Can we reach realization through Bhakti Yoga?

Shri Mataji : But we don't understand because He (Shri Krishna) was the incarnation of diplomacy. What He said about Bhakti Yoga in Sanskrit language is that , "If you give Me any fruit, any water I'll accept it," but when it comes to giving, He said that you have to do ananya bhakti. Ananya bhakti, means when there is not the other. When is this situation - when you are self-realized. Without self-realization what bhakti can we do? We are not connected yet to God. What is self-realization -  is connection with God, all right? So first we should get connected, then you definitely do bhakti. Then you understand that this connection is established, now whatever you do has a meaning, otherwise it would be like telephoning without the connection  being there. So the Bhakti Yoga only matures after realization, not before realization. 

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    February 23, 1983   Public Program Day 1   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia