"You saw the eclipse? No. That’s good." More http://ow.ly/3saxw
You have to take responsibility of Sahaja Yoga now. You have to become
responsible for it in your own way. You have to do it because you are
doing it for the greater good. The more you think of the greater good
it is doing, the better it would be for you. All these are the
qualities of the left side, heart - the Atma. 82 Lonavla
http://ow.ly/3rg26 The beauty of self realization lies in secretly working out within you everything that is virtuous, that is beautiful, that is joyful. 1983 – May 12, Hampstead, UK
Sincereity: ... get completely detached about everything and you will enjoy, just enjoy....1984Aug11, Hounslow MORE: http://ow.ly/3qtDv
Shri Mataji at the New Health Center Inauguration[Photos]: http://ow.ly/3pKs1 mother hospital vashi noida
When you forgive a person, what do you do? You accept the situation, to begin with. http://ping.fm/cLxo7
Freedom: ...you have to enter into that area where there is supreme freedom, supreme freedom.
And the harmonious music from so many souls can fill the ears of these evil people and can penetrate into their heart and put love into them and may be that they themselves will give up their evil ways and fall at the feet of love. - Krishna Pj 73
...you should be a perfect machine, a perfect channel, a perfect flute for my lord to play that tune of love. It is for you to clear out all your seven holes. It is for you to clear out your hollowness and to be complete within yourself and He knows his job. He is the artist. But you are the instruments. - 73 Krishna Pj
If you have the will to be a giant that loves, you can be. - 73 Krishna Puja
Inspiring story of a Sahaja Yoga Meditation practitioner. India's first chartered accountant, who is blind. http://ow.ly/2s9ye
Detachment http://ow.ly/2bzEm
no doubt, because you got your realization only a few days back. But if you want, you can grow very fast. You can grow into big big giants. All of you can grow. Only thing, you have to decide that you have to grow within.
There have been many people who have been realized, before even you were born, who exist, who are anxious to help you at every moment. In our shastras [Hindi/Sanskrit meaning scriptures] we call them Chiranjivas [eternal beings], you know them. They are people who are Niranjanas, as he said about Bhairava and Hanumana. All these people exist and they are waiting just for a call from you. - Krishna Pja 1973
And it [Love] won't allow you to sit comfortably with yourself, enjoying the peace and the bliss, when the rest of the world is not enjoying that... 73 Krishna Pja
when we are close to a mountain we cannot see much of it,
and that is why we do not realize... the greatness that is facing us http://ow.ly/2bzux
The love that I am talking about - the divine love - makes you not only strong but dynamic. It is the greatest luminous power that we can think of. Only when love is surrounded by gross, and is lost in the gross, it looks as if it is weak and under chains. The time it is released, the dynamic power of love can transcend all the evil powers of the world. - 73 Krishna Pj

More: http://sahaj-az.blogspot.com/2009/07/shri-krishna-puja-1973.html
... and what security of understanding that everywhere in the whole world we have brothers and sisters who are on their inner being, on their divine, and how we are bound together with that love. When I talk of love, people think that I am trying to make you weak people - because people think those who love are weak. But the most dynamic power in this world is that of love. - 73 Krishna Puja

More: http://sahaj-az.blogspot.com/2009/07/shri-krishna-puja-1973.html
Your search for truth was intense and definite. You wanted to know
the truth, that is how it worked out: http://ow.ly/2bzqi
if I know only my head, that is not sufficient. If I know only my neck, that is not sufficient. If I know only my leg, that is not sufficient. But, the more I know about myself the more dynamic I become: The more expansive I become. [73 Krishna Puja]
I bow to all the seekers of truth. I bow to you because you are the epitome of the evolution, because you have risen above the rest of the creation of God to seek something beyond. Maybe there have been mistakes. Makes no difference.

-- Shri Mataji 1985 March 10th Public Program in Sydney

Good and Bad Chakras

"So first of all you must get your chakras alright. On the chakras you must put your attention. After the Samadhi state you will start opening them out properly, clear them out, know what are the chakras that are bad. I have seen people who have very bad few chakras, and many good chakras, but they will be only enjoying the good chakras and not worry about the bad ones.

Pay attention to your bad chakras. Cleanse them, cleanse them. Put all your attention to that. Put the attention of the God, of the Deity whom you worship, and you will get the complete manifestation of their power within yourself. So clear all the chakras, all the pradeshas to be established, and after the establishment of the pradeshas, you have to establish the 'rapport' with others on the collective level. Then a state when you become the complete spirit at Agnya Chakra."

image: steve wall

Enlightening the Lands Through Personal Cleansing

"Yesterday as I told you that when we do Dhyana, Dharana and Samadhi, and achieve the blessings of the Ritambhara Pragnya then put that whole thing on different areas, called as Desha or Bhoomi. How to spend them is the point? Is through mantras. Cleanse it through mantras. Cleanse it through your attention. 'Everyday' you must know which chakra to be cleared out. You must know about yourself where is the problem, how it is to be cleansed, how we have to clear it out. Do not take it for granted.

Many people who have got say left-sided problems you will just bring them lemon and chillies, and think that Mother has done the job. I can only do the job temporarily. But if there is a vacuum, again you will suck in. You see. These vacuums within you feel hungry again, to have some more. So to take out that vacuum is your job, and for that you have to 'religiously' get out of all your defects. That's the most important thing for all of you.

And try to put full attention to all these different Deshas, is the nations as they are called as. And once you have cleared it, it is enlightened, is full of light; then you call it Pradesh, means the Desha has been enlightened. Once that is achieved, then you have reached a point you can become a Guru. But still you are not a Sat Guru. To become a Sat Guru, you must achieve the state of Ateeta. "

Attention is "Prasanna" - State of Content & Being Pleased

"So this attention must be brought round. You judge yourself - where is your attention? And what is the point of understanding? What is the measure of understanding? It's very simple. I have to be pleased, because I am the attention.
If I am pleased then you have done the job."

Lodge Hill Seminar 23-7-83

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