Friday, September 30, 2005

On Childcare - The Beauty of sharing

On Childcare - The Beauty of sharing

And when they give something to others, you must always praise. Teach them to give. That's one thing in Indian character, you see. Supposing our children give away anything to anyone, anything, you praise that child. Even say a diamond is given to another person, to any other child, you praise the child. But the mother will return the diamond, is different. But we'll praise the child: "All right, very good thing you have done, given." Giving is a very big quality. That's not in the West. I mean you are rich people, but this style of live is very different to ours. We are poor people, but we are better than you in this way. I mean, we are: rich in heart I think, isn't it? That's the thing is. Sharing, giving. See toys, now for example. The children who just give away all the toys are better children in India, and those who don't give away their toys, keep to their own toys, are not good children.


--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

On Childcare 1986

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