Sunday, November 19, 2017

Higher Awareness

Now the new phase has started. You all have a very, very open challenge to get people into enlightenment. People are not so ignorant now, they are not so much blasted. Moreover, I find them very much changed. Their attitude towards truth has changed, and they understand there is truth beyond all this that they have known. It's very important, because if a human being starts thinking "this is the truth," he just gets stuck up. At any cost, whatever may happen, he'll go on sticking to that. He won't be able even to verify whether it is the truth or not. Animals can. How? Because they have got innate capacity to smell the evil - innate. We cannot, human beings cannot. If there's a evil man, a dog will bark at him. Otherwise he'll go and throw him down. He'll do everything which is not normally done. How is it he has developed this capacity to find out who is a thief and who is not?

We have a higher awareness. We think about many things which animals cannot think. We understand many things which animals cannot understand. We cook our food - they don't. But also I sometimes, I think we cook our brains, because the way people behave and try to avoid the truth with their ego is surprising. All this happening is a drama, as I told you, but you better study it properly and apply it to yourself, and see if you are also a part and parcel of that drama. For that, you have to rise higher. You have to rise higher - higher above your ego and your superego, your conditioning, and from there to watch yourself and see yourself: "What is this? Why am I doing such a thing? Why my attention is like that? What is the main reason for my own possession, I should say, or my own misunderstandings? Why do I accept wrong things?"

Once you'll start seeing that, and if you find even a wee bit of such nonsensical understanding within you, then you can forgive also people who have been absolutely brainwashed, absolutely brainwashed, and they did everything under that influence. As it is now you have risen much higher than all these people, and much more aware than all of them. So you have to just understand this point, and then you can forgive all the mistakes they have committed.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 18, 2001    Diwali Puja    Lake Piru    Los Angeles, Ca  USA

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Liver and Heart

As I said, Europe is the liver. That means all the attention is in Europe. But the attention, if does not have the heart, it is absolutely not integrated, nor it is enlightened. But when the heart is sleeping how to bring heart to the attention? But some tricks here and there played so well that the heart, like a lion, leaped, and we are here. The joy of all the Sahaja Yogis is now going to fill the attention and new powers will be developed for all of you and you will all feel responsible for spreading Sahaja Yoga. It has to happen. Thus we realize that through effort we all can achieve the impossible. Brahmarandra is the heart, is the heart chakra and unless and until there is heart into our work we are not enlightened people. All our efforts will be futile. Without the attention the heart is useless. So this beautiful meeting that has taken place is writing in the skies with the warmth of the heart and light of the attention. That the glorious days have come for us to enjoy our complete freedom, freedom from all our enemies, all our ignorance."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  November 16, 1985  " Racism"  Evening before Diwali Puja  Tivoli, Rome, Italy

Monday, November 13, 2017

"... I am your Mother. "

I've been here for a short time, but I really felt so close to you. You are so sensitive and so sensible and you didn't mind whatever I have told you. I am a Mother, and I have to tell you the truth and you shouldn't feel bad if you think that I am your Mother. That is a Mother's job; she has to have patience, love, affection and also wisdom. Perhaps we women don't realize how important we are. Men can do politics, economics and all the mess of it but women are responsible for the society. They can make the society or mar the society. Whenever there are good societies where children are good, families are good, and there is peace, there the women are responsible. The woman who has the job of rocking the child can rule the world. In no way a woman should think she is less than man.
Woman is like this Mother Earth and man is like the sun. Look at the Mother Earth: how She bears us, how we torture Her, and how She looks after us. So the greatest quality of a woman is her tolerance, her love and her wisdom.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 13, 1994    Ladies Public Program    Tunis, 🇹🇳 Tunisia 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Love for Christ symbolizes use of personal wealth for welfare.

For us, if Christ is the symbol of higher personality, then what were His qualities? He was the noblest man you could think of, the greatest personality as far as morals are concerned and such forgiveness, such magnanimity, such glory. He would, was the One who was blessed with Lakshmi. He was a satisfied soul. He would not do anything wrong, whatever money you might give Him. Nobody could purchase Him.

So after coming to Sahaja Yoga is important to know that you are blessed by Lakshmi. With the one hand She gives, She gives to others that is Her nature, to give. Like if one door is open the air won't come in. But if you open the other door then only it will circulate. So, to be satisfied is one of the qualities of a Sahaja Yogi. Some of them do ask for money miracles. That's not the way your attitude should be. You are now the Spirits. And the Spirit doesn't care for the comfort of body, mind, but for the comfort of the Spirit. Many of you have become Spirits, no doubt. But you are not aware, some of you, of your own status. You have to be aware about it. With the other hand She gives protection. Protection to all those who worship Her. All those who work for Her. So anybody who has money has to give protection to people who are employed by him or working for him.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 12, 1993    Diwali Puja    Moscow, Russia

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Pettiness vs Love

 Today is a great day of Diwali. That means today is the great day... lights of your heart make a greater light for the world to move in a proper direction. It's a day of great joy and those who join in this are spreading also great joy. But the problems are there, as they say, but for us there is no problem because there is no darkness. We don't see any darkness anywhere. We see lights and lights and lights.

Then what is the thing missing? Missing is our sincerity. We have to be very sincere with ourselves. Because it is not just a borrowed love or a borrowed joy, but it is from within the source it's flowing, flowing and flowing. So that is to be awakened and that love should flow and our small petty things like jealousies and competitions and all those things which spoil us must be washed away; and it can be washed if your heart is full of love. Today is a day of spreading love, light of love. So that everybody feels enlightened and happy and forgets his petty problems."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 9, 2003    Diwali Puja    Ventura, Ca.  USA

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Diwali: The Greek Connection

It is very, very fortunate and auspicious that we are celebrating the Diwali in Greece, specially in Delphi. It has a very ancient history, and as you know Athena resided here. She was the Primordial Mother. "Atha" in Sanskrit means "primordial." So this place has been described, has been described even in the Puranas as "Manipur dweep." Manipur is the Nabhi. Also in Sanskrit Manipur means the Nabhi Chakra. So it's described as the Manipur dweep, is written "Manipur e dweepe." Just imagine these Puranas, these ancient-time books - God knows how old they are, must be at least eight thousand or maybe more - and they have described Greece as the Manipur dweep, is the place of Nabhi and where resides the Adi Shakti, that's the Athena. So I mean, how it was known to them - maybe through torsion area, I would say; but it is written very clearly, and same we find here is the place of Athena which is in the Nabhi...
Now this Primordial Mother that we have as Athena also has in Her hand a Kundalini, also She has one trident. All this is sign that when She was born She knew that She has to fight the evil forces in the Nabhi Chakra. All this history is really shown very clearly in the Greek mythology, but later on this mythology took a very, very wrong path through human beings, as they know how to spoil everything. So what they did is to make all the gods and goddesses look like human beings, and so we have here many gods which are in India - they are represented even in the Greek mythology. But the Indian gods are kept very pure and very godly and saintly, but here it was brought down to the level of human beings.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   November 7, 1999    Diwali Puja    Delphi, Greece

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Ignoring Reality

There are many who are not here who have got their realization, all over the world. I remember all of them, and all of you should remember them. Today is a nice day when we can think of all those who are enlightened in this world. That's the real Diwali - the enlightenment of human beings. It's not candle, it's not some lamp but it's human beings. If they're enlightened, then there's no problem any more. The problems come with the people who are not enlightened because they're in the darkness. They're groping in the darkness, and some of them don't know, also, that they are completely ignorant of realities.

Once you come to Sahaja Yoga and enlighten your Self you see in that light, in that light what is good and what is bad, to begin with; and then you grow into it beautifully just like these flowers who are all the time happy, all the time giving you the joy. In the same way, when you are enlightened with that light you don't seek anything. You've got everything within you. Keep the lights on. But another thing you can do is, with your light you can enlighten other people. Like we have done here: we had enlightened one candle, with that we have enlightened all of them.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     November 3, 2002    Diwali Puja    Lake Piru    Los Angeles, Ca.  USA

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Democracy: It can be perverted to a new slavery

So we've got two types of theories: as we see,one is communism and another is democracy, where one is power-oriented, the another is money-oriented, and in both the cases we say that it's all failed. And it's a good news for all of you to know that Russia which was a country known to be run in complete fear has turned out to be the best for Sahaja Yoga. It is one of the super powers. When the government is like that I think the people are better. They do not have these false notions of individual freedom. They do not think that, "Ah, what's wrong?" I told them, "You must put oil on in your head because you'll become bald." Next day all of them were down with the oil, rubbing it in. So the kind of obedience they had from very beginning of their country. that sense of obedience is so great. You tell them anything, immediately they do it. Not one, thousands. One thousand were sitting in the hall; two thousand were outside waiting for Me, on a follow-on. Imagine how wise and deep they are, while in the West we are lost in our so-called freedom idea of so-called freedom: "What's wrong?" But actually we are slaves if you see. Any fashion that starts, everybody starts doing it. But why? Why do we follow those fashions? We must see how we are slaves. Because others will laugh at us if we don't do like that. They'll make fun of us. Because they will criticize us. So because they have got a freedom to criticize we are frightened of such people who can criticize. And now the criticizing people are criticizing them. Critics have critics, their critics are their another critics, and there are critics after critics. So only the critics are produced. Where is the benevolence? There's no question of benevolence at all.
So in the freedom-loving people who are supposed to be free, the idea of benevolence is finished. Because whatever is good for you, whatever is benevolent for you
 , can be only understood if you have wisdom, if you have depth. But if you have this kind of freedom is to go amuck, do what you like. Because everybody's doing it, I must do it. Everybody is singing like this; so I must do it. But from where does this idea come in? From where these ideas come in? Are they entrepreneurs who want to befool you, make slaves out of you? And this slavery is so-called freedom for you, but actually I think it's complete slavery because you do what they tell you, behave in the same manner as whatever they say. There are no fashions in that country. Very few, very few women indulge into fashions. Nothing. And men are also very simple. They have no fashionable things. They have only things which are convenient, good for their climate. That's what they wear, whether you laugh or don't laugh. It's everybody laughs here. If anybody laughs at them they'll say, " "They're stupid." They'll all have pity for him, that's all. "

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     October 29, 1989      Diwali Puja     Montacatini Terme, Italy

Sunday, October 29, 2017

A Child-like Heart: A Prerequisite

Now there are some people who never smile, who never laugh. So then you are allowed to tickle them. It's absurd. It's said that 'you have to be like children'; you have to be like children. You play with something, finished; then you play with another, finished. You don't get involved into anything. You don't get attached to anything. Unless and until you have that child-like heart you cannot enjoy Sahaja Yoga. It's useless. You will be here for years together; you will be useless, absolutely. Specially if you are coming from false gurus, it's very difficult. Because what I have known of false gurus, they never laugh, never smile. They are very serious. Only take your money, keep on the backside. So it is important that we should be in a very joyous mood, alert, aware, enjoying every bit of it. That's one of the Lakshmi's principles is."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    October 29, 1989    Diwali Puja    Montacatini Terme, Italy

Friday, October 27, 2017

The Culture of Spirit is Nourishing

Today I was thinking of talking, telling you about the Sahaja Culture...

So the culture is the pattern of behavior we have with others. Is a common pattern of behavior we are supposed to have with others... 
So the culture of the Spirit doesn't change. It's universal, and is higher than any other culture. Apart from that it integrates all the essences of all the cultures... 

So for a person who is imbibed with the culture of spirit, the Sahaj culture, impresses others by his calmness and relaxed attitude. Relaxation never means lethargy, by any chance. It doesn't mean lethargy. Lethargy is against relaxation. A person who is relaxed cannot become lethargic. "Relaxed" means a person who's alert and calm. These two things for human beings is an impossibility, because if they are alert, if they are alert then they're not calm. If they're unhappy, sad, then they think they are very, very calm. So this is one of the things one has to remember, that you have to witness yourself all the time. Not to condemn yourself, but witness.

Now I said the word "witness" means "detached". Now what happens with this, when you start condemning yourself, you miss every good point. For example, you have some experience of a sudden height being achieved. All right? At that point you should catch hold of it, hold on to it, keep doing, but don't forget that you may go back, no. And then wait for another higher moment to come, hold on to it. That's how you climb Himalayas. But not that, "Oh Ma. Now it's all right, but what will happen next?" Then you are gone down, because you have to face yourself in the way, knowing what are your powers. You are a spirit now, you are no more an ordinary human being, so you have no business to condemn yourself, or to degrade yourself, or in any way to feel unhappy. No way. Past is past. What happened a moment before is finished. "Now I am going to rise. Now I am going to rise." 
So a person who has a Sahaja culture is not only spontaneous, but is inspired, is an inspired personality. A person who is of that kind, an inspired visionary, then other people get impressed by such a person that, "See, there's a man who's inspired, who talks in an inspired way, in a way that is something very different from others." Something new he says, new that is nourishing.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    October 6, 1985    "Sahaj Culture"    New Jersey Ashram, USA

The False Prophet Epidemic

Do you know, when I came to America first, I saw such a horrible thing here, that people were running after some horrible gurus, and I never came - after nine years I came. Because I said, "These people are mad. How do they follow these horrible people? And why do they believe into them? They have no wisdom to understand what the truth is like." And it works out now today, you can see there are so many people here. 

So that is what is the wisdom part. And if this wisdom comes to Americans, they'll come to Sahaja Yoga; not only come, but they will grow into it. But the wisdom will be to see, "What are we going to do? What are we going to get? What is our aim?" All these things must be brought to them, which is not done normally. We must talk to them and must tell them, "What is within you is the Spirit. You should become the Spirit, every one of them has said so. So why not do that, and why not become the Spirit?" So then they will themselves feel, "Yes, that's true. It is said that you should become the Spirit." They'll go to church, they'll go to temples, they'll go here, there, so, not understanding why they are doing it. They need some sort of a protection, that's why they go. But this protection comes from your spiritual status. Where do you stand, as far as the Spirit is concerned? Those who have enjoyed the Spirit, I have seen, do not deviate from the right path. But those who haven't, they may call themselves Sahaja Yogis, anything, but they can be very wrong. 

So first of all find out about yourself. If you are a real Sahaja Yogi, if you really want to be a instrument of this power, then what you have to do is to become full of bhakti and shraddha for that. And this bhakti and shraddha is very joy-giving, I know it. It never makes you tired, it never troubles you, nothing; but it's very nourishing and beautiful. But it should be at the right place, with the right aims and right understanding. For all that what you need again is wisdom, and you should try to find out: are you wise enough? Are you wise, or are you not? It's very difficult for every human being to find out whether you are right or wrong, because you see the effects of this wisdom all around.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    October 27, 2002    Navaratri Puja    Lake Piru    Los Angeles, Ca.  USA

Monday, October 23, 2017

How Ego Rises

Today I was thinking of telling you about the ego problem, because I think everybody feels that that's the biggest problem they all have; and there's a big ego trip one gets into, and they don't know what to do with it. So first part I will tell you how the ego rises and how, what it does to us; the second how to understand it, how to tackle the position of ego and put it in its own aspect.

As you see in the map here, the yellow stuff that you see on top is the ego. The balloon that is yellow is the ego. You see down below it starts from the Swadisthana. This is the color of the bile within us, and this Swadisthana Chakra which is for our creativity is directly connected to that ego there. And when it starts rotating round the Void and going to the various parts of the Void, it collects all the problems of the Void. Void is that green circle within us where physically we have in the Void, we have uterus, we have kidney - it's a complete viscera: all the intestines, ascending, transverse, descending colon, liver, is the upper part of liver more, then also pancreas and the spleen. So all the problems of these organs are collected by this chakra which moves. It comes out of the Nabhi Chakra and moves round and round and round, and collects all the problems. It nourishes, gives power, the vital power to these organs, and also it generates necessary power for our creative action. It also collects the fat cells of the Void, convert it into the proper cells for the brain, for its use, for the grey matter. All this work it has to do, one chakra.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   October 22, 1979    Public Program    Caxton Hall   London, UK

Seeking What?

No doubt, everyone will have to go through this process, but how many really want to be themselves? There are certain people who say, "We are seeking.''

When I ask them, "What are you seeking?" they say, "We are seeking joy, peace, happiness..." Some of them are worried if they are worthy of it or not, whether they should really know their Self or not.

There are two types of problems about such seekers: One which I call as "the left hand side problem" of the Ida Nadi, where the people are very emotional, subdued, who bear all the oppressions of others on themselves. They say, "We are unworthy of this great position, Mother. How can we get Self-realization? We are sinners. How can we be... that higher evolved souls, when we have sinned, when we have done wrong?" This is one type.

The another is the one who uses his rationality and he thinks, "How can it be possible? How can we get realization?" So many of them cannot believe that there could be a phenomena within us which works out Self-realization. They do not even understand that God is compassion, He is love. I wonder if such people of this category also really believe in God, in His all-powerful nature. They may have a photograph in their houses. If He's compassion, if He's love, then He's not going to allow His own creation to be destroyed by foolish human beings, by some foolish people. So both ways, one has to understand that every one of you will be exposed to His grace. But if you deny, if you do not want to get exposed, then even the compassion of God recedes; attention of God recedes from such people who do not want to receive the grace of God.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  October 23, 1978  " The Three Channels"  Public Program  Caxton Hall  London, UK

Friday, October 20, 2017

Prosperity and Money are different ideas

So we have to realize, in all introspection we have to realize that we have gone too much into materialism. That doesn't mean that you should not make money. That doesn't mean you should not work, you should be lethargic, that you should say that 'Oh, Mother has said, Now, let us be lotus eaters.' Not that. Try to understand. If you are making money it is just to give. Then otherwise your situation will be bad, you'll be always insecure about money. And those who have money instead of feeling secure they are all day shaking like this, I have seen. So what is the use of having? Is better not to have anything like that that shakes you. Better to settle down with a little hut somewhere and enjoy Sahaja Yoga. So Lakshmi tattwa is not money-oriented.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    October 20, 1990    Diwali Puja    Sotto, Italy

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Existential Purpose

Today we have gathered here to know something about ourselves and not about others. We know that we are human beings and that God has created us from a small little amoeba to this complicated structure called as human being. But does He have any plan behind it? Why did He make us a human being, which is such a beautiful thing according to Me? What was His purpose in creating us? Have we reached that point to understand what is the purpose behind our creation? And that is why it is necessary sometimes one has to reach that stage to know what you are. Are you only your body, your mind, your intelligence, your ego, your superego, or there is something beyond, within you? Is there any undercurrent which works out the whole creation and you? Have you got any role to play in the whole plan of God Almighty? If so, what is the role and where do you stand in relation to Him? If I have to say that there is a great meaning in your creation of your own being and that you do not know your value, you are not to just believe Me, neither to deny Me, but keep an open mind of a scientist. Like a hypothesis if I put something before you, you have to just see for yourself it works out or not."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    October 19, 1979    "Getting To Know You"    Public Program    Gayton Road   Harrow,  London, UK

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Now about the Spirit. As I told you, the Spirit resides in your heart. It is the reflection of the aspect of God which you call as God Almighty or Sadashiva. Because God is one. But one person. Now, I'm one, but I'm a wife, a grandmother, I'm your Mother. I'm doing so many things. These are aspects of God. And God has got firstly, the aspect of love. By which He creates the power of His love, which is called as the Primordial Mother or the Adishakti. It is the same aspect, is represented in you as the Kundalini. You'll be amazed that even, even the Greeks knew about it. Because they called this bone as sacrum. Means the sacred bone. That means they knew that it was a sacred power there. Even, Athena, 'Atha' in Sanskrit means Primordial. And if you see the photograph of Athena or her statue, I've been to. I was so surprised. In Greece that they all speak [NOT CLEAR]. And She had this snake in Her hand representing the energy. When we see the snake, it is the energy. Not the devil or anything. But it's an energy. It moves like this and so she has the snake and also all the chakras in her hand and she's standing with a dress like that. That is Athena. It's very interesting. That place, the Delphi, and all that was so much revealing. And, that Delphi, they said is the Nabhi, is the navel of the whole universe. Which is true also. And lots of things, I saw there, which I've talked in a tape you can see for yourself. Now this Spirit is the aspect of God which is a witness - the God that witnesses the play of His love. The first of all is the state where we call it, it is Parabhrahma, where everything is just silent and sleeping. When we are sleeping, nothing exists for us. In the same way the whole thing like Parambrahma, the abstract, sleeps. Then, it comes to Its awaken state. Then It wants to - It gets the desire to create - out of love. So, this power of His love spreads around Him, accumulates and forms another entity called as the Holy Ghost or you can say the Parashakti or you can call it also as the Primordial Mother. She is the Holy Ghost. Now, when the breath takes place, there is a sound. And this sound is the logo, as you call it, the Spirit, that is the sound, is the divine integrated sound, not one sound. And that one is called as Omkara, which is the child, which is the child of this couple and that's how you get the Son of God."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  October 18, 1981  Public Program  Santa Cruz, Ca. USA

Death & Nature

Question: " She would like to know if death is a result of our errors or a law of nature."

Shri Mataji:  "No, no, it is - anything that is born has to die. We just change our dress as we do every day. That's how we change this body. But what is it that we learn when we are in this world? We had a driver in My family who was a very patient and regal person. So I tried to think about him and I found out that in his last life he was a king and he was so much worried and he was fed up with his life. And he saw his chariot driver so peaceful, nicely sitting, not worrying about anything. So he prayed that 'Oh God, please, make me a driver next life.' So every life you learn and you ask for something so you get it. Supposing somebody is too much in love with someone, like mad absolutely, and cannot marry that person, also may commit suicide. Next life that person marries the same person and learns a lesson,  takes a divorce. " 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   October 17, 1990  Press Conference  Bucharest, Romania