Can a living process be guaranteed?

Regarding your realization, nothing can be promised to anyone. There is no promise. You know, there is no enrollment. There is no fees, nothing. Like the trees, they do not enroll themselves somewhere, that, "Oh God, oh, give us the sun, sun's rays, so that we come up". The sun is shining and all the trees are blessed. Some do not get the blessings; some do get it. Some die at the grass stage, some grow up, become heavily laden with fruits, which they distribute to others, and people say, "All right, this tree has come up". They do not say that the sun has done anything; they just take it for granted.

In the same way Sahaja Yoga is working out. It's just very simple, is natural.You cannot pay for it. How much do we pay to the sun or to the Mother Earth for giving us all that She is giving us? We are giving to all intermediaries, you see, who have created economic problems for us. But do the diamonds [unclear] we don't give anything. The real sources we don't pay anything. In the same way, you cannot pay anything for it. It's all natural. It works out. It helps you and you help others. This is what has to happen to most of the human beings. But first to the number I was telling you which is required, and they have to be sensible, wise, open people who have self-esteem. It's not meant for useless, frivolous, nonsensical.

So, one has to understand that as you are seekers, you have discarded many things which looked nonsensical to you, and today is the time for you to receive, for which you have discarded all that: the sense of your being; the meaning; the purpose of your being; why you have come on this Earth; everything; all the knowledge of the world; everything for which you have come, for which you were created; the whole universe; the stars.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi    November 20, 1980    " The Myth of Ego "    Caxton Hall  London, UK