Kundalini: An Ancient Knowledge

It is such a pleasure today - and great fortune that here, where William Blake lived, and He sang those songs of the greatness of this country, the future that it has to be.The dreams He saw, have now come to shape, that we are here to celebrate His anniversary. Things go beyond words - you cannot express yourself. Many people do not understand Him because He wrote it, according to them, in abstract language - or in the language that He understood. But I am happy that Sahaja Yogis understand Him so well, and the prophesies that He made about England. People used to  rebuke and ridicule it. Even today they can't believe that Jerusalem can be built in England. They cannot believe that people who have been all their lives, for ages together, thought of nothing but materialism, can take to spirituality to this extent that it becomes Jerusalem, and that the whole world comes to pay homage to this Holy Land. That this becomes the Holy Land. In fact, He dreamt, He wished it, because He knew the value of this land. This land has been touched by Christ's feet. Since long, people knew about Kundalini. Even if that is lost, for history it remains. And He knew about it, He spoke about it. In His lifetime, maybe, people never understood him - they must have thought that He's really a madman, or something, a fanatasist, or some sort of a poet - He doesn't understand. But what He wrote, every word of it, is the truth. Such a great soul should live in Hampstead, itself is such a blessing. With such people, even if they write or not, they leave their mark. Their ascent becomes the milestone for the people who live there: their aspirations become different, their priorities become different - the change is so subtle; is to be seen, to be felt, to be understood.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   November 28, 1981   "You Are the Spirit "   Public Program   Hampstead  London, UK