True Love

Love "Now what is there to be afraid of ? A man who is weak cannot
love. Only a strong person can love. If you talk of love, first of all
see whether you are strong enough to love or not. Loving is not an
easy thing, even carnal love, even loving your beloved in the ordinary
sense is not an easy thing. You have to have a very strong moral
concept. Otherwise every third minute people start changing their
loves. That kind of a love has no meaning.You have to have very firm
ideas. Not only ideas in your brain but built within you. Very few
people can have a love as Romeo had, I can tell you this. It's easy to
think that you are a Romeo. It's different. You can think you are the
King of England, it's alright, but you don't become that way. So to be
Romeo itself you have to have a tremendous character, a tremendous
sense of sacrifice and love and understanding of what you want.You
want to love thats all, nothing beyond or before. I mean a man, when
he falls in love, he falls in love for ever and ever and ever. If he
falls in love many times it can not be love. So that experience also
is a sort of a forbidden fruit for most of you.
So to love God is even more difficult without seeing Him, without
knowing Him, with-out knowing His bounties. Without getting
realisation it is very difficult."

Dorset, England, February 8, 1981