Good and Bad Chakras

"So first of all you must get your chakras alright. On the chakras you must put your attention. After the Samadhi state you will start opening them out properly, clear them out, know what are the chakras that are bad. I have seen people who have very bad few chakras, and many good chakras, but they will be only enjoying the good chakras and not worry about the bad ones.

Pay attention to your bad chakras. Cleanse them, cleanse them. Put all your attention to that. Put the attention of the God, of the Deity whom you worship, and you will get the complete manifestation of their power within yourself. So clear all the chakras, all the pradeshas to be established, and after the establishment of the pradeshas, you have to establish the 'rapport' with others on the collective level. Then a state when you become the complete spirit at Agnya Chakra."

image: steve wall