What is Self Realization? How to Achieve Totality?

Self realization means to bring your Spirit into your conscious mind....



So to understand the totality what should happen to us? We should achieve that state where we can see the totality. Like if I have to see now, for example, the whole of Brighton, what should I do? I should go on a plane and see it from that height; I can see the whole. In the same way in your awareness, in your understanding you should rise to that point from where you can see the whole. If you cannot see the whole, the partial vision or we can say, a little that you see can create confusion, can create problems, and some of them could be of a very, very serious nature. Because as human beings, we do not know what are we. This is the greatest problem of human beings that they say, “I don’t like it.” Now, which one is this “I”? Is that your Spirit or is that your ego? What is the part that is not liking it? Or is it your conditioning, because you were brought up in a particular way, so you don’t like this? Which part of you is not liking it? And you’ll be amazed that it is not your Spirit. Because if Spirit likes, how will you know? It’s only through your vibrations. When you can feel the vibrations, then only you will say, “Yes, my Spirit likes it, because the vibrations are emitted.”

So we are still in a transition state as human beings. We have not achieved that state which is called as the state of Self Realization, where you become the Spirit. The becoming is the point. When you become the Spirit you know what you like, you really know what you really like. Because you are now the reality, you are not any conditioning, you are no more a ego, but you are what you are really and that is your Spirit. And surprisingly this Spirit is a collective being. It’s no artificial collectivity within us, that also, “All right, we belong to all Brighton so we are one.” Or “We belong to one street so we are one.” It’s not like that, but it’s something that you are, absolutely you are a collective being and you start feeling that collectivity within you, with these different centers working it out. And you can feel it – others. You can feel the others on your fingertips, can you believe it? In the Bible it’s written that, “Your hands will speak.” The description of these days is that “your hands will speak”. Why not people go and find out what does it happen, how can your hands speak? This is what happens that on your fingertips you start feeling and understanding what is reality, what is beauty, what is joy, what is love