The Three Channels Within Us

From: 1982 Advice to Yogis on the Left Side, Brighton, UK

Now, here in this map, as is shown, we have two powers, left and right powers. The left power is the power that gives us conditioning – left-sided, the subconscious, the collective subconscious – that gives us the conditioning. Now, if you try to deny all that, then the right side is even worse. It gives us action, but with action we can become very ego-oriented. So both ways it can be troublesome. Supposing you say that, “All right, I have no conditioning of any type, what’s wrong in doing this, what’s wrong in doing that?” And if you just move with that idea, with that freedom, it will be abandonment; it may not be freedom, because freedom must have wisdom behind it. So both the sides, the movements on both the sides are wrong. So what is all right, in the center, is not to get conditioned by anything and not to be ego-oriented. But “How to do it?” is the problem; the problem is “How to do it?” To be spontaneous is to be absolutely free.

Now, I would consider these two powers as say, a break and an accelerator in a car. Now you use both the powers, you use the break first, you use the accelerator; you try to control these two powers. But first of all it is difficult to understand how to use these powers. Gradually with practice, you use, you know how to drive the car, you become the good driver. After becoming the good driver, still you are not the master. But then you become the master. So today the master within us… within us, is the Spirit. But before Realization we are not the master, because the master has not come in our conscious mind, it is not expressing in our conscious mind, in the sense that we are not empowered… by its powers.

The Spirit exists, it has its own powers but we haven’t felt those powers within us. Once we feel the powers of the Spirit, we are empowered by our own powers, which are there. The powers are within us. These are our own powers, we don’t have to borrow from anyone, ask from anyone, they are in ourselves, the Spirit is within us, only thing that Spirit has to give light in our… in our consciousness. It has to come in our consciousness.

In simple medical terminology we can see, say, that the Spirit must manifest itself in our central nervous system, in our central nervous system, so that we should know what we are doing. Not that we start just jumping on the chair, or some people said, “Oh, you – we just start doing it.” It is hypnosis. It’s not correct, you are not in conscious mind, you are doing it out of hypnosis. Hypnosis may be coming from outside force. Is not your force, your awareness, your understanding, your power; it is somebody else’s, because you are not doing. As matter has a power to overpower us, in the same way there are some material things I should say which are very dangerous, which are placed.