[Archive: The Holy Words for Saturday, May 22, 2004]

"Actually when we are close to a mountain we cannot see much of it,
and that is why we do not realize the volume that is so close to us,
the greatness that is facing us. This is one of the illusions that
works out, for people who do not realise it mentally what they are
in for, where are they, what have they found, what is Self-
Realisation, what is its magnitude, how far they have to go, why are
they chosen, what is their purpose of life, how far they have come
up, how far they can understand? All these things are beyond the
grasp, and one gets stunned. One does not know what has happened to
him when he has got his Realization actually."

"So the only method you have got now, or only way is left to you,
for a drop which has become an ocean, is to dissolve more in the
ocean, so that you feel the ocean at least.
And to communicate with other drops in such a way that you know the
whole through time."

[Archive: The Holy Words for Friday, May 21, 2004]

"First of all, Sahasrara is the only way we can perceive, understand
and know the reality. You have come to know as to what is the
reality, and you are enjoying that state where you know what is the
reality. It is a great blessing that Sahasrara was opened out and
all of you got your Realisation.

Your search for truth was intense and definite. You wanted to know
the truth, that is how it worked out. Otherwise no amount of money,
no amount of effort, nothing would have helped. Sahasrara had to
open by itself."

Cabella, Italy May 9, 2004