Liver and Heart

As I said, Europe is the liver. That means all the attention is in Europe. But the attention, if does not have the heart, it is absolutely not integrated, nor it is enlightened. But when the heart is sleeping how to bring heart to the attention? But some tricks here and there played so well that the heart, like a lion, leaped, and we are here. The joy of all the Sahaja Yogis is now going to fill the attention and new powers will be developed for all of you and you will all feel responsible for spreading Sahaja Yoga. It has to happen. Thus we realize that through effort we all can achieve the impossible. Brahmarandra is the heart, is the heart chakra and unless and until there is heart into our work we are not enlightened people. All our efforts will be futile. Without the attention the heart is useless. So this beautiful meeting that has taken place is writing in the skies with the warmth of the heart and light of the attention. That the glorious days have come for us to enjoy our complete freedom, freedom from all our enemies, all our ignorance."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  November 16, 1985  " Racism"  Evening before Diwali Puja  Tivoli, Rome, Italy