Marriage is an auspicious occasion, is the most auspicious occasion in the life of human beings. It is auspicious, that's why it's joy giving and the vibrations flow with that auspiciousness all over the world.

Marriage is meant to give joy, is meant to give cheerfulness, happiness and all the blissful things that we can think of achieving through our combination with two human beings, we can say. It's a very close and private relationship which has to be respected. It is not to be in any way dishonored or indiscreetly squandered away. Those who cannot respect their partners in life will never be respected anywhere else. Those who ill-treat or in any way try to spoil the image of their partners are harming themselves.

Try to understand each other, decorate each other, not correction, but decorating. Like an ornament, when added to a personality decorates that person, in the same way, try to decorate another person. So the decorum and decency of life comes from this auspicious relationship. That must be maintained. Marriage is the bondage that keeps the society in its own beautiful bondage of Mother's grace.

Give up all your old ideas, all your so-called modern methods by which we have ruined our married lives. If you cannot enjoy your own wife or your own husband, there's nothing in this world you can enjoy, because the relationship is the most intimate and very sacred. So you have to forget that you live independently, now you live as one person, one personality, supporting energy, complimenting each other in complete concord. This creates that peace which we are talking about.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   November 29, 1981  "Marriage is Meant To Give Joy "  Brompton Square   London, UK

Kundalini: An Ancient Knowledge

It is such a pleasure today - and great fortune that here, where William Blake lived, and He sang those songs of the greatness of this country, the future that it has to be.The dreams He saw, have now come to shape, that we are here to celebrate His anniversary. Things go beyond words - you cannot express yourself. Many people do not understand Him because He wrote it, according to them, in abstract language - or in the language that He understood. But I am happy that Sahaja Yogis understand Him so well, and the prophesies that He made about England. People used to  rebuke and ridicule it. Even today they can't believe that Jerusalem can be built in England. They cannot believe that people who have been all their lives, for ages together, thought of nothing but materialism, can take to spirituality to this extent that it becomes Jerusalem, and that the whole world comes to pay homage to this Holy Land. That this becomes the Holy Land. In fact, He dreamt, He wished it, because He knew the value of this land. This land has been touched by Christ's feet. Since long, people knew about Kundalini. Even if that is lost, for history it remains. And He knew about it, He spoke about it. In His lifetime, maybe, people never understood him - they must have thought that He's really a madman, or something, a fanatasist, or some sort of a poet - He doesn't understand. But what He wrote, every word of it, is the truth. Such a great soul should live in Hampstead, itself is such a blessing. With such people, even if they write or not, they leave their mark. Their ascent becomes the milestone for the people who live there: their aspirations become different, their priorities become different - the change is so subtle; is to be seen, to be felt, to be understood.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   November 28, 1981   "You Are the Spirit "   Public Program   Hampstead  London, UK

Boredom - The Silent Enemy

Now, I have been here in this country for so many years, and I have been working on Western people, and what I find is that there is a great seeking, no doubt. People are not satisfied with their life, with their mundane life. They think it is very routinous, they are bored, they think something has to happen. Then there are some people who think that if these great books of scriptures have described that there is something Divine, there is something higher, and there is something like what we call the All-pervading Power which is ruling this universe, and if one has to enter into the Kingdom of God, then there must be some way out, and we must find it.

From inside, they don't feel happy about themselves. They're insecure, because they think they haven't got what they have been seeking. So there are markets open for such things, and when the demand comes in there is a supply from everywhere. Also from our great country that is India, we have supply of people coming down.

Today I was talking to the people who have advertised and this and that, and they said that the market people have used all these adjectives, like: "It's a new way", "It's a new style", "It is what you're seeking, is inner experience, enlightenment", this, that, all that. Now one thing one has to say, that they are very clever, that they even say that there is "No money is needed, no money will be charged, you will be accepted freely."

So why are they doing this? I just can't understand. Why are they playing with the Divine? What makes them do all these things? It's a very dangerous game. If they really believe in the supreme Power of God, then they must know you cannot play with it. It's a very serious matter. Most of them sell it, all right? Most of them sort of have a go towards it.

It happens because of two things. One is complete ignorance, what you call, they are denying about spiritual life. They don't know what is God, what are His powers. They themselves perhaps are just leading, like a blind man, other blind people. They may be not be bad at heart. I don't say they may want to ruin others. But the others could be really negative, horrible people, satanic, and they give you certain concepts through their books, through their advertisement or whatever it is, and that you accept, and you live by that."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  November 21, 1979  " Seeking in the West "  Caxton Hall  London UK

Can a living process be guaranteed?

Regarding your realization, nothing can be promised to anyone. There is no promise. You know, there is no enrollment. There is no fees, nothing. Like the trees, they do not enroll themselves somewhere, that, "Oh God, oh, give us the sun, sun's rays, so that we come up". The sun is shining and all the trees are blessed. Some do not get the blessings; some do get it. Some die at the grass stage, some grow up, become heavily laden with fruits, which they distribute to others, and people say, "All right, this tree has come up". They do not say that the sun has done anything; they just take it for granted.

In the same way Sahaja Yoga is working out. It's just very simple, is natural.You cannot pay for it. How much do we pay to the sun or to the Mother Earth for giving us all that She is giving us? We are giving to all intermediaries, you see, who have created economic problems for us. But do the diamonds [unclear] we don't give anything. The real sources we don't pay anything. In the same way, you cannot pay anything for it. It's all natural. It works out. It helps you and you help others. This is what has to happen to most of the human beings. But first to the number I was telling you which is required, and they have to be sensible, wise, open people who have self-esteem. It's not meant for useless, frivolous, nonsensical.

So, one has to understand that as you are seekers, you have discarded many things which looked nonsensical to you, and today is the time for you to receive, for which you have discarded all that: the sense of your being; the meaning; the purpose of your being; why you have come on this Earth; everything; all the knowledge of the world; everything for which you have come, for which you were created; the whole universe; the stars.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 20, 1980    " The Myth of Ego "    Caxton Hall  London, UK

Higher Awareness

Now the new phase has started. You all have a very, very open challenge to get people into enlightenment. People are not so ignorant now, they are not so much blasted. Moreover, I find them very much changed. Their attitude towards truth has changed, and they understand there is truth beyond all this that they have known. It's very important, because if a human being starts thinking "this is the truth," he just gets stuck up. At any cost, whatever may happen, he'll go on sticking to that. He won't be able even to verify whether it is the truth or not. Animals can. How? Because they have got innate capacity to smell the evil - innate. We cannot, human beings cannot. If there's a evil man, a dog will bark at him. Otherwise he'll go and throw him down. He'll do everything which is not normally done. How is it he has developed this capacity to find out who is a thief and who is not?

We have a higher awareness. We think about many things which animals cannot think. We understand many things which animals cannot understand. We cook our food - they don't. But also I sometimes, I think we cook our brains, because the way people behave and try to avoid the truth with their ego is surprising. All this happening is a drama, as I told you, but you better study it properly and apply it to yourself, and see if you are also a part and parcel of that drama. For that, you have to rise higher. You have to rise higher - higher above your ego and your superego, your conditioning, and from there to watch yourself and see yourself: "What is this? Why am I doing such a thing? Why my attention is like that? What is the main reason for my own possession, I should say, or my own misunderstandings? Why do I accept wrong things?"

Once you'll start seeing that, and if you find even a wee bit of such nonsensical understanding within you, then you can forgive also people who have been absolutely brainwashed, absolutely brainwashed, and they did everything under that influence. As it is now you have risen much higher than all these people, and much more aware than all of them. So you have to just understand this point, and then you can forgive all the mistakes they have committed.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 18, 2001    Diwali Puja    Lake Piru    Los Angeles, Ca  USA

Liver and Heart

As I said, Europe is the liver. That means all the attention is in Europe. But the attention, if does not have the heart, it is absolutely not integrated, nor it is enlightened. But when the heart is sleeping how to bring heart to the attention? But some tricks here and there played so well that the heart, like a lion, leaped, and we are here. The joy of all the Sahaja Yogis is now going to fill the attention and new powers will be developed for all of you and you will all feel responsible for spreading Sahaja Yoga. It has to happen. Thus we realize that through effort we all can achieve the impossible. Brahmarandra is the heart, is the heart chakra and unless and until there is heart into our work we are not enlightened people. All our efforts will be futile. Without the attention the heart is useless. So this beautiful meeting that has taken place is writing in the skies with the warmth of the heart and light of the attention. That the glorious days have come for us to enjoy our complete freedom, freedom from all our enemies, all our ignorance."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  November 16, 1985  " Racism"  Evening before Diwali Puja  Tivoli, Rome, Italy

"... I am your Mother. "

I've been here for a short time, but I really felt so close to you. You are so sensitive and so sensible and you didn't mind whatever I have told you. I am a Mother, and I have to tell you the truth and you shouldn't feel bad if you think that I am your Mother. That is a Mother's job; she has to have patience, love, affection and also wisdom. Perhaps we women don't realize how important we are. Men can do politics, economics and all the mess of it but women are responsible for the society. They can make the society or mar the society. Whenever there are good societies where children are good, families are good, and there is peace, there the women are responsible. The woman who has the job of rocking the child can rule the world. In no way a woman should think she is less than man.
Woman is like this Mother Earth and man is like the sun. Look at the Mother Earth: how She bears us, how we torture Her, and how She looks after us. So the greatest quality of a woman is her tolerance, her love and her wisdom.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 13, 1994    Ladies Public Program    Tunis, 🇹🇳 Tunisia 

Love for Christ symbolizes use of personal wealth for welfare.

For us, if Christ is the symbol of higher personality, then what were His qualities? He was the noblest man you could think of, the greatest personality as far as morals are concerned and such forgiveness, such magnanimity, such glory. He would, was the One who was blessed with Lakshmi. He was a satisfied soul. He would not do anything wrong, whatever money you might give Him. Nobody could purchase Him.

So after coming to Sahaja Yoga is important to know that you are blessed by Lakshmi. With the one hand She gives, She gives to others that is Her nature, to give. Like if one door is open the air won't come in. But if you open the other door then only it will circulate. So, to be satisfied is one of the qualities of a Sahaja Yogi. Some of them do ask for money miracles. That's not the way your attitude should be. You are now the Spirits. And the Spirit doesn't care for the comfort of body, mind, but for the comfort of the Spirit. Many of you have become Spirits, no doubt. But you are not aware, some of you, of your own status. You have to be aware about it. With the other hand She gives protection. Protection to all those who worship Her. All those who work for Her. So anybody who has money has to give protection to people who are employed by him or working for him.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 12, 1993    Diwali Puja    Moscow, Russia

Pettiness vs Love

 Today is a great day of Diwali. That means today is the great day... lights of your heart make a greater light for the world to move in a proper direction. It's a day of great joy and those who join in this are spreading also great joy. But the problems are there, as they say, but for us there is no problem because there is no darkness. We don't see any darkness anywhere. We see lights and lights and lights.

Then what is the thing missing? Missing is our sincerity. We have to be very sincere with ourselves. Because it is not just a borrowed love or a borrowed joy, but it is from within the source it's flowing, flowing and flowing. So that is to be awakened and that love should flow and our small petty things like jealousies and competitions and all those things which spoil us must be washed away; and it can be washed if your heart is full of love. Today is a day of spreading love, light of love. So that everybody feels enlightened and happy and forgets his petty problems."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 9, 2003    Diwali Puja    Ventura, Ca.  USA

Diwali: The Greek Connection

It is very, very fortunate and auspicious that we are celebrating the Diwali in Greece, specially in Delphi. It has a very ancient history, and as you know Athena resided here. She was the Primordial Mother. "Atha" in Sanskrit means "primordial." So this place has been described, has been described even in the Puranas as "Manipur dweep." Manipur is the Nabhi. Also in Sanskrit Manipur means the Nabhi Chakra. So it's described as the Manipur dweep, is written "Manipur e dweepe." Just imagine these Puranas, these ancient-time books - God knows how old they are, must be at least eight thousand or maybe more - and they have described Greece as the Manipur dweep, is the place of Nabhi and where resides the Adi Shakti, that's the Athena. So I mean, how it was known to them - maybe through torsion area, I would say; but it is written very clearly, and same we find here is the place of Athena which is in the Nabhi...
Now this Primordial Mother that we have as Athena also has in Her hand a Kundalini, also She has one trident. All this is sign that when She was born She knew that She has to fight the evil forces in the Nabhi Chakra. All this history is really shown very clearly in the Greek mythology, but later on this mythology took a very, very wrong path through human beings, as they know how to spoil everything. So what they did is to make all the gods and goddesses look like human beings, and so we have here many gods which are in India - they are represented even in the Greek mythology. But the Indian gods are kept very pure and very godly and saintly, but here it was brought down to the level of human beings.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   November 7, 1999    Diwali Puja    Delphi, Greece

Ignoring Reality

There are many who are not here who have got their realization, all over the world. I remember all of them, and all of you should remember them. Today is a nice day when we can think of all those who are enlightened in this world. That's the real Diwali - the enlightenment of human beings. It's not candle, it's not some lamp but it's human beings. If they're enlightened, then there's no problem any more. The problems come with the people who are not enlightened because they're in the darkness. They're groping in the darkness, and some of them don't know, also, that they are completely ignorant of realities.

Once you come to Sahaja Yoga and enlighten your Self you see in that light, in that light what is good and what is bad, to begin with; and then you grow into it beautifully just like these flowers who are all the time happy, all the time giving you the joy. In the same way, when you are enlightened with that light you don't seek anything. You've got everything within you. Keep the lights on. But another thing you can do is, with your light you can enlighten other people. Like we have done here: we had enlightened one candle, with that we have enlightened all of them.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     November 3, 2002    Diwali Puja    Lake Piru    Los Angeles, Ca.  USA