Strasbourg, France 1985.

Adiguru, Stonehenge and Thames

It is stated in the Puranas that the Adi Guru Dattatraya worshipped Mother along the banks of the River Tamasa. Tamasa is the same as your Thames. And He himself came and worshipped here. And the Druids, those who had the manifestation of the Stonehenge and all that, are originated from that time, in this great country of Shiva, or the Spirit. So the Spirit resides here, as in the heart of human beings, and the Sahasrara is in the Himalayas, where Sadashiva exists at the Kailasha. This is the great secret of we having so many Guru Pujas here.


Stonehenge & Kingston

Of course some of the people are of such high caliber even in this country that they are very satisfied. You do not know how much has been done in this country also by God. For example, I went to see Stonehenge, Stonehenge is the creation of Mother Earth. You can see the vibrations. You can feel it. There are so many things done in this country. Kingston itself is so vibrating, I was amazed.

- Shri Mataji's address given at Kingston (UK) on 11th June 1980

More On Holi

"This festival of Holi was made by Shri Krishna so that human beings would see the whole world as leela (play). By coming into Sahaja Yoga you have become leelamay (playful). You get completely absorbed in music and enjoy it. You have love and pure feelings for one another. You do each work with great beauty and morality. But to be leelamay is to stop at Visshuddhi Chakra. After that, one has to move on Agnya. On the Agnya Chakra is tapas or penance. Then you should think about the burning of Holika which was due to Prahlads penance. We also have to ascend on that tapa because you have reached the Visshuddhi level; that you live together with love for each other. At Visshuddhi you have become collective, got love and universal brotherhood. When you become universal then your caste, creed, countries all drop away."

"On Holi we should burn all those things which spoil our attention and damage the Agnya. Then this attention will clear out and we will celebrate Holi with joy and understanding."

"When your attention goes to Visshuddhi then you see the Shakti of Shri Krishna, Shri Radha, who is Allahad Dayini, the giver of joy. Just by seeing Her people feel joyous. She is the Allahad Dayini Shakti which is in flowers, in children; and it can awaken in you. Till the depth comes this Allahad Dayini Shakti will remain verbal. Think about the combination of these two. It is very important for us to get depth within and to give joy from that depth is equally important."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Holi Celebrations, Delhi 1991

Shri Mataji on Holi

"And not to become a person who is just outwardly something like Christian, Hindu, Muslim. No! Inside. Inside you have to become. Now as a result of that you have seen what Shri Krishna has said, that once you become from inside then I don't have to tell you, "Don't drink, don't do this, don't do that." Nothing. You just don't do it, you just don't do it, and you understand it so well that this should not be done, that should not be done. To overcome all kinds of nonsense of religion Shri Krishna's advent was there. It was a very important advent but I don't know how many people understand that. He came to show that it's all Leela, is all the play of God. What is there to be serious? What is there to be ritualistic? You cannot bind God in any rituals. That's why he came on this Earth, to tell you that you should not try to bind yourself by rituals which are nonsensical. This was his teaching so many years back, he taught this 6 thousand years back. But still, if you see in every religion, there are so many rituals going on. So when the incarnations died, people started rituals; funny stuff, even when Shri Krishna died, they didn't know what to do now. Because he said, "No more rituals ... just play Holi, be happy, joyous, dance and sing," that's what he said. Now what to do? Now if he has said so. So they started a new thing, let's make it a romantic stuff. Human beings know how to make everything perverse. Nobody can beat them in this. So they made him look like a very romantic personality, romancing with Radha.

Ra-dha, Ra is energy, dha is the one who has sustained energy. So, show romances with Her.... when She was Mahalakshmi Herself! To show his relationship with Mahalakshmi as if they were husband and wife. So there were also some poets who started describing them as husband and wife, and all kinds of nonsense. In divine relationship there is nothing like husband and wife. (There) is the power which is potential and the power that is kinetic. There is no such relationship that exists as human beings try to make it. Because human beings have a habit to bring all the Divine incarnations to their own levels. "

" You just become, like a flower becomes the fruit. It's all built in within you. Allow it to work out."
--Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi