Boredom - The Silent Enemy

Now, I have been here in this country for so many years, and I have been working on Western people, and what I find is that there is a great seeking, no doubt. People are not satisfied with their life, with their mundane life. They think it is very routinous, they are bored, they think something has to happen. Then there are some people who think that if these great books of scriptures have described that there is something Divine, there is something higher, and there is something like what we call the All-pervading Power which is ruling this universe, and if one has to enter into the Kingdom of God, then there must be some way out, and we must find it.

From inside, they don't feel happy about themselves. They're insecure, because they think they haven't got what they have been seeking. So there are markets open for such things, and when the demand comes in there is a supply from everywhere. Also from our great country that is India, we have supply of people coming down.

Today I was talking to the people who have advertised and this and that, and they said that the market people have used all these adjectives, like: "It's a new way", "It's a new style", "It is what you're seeking, is inner experience, enlightenment", this, that, all that. Now one thing one has to say, that they are very clever, that they even say that there is "No money is needed, no money will be charged, you will be accepted freely."

So why are they doing this? I just can't understand. Why are they playing with the Divine? What makes them do all these things? It's a very dangerous game. If they really believe in the supreme Power of God, then they must know you cannot play with it. It's a very serious matter. Most of them sell it, all right? Most of them sort of have a go towards it.

It happens because of two things. One is complete ignorance, what you call, they are denying about spiritual life. They don't know what is God, what are His powers. They themselves perhaps are just leading, like a blind man, other blind people. They may be not be bad at heart. I don't say they may want to ruin others. But the others could be really negative, horrible people, satanic, and they give you certain concepts through their books, through their advertisement or whatever it is, and that you accept, and you live by that."

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi  November 21, 1979  " Seeking in the West "  Caxton Hall  London UK