Overcoming Depression by Spreading Enlightenment

Unless and until we are connected, we cannot know how great we are. And that’s how we start condemning ourselves, suffering from depression, this, that frustration. These are all artificial. And they just drop out once you know what you are, what is your capacity, what you can do, what are your powers. So that, you get awakened and you can awaken others also. This is another power you get that you can awaken other people. You don’t have to ask Me to do that. Anybody who is enlightened can do it. Like one candle which is enlightened can enlighten hundred candles. In the same way you can also do it. And once you start doing it the joy is tremendous.

Perth, Australia
March 27, 1994
(Public Program)

The limits of mental introspection

So introspection, also, if it brings about depression and demeaning of your personality, best is not to introspect also. Because all these mental activities, I have seen, create problems. But in a state where you are thoughtlessly aware, introspection comes to you automatically. You see it automatically. You understand it automatically. You do not think about it, it just comes to you. The whole picture comes to you and you are at peace with yourself. You are never in turmoil, never in trouble. Then you don’t get angry. Then you do not argue, then you do not discuss, but you become as if dropped in to the ocean of awareness and you don’t have to worry as to solve something. When you are reflecting, then you find that this power works.

Navratri Oct 1, 1995