Pettiness vs Love

 Today is a great day of Diwali. That means today is the great day... lights of your heart make a greater light for the world to move in a proper direction. It's a day of great joy and those who join in this are spreading also great joy. But the problems are there, as they say, but for us there is no problem because there is no darkness. We don't see any darkness anywhere. We see lights and lights and lights.

Then what is the thing missing? Missing is our sincerity. We have to be very sincere with ourselves. Because it is not just a borrowed love or a borrowed joy, but it is from within the source it's flowing, flowing and flowing. So that is to be awakened and that love should flow and our small petty things like jealousies and competitions and all those things which spoil us must be washed away; and it can be washed if your heart is full of love. Today is a day of spreading love, light of love. So that everybody feels enlightened and happy and forgets his petty problems."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 9, 2003    Diwali Puja    Ventura, Ca.  USA