Love for Christ symbolizes use of personal wealth for welfare.

For us, if Christ is the symbol of higher personality, then what were His qualities? He was the noblest man you could think of, the greatest personality as far as morals are concerned and such forgiveness, such magnanimity, such glory. He would, was the One who was blessed with Lakshmi. He was a satisfied soul. He would not do anything wrong, whatever money you might give Him. Nobody could purchase Him.

So after coming to Sahaja Yoga is important to know that you are blessed by Lakshmi. With the one hand She gives, She gives to others that is Her nature, to give. Like if one door is open the air won't come in. But if you open the other door then only it will circulate. So, to be satisfied is one of the qualities of a Sahaja Yogi. Some of them do ask for money miracles. That's not the way your attitude should be. You are now the Spirits. And the Spirit doesn't care for the comfort of body, mind, but for the comfort of the Spirit. Many of you have become Spirits, no doubt. But you are not aware, some of you, of your own status. You have to be aware about it. With the other hand She gives protection. Protection to all those who worship Her. All those who work for Her. So anybody who has money has to give protection to people who are employed by him or working for him.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 12, 1993    Diwali Puja    Moscow, Russia