Suffering & Pain: Left Side Off Balances

This is the left side, which we get, and ultimately with this left side problems we get physical pains. It’s very painful to have left sided problems. It’s very, very painful. The pain cannot be explained, no one can understand, nobody can cure it, you can’t tell anyone and people think that you are fussing, they give you psychological treatments; you just don’t understand why this pain is within you. And this pain comes to you from left side, the subconscious. The beyond subconscious is the collective subconscious. And this collective subconscious is the one where whatever is created from the beginning up to today in the creation is within you. And once you go to the subconscious you just get lost there. You are so overpowered by this power of subconscious that it is beyond you to understand it, beyond you to get out of it and beyond you to, not to succumb to it. And it goes on increasing.

Like I asked some people: “Why did you go on doing it, when you knew that you were not doing it, somebody else was doing, still why did you continue to do it?”

They said, “Mother, we were under a blanket, it was darkness, we didn’t know where we were moving and we were just going on and on and on.”

And as I told you last time, feeling guilty is the biggest blockade, it’s the biggest blockade because once you start feeling guilty, that, this center on the left gets blocked and it’s very difficult. And you don’t know why you are feeling guilty. All the time you are feeling guilty but you don’t know why you are feeling guilty, why these ideas of guilt are coming to you, that this feeling of guilt keeps you away from joy, from enjoying anything, from being spontaneous. Why? And this explains why we sometimes are miserable for nothing at all. Actually God has not created us to be miserable. He has made us so beautifully, so carefully, He has created us with such love and compassion, not to make us feel miserable, not for anything. He doesn’t give us any diseases, no problems, but we have done these things to ourselves by going to extremes on the left or the right.

As I am today talking about only on the left, I would say that to feel miserable for nothing at all is also wrong, is being unjust to yourself. The people who are left sided must know that they are the Spirit, that they are that beauty which has to come, which has to express itself, that they are not the people who have to suffer all the time and to live like miserable people, they are not. But because they take so much upon themselves, bear so much upon themselves they become like that. And to avoid that bearing up they may take to some other habits, you see. Many people take to alcohol also for reason because they can’t bear the pangs of life, they can’t bear it. That’s why they take to it. But once the Spirit is awakened within you, you become so strong, you become so joyous, so spontaneous that all these things drop out. All those things, so called diseases, so called habits, just drop out. And you become a new blooming personality.

Now, the basics of having this center within you, you can blame God for that, “Why did He give us these centers on the left hand side? What was the need? He should not have given us these left sided ones so we would have been just in the center to go.” But the trouble is the human beings have to know in their own freedom how to deal with themselves. They have to learn little hard way the wisdom. They have to know: “By going to extremes we have suffered.” They have to realize it, because if they have to become truly, absolutely free, they have to rise in their wisdom. If they are not wise people then they cannot enter into the Kingdom of God because they’ll be abandoned people. Say people who are abandoned, who don’t understand any laws and regulations, if you get them in England, we have to put them in jail.

In the same way human beings who have not got that wisdom within themselves. Through sufferings only one learns; but we should not ask for suffering. When we ask for sufferings we are asking actually for mistakes, to begin with. How will you suffer if you do not commit mistakes? So when we ask for sufferings we are committing mistakes. So what we should ask for is nothing but our Spirit. And if you ask for your Spirit it is your own and you have to get it, it is in your own right that you are going to get it.

What is Self Realization? How to Achieve Totality?

Self realization means to bring your Spirit into your conscious mind....



So to understand the totality what should happen to us? We should achieve that state where we can see the totality. Like if I have to see now, for example, the whole of Brighton, what should I do? I should go on a plane and see it from that height; I can see the whole. In the same way in your awareness, in your understanding you should rise to that point from where you can see the whole. If you cannot see the whole, the partial vision or we can say, a little that you see can create confusion, can create problems, and some of them could be of a very, very serious nature. Because as human beings, we do not know what are we. This is the greatest problem of human beings that they say, “I don’t like it.” Now, which one is this “I”? Is that your Spirit or is that your ego? What is the part that is not liking it? Or is it your conditioning, because you were brought up in a particular way, so you don’t like this? Which part of you is not liking it? And you’ll be amazed that it is not your Spirit. Because if Spirit likes, how will you know? It’s only through your vibrations. When you can feel the vibrations, then only you will say, “Yes, my Spirit likes it, because the vibrations are emitted.”

So we are still in a transition state as human beings. We have not achieved that state which is called as the state of Self Realization, where you become the Spirit. The becoming is the point. When you become the Spirit you know what you like, you really know what you really like. Because you are now the reality, you are not any conditioning, you are no more a ego, but you are what you are really and that is your Spirit. And surprisingly this Spirit is a collective being. It’s no artificial collectivity within us, that also, “All right, we belong to all Brighton so we are one.” Or “We belong to one street so we are one.” It’s not like that, but it’s something that you are, absolutely you are a collective being and you start feeling that collectivity within you, with these different centers working it out. And you can feel it – others. You can feel the others on your fingertips, can you believe it? In the Bible it’s written that, “Your hands will speak.” The description of these days is that “your hands will speak”. Why not people go and find out what does it happen, how can your hands speak? This is what happens that on your fingertips you start feeling and understanding what is reality, what is beauty, what is joy, what is love

What is Self Realization?

Self realization means to bring your Spirit into your conscious mind.
- H. H. Shri Mataji May 20th 1982, Brighton, UK

The Three Channels Within Us

From: 1982 Advice to Yogis on the Left Side, Brighton, UK

Now, here in this map, as is shown, we have two powers, left and right powers. The left power is the power that gives us conditioning – left-sided, the subconscious, the collective subconscious – that gives us the conditioning. Now, if you try to deny all that, then the right side is even worse. It gives us action, but with action we can become very ego-oriented. So both ways it can be troublesome. Supposing you say that, “All right, I have no conditioning of any type, what’s wrong in doing this, what’s wrong in doing that?” And if you just move with that idea, with that freedom, it will be abandonment; it may not be freedom, because freedom must have wisdom behind it. So both the sides, the movements on both the sides are wrong. So what is all right, in the center, is not to get conditioned by anything and not to be ego-oriented. But “How to do it?” is the problem; the problem is “How to do it?” To be spontaneous is to be absolutely free.

Now, I would consider these two powers as say, a break and an accelerator in a car. Now you use both the powers, you use the break first, you use the accelerator; you try to control these two powers. But first of all it is difficult to understand how to use these powers. Gradually with practice, you use, you know how to drive the car, you become the good driver. After becoming the good driver, still you are not the master. But then you become the master. So today the master within us… within us, is the Spirit. But before Realization we are not the master, because the master has not come in our conscious mind, it is not expressing in our conscious mind, in the sense that we are not empowered… by its powers.

The Spirit exists, it has its own powers but we haven’t felt those powers within us. Once we feel the powers of the Spirit, we are empowered by our own powers, which are there. The powers are within us. These are our own powers, we don’t have to borrow from anyone, ask from anyone, they are in ourselves, the Spirit is within us, only thing that Spirit has to give light in our… in our consciousness. It has to come in our consciousness.

In simple medical terminology we can see, say, that the Spirit must manifest itself in our central nervous system, in our central nervous system, so that we should know what we are doing. Not that we start just jumping on the chair, or some people said, “Oh, you – we just start doing it.” It is hypnosis. It’s not correct, you are not in conscious mind, you are doing it out of hypnosis. Hypnosis may be coming from outside force. Is not your force, your awareness, your understanding, your power; it is somebody else’s, because you are not doing. As matter has a power to overpower us, in the same way there are some material things I should say which are very dangerous, which are placed.

Hermits and Recluses


Some people, I find, suddenly become morose, recluses in Sahaja Yoga. They will never be forgiven because God has given you so much. Supposing somebody gives you a diamond, you are proud, you put it on, and show off.                 


You are Emancipators


But the highest above everything is the hope of your Mother that you are going to emancipate the whole world. Give attention to that.  Think about it, that you are going to do it! You have to be walking, talking, moving forests of that Divine Love, that Ritambhara Pragya.                                                                                                                 V4.20.Mar84.p15

The Canvas of Our Being


It is your Attention that has to come up, and has to grow.  So, Attention is the whole canvas of your being.  Complete canvas.  How much you have gone into it, how much you have discovered it, how far you have raised it - is a different point.


Principle of Collective Growth


It is essential for you to understand that if anybody who is a Sahaja Yogi is in trouble, you are in trouble.  It is a threat to your growth, because it is the whole that is growing.                                                                                                                          V4.19 Jan.84.p17

We cannot be Hermits and Recluses

Now as Sahaja Yogis, you are powerful entities. You are very powerful people. We have got problems in the whole world. You know that very well. It’s not necessary (that) you have to be great intellectuals, or you have to be people who are some sort of politicians, or something. But you must be on the lookout for the problems, which are troubling this world. You have to. You cannot live in your own world, that you are a saint, “Now I am in Niranand,” that’s not possible. You can’t just be in Nirananda. You have to know that you have to live in this world. And you have to know all the problems of this world. And you have to think about them, not only your problems that, “Mother how will I be able to do this and how will I be able to do that?” But you have to worry about the whole world. You have to think, what’s happening in the world. What are the problems of the world? You are responsible for that.

Not only that, but you have to pray. In your prayers you have to say, “Mother solve this problem.” Collectively, individually, you have to take your attention from yourself, from your smaller life, to a much wider thing. Then you are a saint. And you have to think that it is your duty to ask for Divine help, that all these problems should be solved. This is your job for which you are selected. Your asking is your going to work out because as you know, I am desireless. You have to desire for it. Whatever you desire will work out. The protection, the affection, the compassion of Mother is with you. But you have to look after this world and show the concern that you have, not to live with very limited areas, and with very limited ways. ... Your problems extend to all the places wherever there is Sahaja Yoga. And you have to worry about all of them. ...

You have to stretch your attention outside, not inside, just worried about yourself, about your family, about your house, about your children. As soon as you spread your attention outside, your problems are solved in the house, in the smallest circumstance. You have to pay attention outside. ...

There are important things that are happening which you can see for yourself. You can scan it out, what are the world problems, and you can see for yourself where you have to put your attention. You should become aware of your personality, it’s not a personality that can be completely involved into a very small area. Your personality such should get involved into all the problems of the universe, all the problems there are. And you’ll be amazed that everything can work out in a very collective way. ...

So stretch out your vibrations. Stretch out your attentions. And you’ll be amazed that all other stupid problems that you have will be finished.

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, extract from Introspection and Meditation, Shudy Camps, UK, 18/6/88

Throat Chakra: Know the Whole as its Part


Most of us have bad Vishuddhis, because we do not take the responsibilities. One has to understand that the child is your responsibility, you have to look after the child (Collective Spirit), and the Whole is also your responsibility.

V4. 19 Jan.84.p17

Faith and Belief


Do you believe in yourself?  Perhaps that is missing.  Because the Self is not there.  If you know yourself you will believe in them [ed: Christ, Moses & other Spiritual Incarnations].                                                                               26. Mar85.p35

Valuing your Attention


PURIFY. Once you start purifying, whatever falls out, I look after that. This is just one assurance, but not a guarantee. If it deserves My attention, I will definitely look after it.  YOU HAVE TO VALUE YOUR ATTENTION AS I VALUE MINE.