A Timeline Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

Key Events are Listed First, Followed by a Chronology of Secondary Events

1923 March 21st: Shri Mataji is Born

Named Nirmala on birth, based on her immaculate features and serene presence at birth to illustrious freedom fighters and later, reformers of the new independent India: Mr Prasad Rao Salve and Mrs Cornelia Salve. Born into a protestant christian family at the geographical center of India, bearing auspicious signs and divine timing, Shri Mataji is born with the awareness of her spiritual state. Familiy members, especially her brother, Baba Mama, witness the unique personality of a divine feminine as she grows up in the hostile atmosphere of British occupied India.

1947 April 7th: Shri Mataji weds Sir C.P. Shrivastava

A unique aspect of Shri Mataji's teaching by example philosophy, was demonstrating how spiritual heights can be achieved without abandoning social responsibilities, familial commitments and Motherly duties. Marrying a gentleman of high principles and noble vision. His nobility was later recognized by the Queen of England when she Knighted him and he became known as Sir C.P.

1970 May 5th: Shri Mataji Begins Sahaja Yoga Movement

Enlightmenment becomes accessible to the masses, as Shri Mataji not only gives self-realization through Kundalini awakening, but empowers others to share that valuable gift by paying it forward. The only pyramid scheme in the world that actually works in the favor of all those who are involved. By making the system of Sahaja meditation lessons free of charge, all barriers to its adoption en masse was removed. Empowered students and enlightened souls learnt and took home a powerful message to be distributed onwards.

1979: Shri Mataji Begins the Great Experiment to Unite World Cultures: Inter-cultural marriages Date Source: Y'dig Blog Entry

Different parts of the world were reeling under different social injustices. Race in the west, Caste System in India, Class Systems everywhere else were all instruments of social injustice. Against the tide of traditionalists who choose to scaffold these social structures, Shri Mataji's brilliant work of social re-imagining through inter-faith, inter-caste and international weddings, termed as sahaja marriages. This was one of her many contributions to world peace. The generation of children and grandchildren born out of these weddings between enlightened souls with opposing upbringings are revolutionizing their local communities all over the world. Achieving success in any social engineering effort needs bravery of the highest level. To stand against the established oppressive structures, takes a certain bravery which came naturally to Shri Mataji, from her freedom fighting days under the oppressive British rule in India.