Mahayoga is beyond "flavors"

There are some Sahaja Yogis who believe that Sahaja Yoga is a Christian Sahaja Yog or a Hindu Sahaja Yog. Still that lingers on, that lingers on, that it is Christian Sahaja Yoga. For Christians it has to be Christian Sahaja Yoga; for Hindus it should be a Hindu Sahaja Yoga. For Muslims it is a Muslim Sahaja Yoga; it must relate to Islam, because they can't get out of their own conditioning, so it must relate to that, it must explain everything that is there. They can't get out of it, you see? It could be also a Catholic Sahaja Yoga or a Protestant Sahaja Yoga. Could be even deeper than that. Like that, you see, it goes on. So, you pull Sahaja Yoga into your own categories, into your own small little cups. But it's just the other way round. Sahaja Yoga is the ocean, is a universal thing, it is a MahaYoga. It is not meant for Christians, Hindus, Muslims; but it's meant for human beings as they were.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi September 26, 1982 Shri Durga Puja Vienna, Austria.