Ignoring Reality

There are many who are not here who have got their realization, all over the world. I remember all of them, and all of you should remember them. Today is a nice day when we can think of all those who are enlightened in this world. That's the real Diwali - the enlightenment of human beings. It's not candle, it's not some lamp but it's human beings. If they're enlightened, then there's no problem any more. The problems come with the people who are not enlightened because they're in the darkness. They're groping in the darkness, and some of them don't know, also, that they are completely ignorant of realities.

Once you come to Sahaja Yoga and enlighten your Self you see in that light, in that light what is good and what is bad, to begin with; and then you grow into it beautifully just like these flowers who are all the time happy, all the time giving you the joy. In the same way, when you are enlightened with that light you don't seek anything. You've got everything within you. Keep the lights on. But another thing you can do is, with your light you can enlighten other people. Like we have done here: we had enlightened one candle, with that we have enlightened all of them.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi     November 3, 2002    Diwali Puja    Lake Piru    Los Angeles, Ca.  USA