To my flower children

You are angry with life
Like small children
Whose Mother is lost in Darkness
Your sulk expressing despair
At the fruitless end of your journey
You wear Ugliness to discover Beauty
You name everything false in the name of Truth
You drain out emotions to fill the cup of Love
My sweet children, my darling
How can you get peace by waging war
With yourself, with your being, with joy itself
Enough are your efforts of renunciation
The artificial mask of consolation
Now rest in the petals of the lotus flower
In the lap of your gracious Mother
I will adorn your life with beautiful blossoms
And fill your moments with joyful fragrance
I will anoint your head with Divine Love
For I cannot bear your torture anymore
Let me engulf you in the ocean of joy
So you lose your being in the Greater one
Who is smiling in your calyx of self
Secretly hidden to tease you all the while
Be aware and you will find Him
Vibrating your every fibre with blissful joy
Covering the whole Universe with light.

Mother Nirmala

This poem was written on the journey back from the United States on a ship, when She witnessed the subtle conditions of North American seekers. The poem says it all.
On Prayer

You must pray, to God and ask, what you want. Ask for “complete satisfaction in
my heart, joy in my heart,
bliss in my heart, so that the whole world becomes blissful. Give me love, love
that I could… love the whole world
and that the whole world becomes one in love. Give salvation to this...
humanity. Which is suffering.
Take me to your feet. Cleanse me with… with thy love.”

Now see if there is God or not? You can feel within yourself. He hears you. He
understands you.
He's the glory of all the glory. He loves you. He protects you. He guides you.
He created you to reveal His love,
but accept it.

Any time any thought is coming you pray and you will be moving in the waves of
that ocean which is unconscious mind,
which starts with thoughtless awareness.

[long pause]

If you cannot become thoughtless, you pray to: forgive me for what I have done
and forgive those
who have done harm to me.

On Ekadasha Rudra

"Ekadasha Rudra is extremely powerful, explosive, but it is not blind. It is discriminative and extremely delicately woven. It avoids all the good points and attacks the wrong things.
And it hits at the right time "

V.5.28.Jul 85. p25

Ed: Ekadasha means the number eleven in Sanskrit