Enlightening the Lands Through Personal Cleansing

"Yesterday as I told you that when we do Dhyana, Dharana and Samadhi, and achieve the blessings of the Ritambhara Pragnya then put that whole thing on different areas, called as Desha or Bhoomi. How to spend them is the point? Is through mantras. Cleanse it through mantras. Cleanse it through your attention. 'Everyday' you must know which chakra to be cleared out. You must know about yourself where is the problem, how it is to be cleansed, how we have to clear it out. Do not take it for granted.

Many people who have got say left-sided problems you will just bring them lemon and chillies, and think that Mother has done the job. I can only do the job temporarily. But if there is a vacuum, again you will suck in. You see. These vacuums within you feel hungry again, to have some more. So to take out that vacuum is your job, and for that you have to 'religiously' get out of all your defects. That's the most important thing for all of you.

And try to put full attention to all these different Deshas, is the nations as they are called as. And once you have cleared it, it is enlightened, is full of light; then you call it Pradesh, means the Desha has been enlightened. Once that is achieved, then you have reached a point you can become a Guru. But still you are not a Sat Guru. To become a Sat Guru, you must achieve the state of Ateeta. "