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A dharmic person is the one who is always introspective by nature. He tries to see, 'Am I doing things all right? Is it correct?' He doesn't allow his mind to justify wrong things. That is one of the signs of a real dharmic person. He may not be a Sahaja yogi. But he will ask himself, 'Is it right or is it wrong?' 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     August  15 , 1993      Shri  Krishna Puja       Cabella, Italy.


Today is the day for people to seek. Thousands of people are seeking. They are fed up with whatever they have been doing - they are fed up with it. They are not seeking out of fashion. Many people think that it's a fashion, they're a lost race and they are this and they are that. It's not true. There were never so many seekers as there are today, and they are seeking. Maybe they do not know what they are seeking, but they are not satisfied with their state of affairs, and they are seeking something higher. And that 'higher' is the Absolute... is the Absolute. Now, this 'higher', if it is the Absolute, everything must relate to it. Absolute point means everything is related, for example, if you have a one meter here, if you say it is five meters, that means this is five times than the gold rod you have got in Paris which is called as 'one meter'. Everything has to be related to that Absolute, and that relationship then establishes the relationship with each other."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi      August 16, 1982     " A Disaster or Solution to Come"    Caxton Hall  London  UK

You are pure spirit

 So the first truth is that you are not this body, this mind, this ego or conditionings,  but you are pure spirit. The second truth is that there is a subtle power of divine love which does all the living work. Through that power only we have become from amoeba to this stage, and there is a very small breakthrough that we have to achieve, to know the truth. We do not know the absolute truth. That is why we are quarreling with each other, fighting with each other, we have wars. But if all of us know the truth, it is only one. As you all can see Me sitting here, you all know that I am sitting here, there's no quarrel about it. But when you become the spirit, then you can feel this all-pervading Power which you have never felt before. You feel it on your fingertips, and also you feel the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost coming out of your head."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    August 17, 1991   Public Program    Prague, Czech Republic

Monday, August 14, 2017

Jung: Sought for himself, thought for himself

...See, he sought for himself the truth. He didn't accept Freud. And he thought that there is something wrong with it, then he has spent a lot with philosophy and I think he came to India. And not only that but he got his Realization. And after getting Self Realization he wrote about collective consciousness, he wrote so many things which we can now feel it ourselves. And he was a man who gave him good pictures, what will happen to men when they get self realization. I should say we should be very obliged to him for doing this. It was not just a mental projection but it was a actual finding of his own divinity.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  August 10, 1989  TV Interview  Geneva, Switzerland

Quote: Carl Jung.. I know God exists

Nature of Kundalini: Shri Mataji in Weilberg, Germany

Today we have gathered here to do the puja of Adi Kundalini as well as your own Kundalini.

First of all, I think this is the most important thing to understand about your own Kundalini, as Self-Realization is Self-Knowledge. And the one who gives you Self-Knowledge is this : your own Kundalini, because when She rises She points it out what are the problems on your chakras.

Now, we say that it is pure desire, but we do not know what purity means. It means your chaste desire. It means it has no lust, greed, anything in it. That power is your own Mother and is settled in your triangular bone. She's your own mother. She knows everything about you, it's like a tape recorder. She knows everything about you and She is absolutely the knowledge - because She's so pure. And whatever chakras She touches, She also knows what's wrong with that chakra - beforehand. So She's quite prepared, and She adjusts Herself fully so that you do not get a problem by Her awakening. If any chakra is constricted, She waits and goes on slowly opening that chakra."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    August 11, 1991    Shri Adi Kundalini Puja    Weilberg, Germany


Conversion to "isms" is not the answer - Shri Mataji in Ukraine

For example the first attack came to us we can say in Ukraine through communism. So we had our faith in communism. It has done one thing good that it did not allowed you to have faith in fundamentalism. But today the greatest danger is that there is a vacuum in Russia and also in Ukraine and we may jump into some sort of a fundamentalism. I'm told there are people who have come to convert into Hinduism. They are giving food and trying to entice as the missionaries did in India. By conversion you do not receive truth. You have to have your transformation, not conversion. Any fundamentalism whether it is Christianity, or Hinduism, or Islam is very dangerous. There is a universal religion within us. Because all these religions were born on the tree of spirituality at different times. On the same tree of spirituality. Then people pluck these flowers and started saying, 'These are mine, these are mine'. They are fighting with these dead flowers. As long as there will be one following, one book to be followed, then there will be always quarrels. In the name of God how many people were killed in these fights? This kind of just a feeling or a kind of a concept that we are the chosen ones is extremely dangerous. We have to now understand these are the most important times of spirituality. I call it a blossom time. But it is said that these are the Last Judgments. That means you have to use your wisdom to judge what is right and what is wrong. Whatever is false is not going to help us at all, it has not helped any one so far. What is going to help is your own ascent.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    August 13, 1992    Public Program    Dynamo Stadium    Kiev, Ukraine

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Statutes of the Statue

This kind of a thing is moving today in the country where you live,
and if you have to save it, you have to turn their faces towards God.
You have to turn their faces towards Self-realization. And this is a
very, very difficult task for which you all Sahaja yogis, I request
you and I pray for you, that you develop that kind of a power which is
the power of Vishnumaya that you shine with the power of Vishnumaya.

When I see your Statue of Liberty, I think she is the Vishnumaya here
standing. Why didn't they make a man stand there, why a woman? She is
the symbol of the sister, of Vishnumaya, and if you have to have your
liberty, have it - but liberty of wisdom, not of stupidity. And this
is what I have to tell you today in this great country of Shri
Krishna, that you'd better be on the lookout. Better be on the
lookout. You can say that She really rules in a proper way in South
America, and that was Her domain, too. And there electricity is not so
prevalent. But the perversion has started because they started
producing cocaine and other horrible things to spoil your Left

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi August 9, 1987 Vishnumaya Puja New
York, N.Y. USA

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The society has to be maintained by women

The power of woman is like that of the Mother Earth. See how much
She's done for you. She's given you all the greenery, the beauty.
Wherever She goes down, She fills Herself up with water, and She gives
you such joy and happiness and bears all the problems of the world
despite of whatever things we have done to Her, despite the way we
extracted all Her wealth and everything, still She's giving us wealth.
That's what we are! When we have lost our power, our society has come
down. The society has to be maintained by women, not by men. One must
understand, woman plays the most important role. She's in no way less
than man, but if she becomes this kind of a power, destruction starts
moving in the other direction.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi August 8, 1980 Seminar talk New York, USA

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Truth it what it is

I bow to all the seekers of truth. At the very outset we have to know
that truth is what it is. We cannot conceptualize it, we cannot change
it, it is beyond human awareness. That means, at human awareness we
cannot know the absolute truth. This is the reason why we have
different theories which go against each other and we fight. Absolute
truth can only be known if you become a higher person. That you have
to become the Spirit. This is the fundamental truth about you that you
are not this body, not this mind, not this ego, nor your conditionings
but you are the Spirit. Unless and until you become absolute you
cannot understand the absolute. This second truth is that there is a
subtle all-pervading power around us which does all living work. We
see these beautiful flowers here, we see them, we take them for
granted. They have come out of a small little seed differently. How it
happens, we don't think. Look at our eyes, what a beautiful
micro-camera it is, but we just take it for granted. We have also
taken our evolution for granted, from amoeba stage to this human
stage. Unless and until we human beings find out the truth through
this evolutionary process of becoming the Spirit, none of our problems
are going to be solved. And it is very easy. Sahaja means "born with
you". And Yoga means, it is the union with this all-pervading power.
This is done through a residual power within us, as you can see here,
in the triangular bone, of sacrum. This bone was called as "sacrum" by
Greeks, meaning the Greeks knew it's a sacred bone. This instrument
exists within us and is just waiting to be triggered. And when She
rises She passes through six subtle centers, ultimately piercing
through the fontanel bone area giving you the actualization of

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi August 5, 1991 Public Program CA-Tent
Vienna, Austria

Your art, music, and gestures

So this principle of Shri Krishna is so important that at the state,
as you call it, the Vishuddhi chakra, we become complete, in the sense
that when the Sahasrara is opened out for you and you start feeling
the vibrations, you are not yet fully complete. If you were just
complete then it would have been an end of your evolution, because at
that stage, if you had finished it, then there was no need to have
Sahaja Yoga. But actually it means that once the Sahasrara is opened
out, then you have to come down to your Vishuddhi chakra, that means
to your collective. If it is not working on your Vishuddhi chakra, the
enlightenment on Vishuddhi chakra, you cannot feel the vibrations.

In your art, in your music, in your gestures, in every way, your hands
are very important. But Vishuddhi chakra also plays a part, as you
know, on the sixteen chakras or the sub-plexuses which look after our
face, our ears, nose, eyes, neck, all these things are looked after by
Vishuddhi chakra. As a result also, you can become great actors, you
can have eyes which are innocent, you can have a skin which is
shining, you can have ears which can hear the Divine music, you can
have a nose which shows your dignity."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi August 6, 1988 " State of Witnessing "
Shri Krishna Puja Garlate, Italy

Friday, August 04, 2017

Wherever collectivity has worked, Sahaja Yoga has prospered...

In Sahaja Yoga, the door is open - anybody can come in, anybody. Get your realization. Because I have faith in collectivity, this collective life will definitely give you what Buddha got through His individual efforts. But there also we fail that we do not know how to be collective. Individualism is all the time around us. In every way we think as individuals. Wherever collectivity has worked, Sahaja Yoga has prospered; and wherever it has not worked, there has been a problem. So it is very important that we should look at ourselves, and see for ourselves and see how much collective we are. Do you enjoy collectivity, or not? Are you aiming at collectivity, or not?"

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     August 4, 1991 Shri Buddha Puja     Deinze, Belgium

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Mother Earth teaches us balance

Mother Earth teaches us balance. If she was not in a balance, we would have been all finished. She teaches us gravity. She teaches us how to be attractive to another person without the other person knowing about it, feeling about it. Without enslaving, without mesmerizing, without obliging -  to attract and to give, without expectations. Without any expectations she gives us...But when she gets very upset, like as in - you have heard that in Mexico she erupted out. You know what was happening in Mexico, I was telling you long time back, that they are using all kinds of black magic, they are producing all kinds of drugs. Colombia is doing the same. And if you do all these things to harm people, then she gets into volcanic conditions, and then a volcano starts bursting out."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    August 3, 1986    Shri Bhoomi Devi Puja    Shudy Camps, Cambridgeshire, U.K.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Attention and sub-conscious

The other day I talked to you about the left side power that we have
by which we desire. In Sahaja Yoga language we call it as Mahakali
power. And this power gives us the left side which is our
subconscious. And the subconscious gives us the conditioning. Through
our subconscious only we become conditioned. Now how does our
subconscious takes the conditioning ? In between the thought there's a
very little space which we can call as the silence, as the present.
But the thought that comes to you rises and falls off, stops for a
while and again another thought starts and falls off. The first
thought that rises, we can see the rising of the thought, not the
falling of it. And when it falls it goes into the subconscious.
Another one also rises. It rises and again it falls; it goes into the
subconscious. That's how our subconscious starts building up. How do
the thoughts come into us? Thought comes to us because human beings
when they look at a thing they have a method of projecting their mind
into it.

Now, to take this attention inside is the problem. This attention has
to go to the, to the Spirit. It's not sort of reacting they have. But
this attention has to go to the Spirit. When the subconscious acts,
for example, I put My, say, attention onto this chair. All right ? So
now, if I'm not attached to it I see it just as a play. After
realization I can see it. But before realization to me, this is a
precious thing. This is my possession, this is my home and this one is
an emblem of some sort of my residence, whatever it is. All these
ideas come to my head. Then I get involved into this one. Then this
becomes a conditioning factor. Supposing something happens to this
chair, then I'm finished. I can even become mad. I can go to the mad
house. That may happen. People do. I mean, for something material they
can go into madness. But this has nothing to do with you, see it's
nothing, it's outside, is outside, it is not inside. Here we are. So
they divide these methods, these are make-beliefs, really
make-beliefs. And the subconscious gives us a make-belief. But once I
have heard, today we had this laughing and this on, and, say that I
believe, of course I believe. I say it, all right, I say it. What,
what is it? I believe in God. So, are you obliging God or yourself ?
It's difficult for us to understand that whether believing or not
believing, God exists. Whether you like it or not, He exists. But then
the projections start moving in such a way that we start even bonding
Him, according to our conditioning.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi July 29, 1981 " Conditioning " Public
Program Caxton Hall London, U.K.


I bow to all the Sahaja Yogis and all the seekers of truth. It seems
Romania is a special place where there are so many seekers of truth.
And very deep and truthful they are about it. Sahaja Yoga is the power
of compassion and love of God Almighty. But it's not just talk,not
just giving you a lecture or a sermon, but it is actualization of the
experience of this Divine Love. It is spirit-oriented, not
money-oriented, nor is power-oriented. All the religions have failed
outside because they are not Spirit-oriented. Now, of course, they are
challenging us and saying all kinds of wrong things about us because
they are frightened that they will be exposed.

But truth will prevail now. The time has come for truth to prevail. It
is surprising that people don't understand that truth is love and
compassion. If you really love somebody, you know everything about
that person, that is how the Divine Love is, which knows everything
about everything. It is the knowledge that you get when you fall into
the ocean of love, an ocean, you fall into the love's ocean. One has
to know that truth is what truth is, you cannot change it, because it
is absolute. You cannot transform it, you cannot sell it. You cannot
pay for it. It has to be really understood that if you have to know
the truth you will know because the time has come, and that you are
the human beings at the epitome of evolution.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi August 1, 1995 Public Program Bucharest, Romania

Saturday, July 22, 2017

As a result of self-realization what happens!

As a result of self-realization what happens ? That's the point. Firstly, you start feeling the Divine vibrations on your finger tips. Divine vibrations like cool breeze and it starts flowing through your hands. You'll be amazed when it first happens you start doubting. I know people who went and closed their doors and windows, wanted to test and find out if they had those cool breeze. You have it. Is a sign of yourself, and within this, pure vibrations. As a result of that so many other things can happen. But the most important thing is that you become a very peaceful person. You'll become a very balanced person and you become that witness about which all the religions have talked. You get to the state of that witness. And once you become the witness, you see the whole picture, the whole world in a very different manner. You become the witness. It's a state in which you watch everything. You do not react but you watch and your presence itself will help people."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi      August  22, 2002     Public Program New York, USA.

England is the Heart

... it shows how William Blake thought of you people; and he represents that hope for England in this poem that I had about you people. As I had told you that: England is the heart, and the heart has to be, first of all, established, otherwise Sahaja Yoga is not going to be established.
Now the people who live in this country are least believing, I think, in William Blake as you all do.This poem shows very clearly what hopes William Blake had. He could see the vision very clearly and he said that England has to become the Jerusalem. In Sanskrit language it's called as teevtha. Teevtha means a pilgrimage place, a place where pilgrims come in. And this indication here, of this poem, which is so beautifully written by William Blake, shows that he saw the vision of Sahaja Yoga prospering in England in this beautiful manner.
But, as it is, this heart is so materially bound. There's so much of materialism that has come into our veins even. And we have to realize that we have to get it out of our mind, out of our body. It has gone into us so much, the materialistic approach towards life , that we have to really take a strong action against it. It's so much that anybody who comes to this country also becomes materialistic. Imagine the heart becoming a matter. Think of the heart becoming a stone. And today on a day when you are here to worship Me as a Guru, My desire is only one: and that is that you all should become gurus yourself. Now I have struggled for seven years here to build you up and all the struggle that is described has been done single-handed to begin with and then so many of you joined.
But when you join Me you have to realize that you have to really transform yourself. You have to know that you are, first of all, realized souls. Which, also, very few people really realize and are aware, I think, that they are realized souls. They are not the other, mundane, type of people, ordinary people. They are realized souls. So as it is they have to get out off this shell in which they have been living. The ideas of securities, that you have had so far, come to you all from materialism if you study yourself correctly. Everything is trickling down to you that is materialism. "
Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    July 19, 1981   Guru Purnima    Guru Puja   Chelsham Road Ashram   London, U.K.

Only way to grow is to be collective

... if you do not try your hand and if you do not try to give Realizations to others, firstly you'll have no faith in yourself. You'll have no self-esteem also.
The second part is that you try giving vibrations to other persons, but don't get involved with that person. I've seen some people who get too much involved. If they give Realization to one person, they think they have done a great job and they start working on that person, his family, his relations, this thing. So, so far, as you must have learned, that one may be related, one may be closer to one person, but not necessarily he will have that lmuch of chance of Self Realization. Only way to grow is to be collective. There's no other way out. If people think that by staying away from ashrams, alone living somewhere they will achieve much - that's not the way Sahaja Yoga is meant.

Formerly, people used to go to Himalayas and most of them were separated and only one or two persons were chosen for spiritual growth. Here it is not question of spiritual growth, it's a question of your collectivity growing in you. That is how you become a person who is collective, who enjoys the collective, who works on collective and lives with the collective. Such a person develops new kind of powers. And these powers are such that they are very subtle, but they penetrate into any molecule, atom or human beings, anywhere. And their penetration is only possible if you have a temperament which is collective. Without being fully collective, you cannot achieve that height which is very necessary today for Sahaja Yoga. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 20, 1997   Guru Puja   Cabella Ligure, Italy

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Human and Divine Minds 🇦🇹

You have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. Not your mental projections, but you have to grow in Sahaja Yoga. But people told Me that, "Mother, their vibrations are not so good. So many of them indulging into cheap talks. Because you think you are well-educated, you have got jobs and you have this and that. It's better to have people who are uneducated, without any jobs. They will enter into the Kingdom of God. Christ has said, "Rich cannot enter into the Kingdom of God." But I would say now, "The intellectuals won't enter." In My experience the intellectuals won't enter. Because they are going with their brains against reality. Try to understand. As soon as you come out your Agnya be careful - you either go to the left or to the right. Unless and until you understand that you have to grow beyond your mind. With our mind if we could have understood or if you could have got our ascent - it would have been the easiest thing to do. But no - everybody has a brain of limited projections. So somebody goes this way, somebody goes that way, somebody goes that way. And that's how we have the problem of wars. We have the problem that everybody has a different attitude. Now see, they started having a - say, Europe. I must congratulate people in Austria that they have done European Community. But they are all fighting. There are so many points on which they are quarreling. With all difficulties now they got this. And think, they are suspicious, they are not trusting each other, because they are on a mental level. This is something is a curse, I think. Human mind cannot be superior to the Divine Mind. And you'll stop at Agnya. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   July 18, 1994   Talk at the Airport   Vienna/Schwechat, Austria

Monday, July 17, 2017

We have evolved from amoeba to this stage

" We have evolved from amoeba to this stage. We are human beings. Our evolution has come through our attention - fixed outside. The happening has to go inside. But the evolution so far has been by going outside. Like some fishes felt the land and tried to crawl out and they became the reptiles. The reptiles wanted to run fast so they developed four legs as a tortoise. As animals they could not eat; so they raised their head. Things at the height they could not see, so they raised their body more. So all the evolution so far has come through the urge of seeking only, but it has been outside. We have been seeking food, as human beings we are seeking power, we have been seeking money, possessions, comfort. But now the seeking has to go within. For example, when we are building a house we build all the outside and everything properly. When it is all done outside then you go inside and start decorating. In the same way you have to go inside to achieve the last breakthrough. For example, we have made a fortress for ourselves and we have to enter inside the fortress to enjoy it. We have to penetrate inside the house to enjoy it. But our attention is outside. We cannot go inside.

So something has to happen that you are to be sucked in. Some sort of a vacuum is created inside by which you are sucked in. It's a beautiful arrangement which has been sahaja, means spontaneously growing within us. Like a seed has all the map of the tree it has to become. It does not have to consult A to Z or anything. It has its own map, and it grows on that map spontaneously. In the same way our being has been growing spontaneously since we were just matter, lifeless matter. Gradually it was sprouting and we reached the stage where today we are human beings. But that's not the end because if it was we would have known our meaning, you would have known why we are here. Now the happening takes place through the awakening of this Kundalini. It is placed in the triangular bone. It is there. You can see with your naked eyes it is there.

We are here to tell you the message that now this last evolutionary process which has to take place has started. Like every instrument has to be prepared first of all and put to the mains so the electricity starts flowing through it and starts manifesting. In the same way your instrument has been created so beautifully and the electricity, that they call as the divine power of love of God, has to flow through you. To connect you to that power very beautifully God Almighty has placed this energy of Kundalini in your triangular bone. I say this is the power of divine love."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  July 17, 1980   " Seeking The Force That Drives Us "  Public Program  Northampton, U.K.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Are we our guru or not?

When we say we have become our own guru, we should really try to find out with our introspection, are we our guru or not? Because before this your mind was on one side and your heart was on another side and your attention was in another dimension. So these three things were creating confusion within you. If you understand a human being, then you will be surprised to see how these three things act separately in a human being. 

And sometimes they fight also. First is your intellect and your mind, second is your heart, your feelings, your emotions, and the third one is your attention. In these modern times this confusion is the worst, because all the time your attention is outside. It could be towards beautiful things, or beautiful women, or beautiful men or all kinds of nonsensical way of wasting your energy. 

Such attention then is absolutely like a horse which is let loose. You cannot control such an attention. And this attention runs wild from one to another. Is a fashion also. It's sort of a very popular thing to keep the attention moving all the time. But this attention that has to be towards the Divine, towards the Almighty, is just being frittered away. 

Thus, attention doesn't grow its own roots. First is to find out about yourself, where does your attention go? What makes you feel like looking after or concerned or attention? You see, the attention comes from various problems, and could be your upbringing where you are not controlled, could be your education, could be your atmosphere in which you live or could be your own ego or your conditioning.

So, this attention is being attacked by all these outside energies or negative forces and it gets entangled, like a river flowing straight into the ocean can get lost in a barren place. In the same way this attention, which has to go towards the Divine, gets frittered away and is finished. This weak attention cannot take you towards the Divine. Ultimately you find that all this attention is being completely absorbed or frittered away by the nonsense that's going on. Unfortunately or fortunately you are born in these modern times, and in these modern times, as you know, it's a very chaotic condition. In these chaotic conditions you don't know what is right and what is wrong.

And there are all kinds of attractions which can take away your attention and reduce the energy of your attention. It is possible more for the people who are very right-sided. Also the left-sided people can be very much affected. Right-sided people as you know go up to a point and become extremely dry, self-opinionated and aggressive. All their attention is in aggression, while the people who are on the left side are indulging too much into their own whims and their desires and their own temptations. Both sides can fritter away your attention which is the most important, it is the most valuable thing, is your attention. But the attention cannot be controlled by a person who has a weak mind or a weak heart. 

Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi     July 16, 1995   Guru Puja    Cabella Ligure, Italy