Cliques & Groupism

...only human beings make it a closed circuit that “This is how we do it. This is how they do it,” how it is - the method of another party or people.

This groupism is the worst of all, and is against the laws of nature. 

"You can be individual, as far as your appearance is concerned, as far as your hair color is concerned, or your eye color is concerned; that’s God has created you that way. But all other things that you have created are dead. All other clubbing methods you have created are absolutely of no value. They are just mythical."
- 1982 September, Address in Vienna during the 9-Nights Festival

Spiritual Growth Limiters

{Sept 1982, Vienna} stick on to one person is again a sign that you are not expanding.

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The only sin is to feel small & separate from the whole

From the 1982 address on the occasion of the 9 Nights, Shri Mataji gave a new definition to original sin, which in it's generally known understanding, tends to infuse us with unnecessary guilt. However, the sin, if any, is only to believe we are powerless, individuals disconnected from the great unity. Some notable quotes from this address to Sahaja Yogis:

'That was the avidya, the artificial knowledge, the knowledge that “I am something,” that “I am the doer” - the ego. Till the animal stage there was no ego, and then the ego started growing. We can say that’s the beginning of the original sin: that “I am something.; I’m doing something; it’s I who can do it.'

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Overcoming Depression by Spreading Enlightenment

Unless and until we are connected, we cannot know how great we are. And that’s how we start condemning ourselves, suffering from depression, this, that frustration. These are all artificial. And they just drop out once you know what you are, what is your capacity, what you can do, what are your powers. So that, you get awakened and you can awaken others also. This is another power you get that you can awaken other people. You don’t have to ask Me to do that. Anybody who is enlightened can do it. Like one candle which is enlightened can enlighten hundred candles. In the same way you can also do it. And once you start doing it the joy is tremendous.

Perth, Australia
March 27, 1994
(Public Program)

The limits of mental introspection

So introspection, also, if it brings about depression and demeaning of your personality, best is not to introspect also. Because all these mental activities, I have seen, create problems. But in a state where you are thoughtlessly aware, introspection comes to you automatically. You see it automatically. You understand it automatically. You do not think about it, it just comes to you. The whole picture comes to you and you are at peace with yourself. You are never in turmoil, never in trouble. Then you don’t get angry. Then you do not argue, then you do not discuss, but you become as if dropped in to the ocean of awareness and you don’t have to worry as to solve something. When you are reflecting, then you find that this power works.

Navratri Oct 1, 1995

Faith and Sahaja: Interactive Graphic

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Keeping an Open Mind

No blind faith is going to lead you to reality, not at all. By saying “Just believe me”, is a wrong style. You should not. But you should not also deny Me. Keep it open. 1978/03/20 Caxton Hall, London

Enlightened Faith

Your faith is enlightened faith and it works, but you must have faith in yourself, in Sahaja Yoga and in the life you are leading faith

Being Sahaja: Relative Importance of Knowledge & Compassion

"So it is not what you can talk elaborately about chakras and things is important, but it is what you express your personality in your attitude toward things."

--1986-0906,Ganesha Puja, California-USA

Divinity of Music

I am only sorry that people have no sense of understanding (of) this great music that is in our country. If they listen to this music they'll have no diseases, no heart attacks, nothing. This is
absolutely Divine and people should take to it in such a way that it's a blessing of God that we have such great artists in our country existing.

My heart pines to see such artists not being properly recognised, appreciated and worshipped. I am sure one day will come when they will go all over the world and play this beautiful praise of

H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Madras, India, 27/1/86
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What is Sankranti?

It means the day today is the day the sun crosses over from the Tropic of Capricorn to the Tropic of Cancer. It is a very big day for us because, now during the summer time we have the harvest, and we look forward to the rain and so many things that happen in every country. The sun falls at right angles in this country during the summer season and so we welcome the sun. We eat something that we must have eaten already what we call as til and Jaggery. It is to prepare your body and your mind to give it sufficiency to receive the sun. Because if you are living in the cool season, then all your body mind becomes lethargic and you become also sometimes very lazy about things in the sense that the day is so small that you cannot achieve many results. So the body has become cold as we call it. We take these things, which give us heat so body is prepared to receive the heat of the sun to welcome.

To overcome the inertia setting by the cold weather and also to liberate the body’s strength to the sun, people take to all these ways of treating you by which they give you something that is heat creating in the body. But it has another very subtle expression, which I find is when they give you these they say now you take now til and gul and you say things, which are sweet. Because when you are taking til and gul, your body gets heated and you become right sided. When you become right-sided person you seldom speaks sweetly. So it is a contrast that they give you a thing to heat you up so that your body gets heated up but you must be sweet. So there is a warning that you are eating all these things but that doesn’t mean now you ride on a big horse of ego and start splashing every one. It’s a very subtle thing to understand that when we become temperamentally right sided, we are so much covered by our ego that we do not feel that we are hurting others by what we say.
Text from: 1985-0114: Makar Sankranti Puja in Suryavanshi hall at Mumbai India
Photo: Creative Commons licensed photo by flickr user '8#X'