Spiritual Quality of Russians

'Everywhere I have travelled into far remote areas and found that the people of Russia are the best amongst them. They are indeed half-Sahaja Yogis already and many are Sahaja Yogis as well. I could not go to Russia this year. I shall definitely visit next year'.[Mahalaksmi Puja, 10.11.2007, Noida, NCR, India)

Significance of the Americas

"if America works out, the rest of the world will follow."

(Shri Mataji about SY in America on Sahasrara Day 2008, Cabella)

Power and Humility

"... see for yourself how many powers you have already got and the more you'll know, the more you'll become humble। It's very surprising, you'll become humble, no fear of any kind..."
(quote from Navaratri Puja, 9 October 1994, Cabella। Italy)