Friday, December 23, 2005

HWP for Friday December 23, 2005

"To Me it is clear-cut. I have a short time because the instrument
has to be all right. If you have to expedite the growth of the
instrument in a proper way so that God's love flows and the God of
that love feels happy about it, we have to create such beautiful
flowers that He appreciates, that He does not destroy. The spectator
of this play has to be satisfied so that He postpones His
destruction. That's why I said the time is short ... "
Vienna Austria, 4th May, 1985

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Meditation is the only way

"Meditation is the only way. You give up your left and you give up
your right and you are just standing in the centre, enjoying the
wisdom, enjoying the joy of your being."

Shri Ganesha Puja, 1991, Pune

--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Mother Earth

Think of mother who has to bear the child, has to give birth to a
child, has to look after the child, the needs of the child, protect
the child, to train the child.

…Now in the same way sahajayogi must know that the child within him
is born – the Spirit. Spirit is the child which has been born within
him, now he has to nourish it, through the Kundalini. He has to
water it, he has to look after it. It has to make it grow. Now where
is the time for other nonsensical things? You have a child in hand.
You are all mothers looking after the child – that's your Spirit. So
where do you have time for all these things? The attention should
be: "what can I do to make this child happy, to make this child grow
to make this child completely manifest my self. "The mother replaces
herself as soon as a child becomes a mature child. So now in you,
the motherhood must take over the fatherhood. Motherhood towards
yourself. The attitude should be like a mother towards the child,
how her attention is towards the child.

Surbiton, 21.8.1983

--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Divine Will

People ask questions to God ... "Why did He do it? Why didn't He make
us wise to begin with?" There are many like that.

"He should have made us wise people living in the Kingdom of God.

"Why didn't He do it in our evolution? Why did He make us so stupid?"

One can say to God, you see, why did He create these problems ...?
But who are we to ask Him questions?
You see, He does what He likes.

--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

Caxton Hall, London, 11 March,1983

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Monday, October 03, 2005

How to stimulate the appreciation in children

How to stimulate the appreciation in children

So then also for the appreciation of others. If they start criticizing

others, do not listen to them. When they appreciate others, listen to

them. This is till the age of six years again I'm saying. Very

important. They'll criticize others. And never, never try to sort of

side with anyone. If they are quarrelling, let them quarrel. Let them

quarrel a little bit, doesn't matter. Solve their problems. But if

they are quarrelling too much then bring two sticks. "All right. You

want two sticks, hit each other." Then they will realize. It's horrid.

Give them two sticks. You want, all right, have it. Hit each other

nicely. When you are both nicely wounded, we'll take you to the

hospital. Now, come along, have it."


--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

Friday, September 30, 2005

On Childcare - The Beauty of sharing

On Childcare - The Beauty of sharing

And when they give something to others, you must always praise. Teach them to give. That's one thing in Indian character, you see. Supposing our children give away anything to anyone, anything, you praise that child. Even say a diamond is given to another person, to any other child, you praise the child. But the mother will return the diamond, is different. But we'll praise the child: "All right, very good thing you have done, given." Giving is a very big quality. That's not in the West. I mean you are rich people, but this style of live is very different to ours. We are poor people, but we are better than you in this way. I mean, we are: rich in heart I think, isn't it? That's the thing is. Sharing, giving. See toys, now for example. The children who just give away all the toys are better children in India, and those who don't give away their toys, keep to their own toys, are not good children.


--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

On Childcare 1986

Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Stand on your axis"

"Stand on your axis", your central channel. Destruction (illness, etc.) comes from too much left or right. It is important to keep the head held properly, not down or thrown back. Domination/submission needs to be eliminated among all the world’s people. (Left == Moon/Desire, Right == Sun/Action)

The axis senses what is to be done. Thinking too much is desire without action. Desire without action can be destructive. "A balance needs to be struck." We must desire and act.

Shri Mataji knows how deep you are by your axis. You cannot fool Her by talking big about Sahaja Yoga without the depth."



--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

Friday, September 23, 2005

True Love

Love "Now what is there to be afraid of ? A man who is weak cannot
love. Only a strong person can love. If you talk of love, first of all
see whether you are strong enough to love or not. Loving is not an
easy thing, even carnal love, even loving your beloved in the ordinary
sense is not an easy thing. You have to have a very strong moral
concept. Otherwise every third minute people start changing their
loves. That kind of a love has no meaning.You have to have very firm
ideas. Not only ideas in your brain but built within you. Very few
people can have a love as Romeo had, I can tell you this. It's easy to
think that you are a Romeo. It's different. You can think you are the
King of England, it's alright, but you don't become that way. So to be
Romeo itself you have to have a tremendous character, a tremendous
sense of sacrifice and love and understanding of what you want.You
want to love thats all, nothing beyond or before. I mean a man, when
he falls in love, he falls in love for ever and ever and ever. If he
falls in love many times it can not be love. So that experience also
is a sort of a forbidden fruit for most of you.
So to love God is even more difficult without seeing Him, without
knowing Him, with-out knowing His bounties. Without getting
realisation it is very difficult."

Dorset, England, February 8, 1981