Diwali: The Greek Connection

It is very, very fortunate and auspicious that we are celebrating the Diwali in Greece, specially in Delphi. It has a very ancient history, and as you know Athena resided here. She was the Primordial Mother. "Atha" in Sanskrit means "primordial." So this place has been described, has been described even in the Puranas as "Manipur dweep." Manipur is the Nabhi. Also in Sanskrit Manipur means the Nabhi Chakra. So it's described as the Manipur dweep, is written "Manipur e dweepe." Just imagine these Puranas, these ancient-time books - God knows how old they are, must be at least eight thousand or maybe more - and they have described Greece as the Manipur dweep, is the place of Nabhi and where resides the Adi Shakti, that's the Athena. So I mean, how it was known to them - maybe through torsion area, I would say; but it is written very clearly, and same we find here is the place of Athena which is in the Nabhi...
Now this Primordial Mother that we have as Athena also has in Her hand a Kundalini, also She has one trident. All this is sign that when She was born She knew that She has to fight the evil forces in the Nabhi Chakra. All this history is really shown very clearly in the Greek mythology, but later on this mythology took a very, very wrong path through human beings, as they know how to spoil everything. So what they did is to make all the gods and goddesses look like human beings, and so we have here many gods which are in India - they are represented even in the Greek mythology. But the Indian gods are kept very pure and very godly and saintly, but here it was brought down to the level of human beings.

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi   November 7, 1999    Diwali Puja    Delphi, Greece