Higher Awareness

Now the new phase has started. You all have a very, very open challenge to get people into enlightenment. People are not so ignorant now, they are not so much blasted. Moreover, I find them very much changed. Their attitude towards truth has changed, and they understand there is truth beyond all this that they have known. It's very important, because if a human being starts thinking "this is the truth," he just gets stuck up. At any cost, whatever may happen, he'll go on sticking to that. He won't be able even to verify whether it is the truth or not. Animals can. How? Because they have got innate capacity to smell the evil - innate. We cannot, human beings cannot. If there's a evil man, a dog will bark at him. Otherwise he'll go and throw him down. He'll do everything which is not normally done. How is it he has developed this capacity to find out who is a thief and who is not?

We have a higher awareness. We think about many things which animals cannot think. We understand many things which animals cannot understand. We cook our food - they don't. But also I sometimes, I think we cook our brains, because the way people behave and try to avoid the truth with their ego is surprising. All this happening is a drama, as I told you, but you better study it properly and apply it to yourself, and see if you are also a part and parcel of that drama. For that, you have to rise higher. You have to rise higher - higher above your ego and your superego, your conditioning, and from there to watch yourself and see yourself: "What is this? Why am I doing such a thing? Why my attention is like that? What is the main reason for my own possession, I should say, or my own misunderstandings? Why do I accept wrong things?"

Once you'll start seeing that, and if you find even a wee bit of such nonsensical understanding within you, then you can forgive also people who have been absolutely brainwashed, absolutely brainwashed, and they did everything under that influence. As it is now you have risen much higher than all these people, and much more aware than all of them. So you have to just understand this point, and then you can forgive all the mistakes they have committed.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 18, 2001    Diwali Puja    Lake Piru    Los Angeles, Ca  USA