The play of reflections

Why does God want you to know Him? Because He wants to see His reflection on you .That is why He has created you and He wants to see His reflection in you. Same with the Goddess, She has given you Self-realization because She wants to see Her reflection in you. So you have to prepare yourself for that reflection, which is so much purer, beautiful, loving, compassionate, and above all full of wisdom.

H.H.Shri Mataji, Canajoharie, New York, 2000

Interview, Hong Kong, 1992

Interviewer: This Divine Power, this God why did He put us here?

Shri Mataji: Oh, He loved you so much. That’s why He put us here. And in just a little transition you had to learn what is good and what is bad. That’s all just to make you grow a little, that’s all. In this you all got so frightened. Its was nothing to be frightened. All He has given us is such a nice thing (but) you don’t want to see. We don’t want to see anything. You see, that’s the trouble.

Interviewer: But why even put us in such a situation. Why not just create us like Himself, or Herself?

Shri Mataji: Or whatever it is .The thing is you have to grow, isn’t it? Now, it would be like a little bird (which) is born to the mother bird. Now the mother bird has to teach the little bird how to fly, isn’t it? Now she makes it fly by calling the little bird. And the bird says; why not make me like that as you are? Then how will you learn. You have to master it .How will you do it? Unless and until you learn yourself, I mean, one can cook for you and put it into your mouth but you have to taste it. It is for you to taste. If you don’t have any taste, how will you enjoy? Just develop your taste buds that He has to make .You have to grow, is necessary.

Interviewer: What are we growing towards?

Shri Mataji: You are going to be the lights of God. Beacons of light of God’s love that is going to flow in this world.


After liliana's beautiful letter of Mother's, here is a speech from
> 1988 that I just received through the LA yogis list.
> Jai Shri Mataji
> Debbie
> (Ashram of Vienna, 9th June 1988)
> You know the story of Markandeya or not? I tell you the story of
> Markandya. You see, his father had no children and the father and
> mother were unhappy. So they prayed to Shiva and they said that we
> want to have a son. Shiva said: ”I’ll give you
> the son, but I will have to take him back after eight years. So
> he’ll only exist till he is about eight years of age.” So they gave
> that boon to him plus this kind of a curse. The parents were very
> upset that “our child will die after eight years of age”, very upset.
> But they found the child very bright, brilliant and also shining and very religious.
> One day he asked his father: “Why do you always so worry, I mean,
> after all I am your son?
> ” So they said that it is said so, eight years or sixteen years,
> something like that. “Now I will be losing you very soon. Who can
> surpass Shiva?” He said it, “so I cannot think we can really ask
> anyone to neutralize the curse upon us. If you are not born to us we would not have been so attached to
> you. Now you are born to us, we are so much attached to you.”
> He was a very wise person, he said: “No, I know someone, I
> know Adi Shakti. And he went to this place where you got to see this
> Saptashringi.
> There he prayed to Her.Nobody had prayed to Adi Shakti. They would
> pray to Jagadamba, they would pray to all others. To Adi Shakti, who
> is the God, he prayed to Her. She appeared there and Her face is just
> like Me. It is Saptashringi because She has seven
> chakras on Her head. “Shringa” means on the head, like what you call
> the Shikara, peak?’ “Seven Peaks”. She was born with seven peaks. She
> came there, appeared from the Mother Earth, She just came out and he
> prayed to Her. He prayed to Her and then the whole place became so
> vibrated that Shiva could not touch him.
> Then he wrote all this Markandeya?’ things, I mean he was the
> first who wrote about Adi Shakti. All these things that you read
> about Shankaracharya, he took it from Markandeya. He was the first who
> wrote about Kundalini, the first about realization, he was the first
> who did all that.
> Even today they say that there
> is a gap between two hills and people used to cross that gap on a
> bullock cart and the bullock cart was carried over to the other side.
> Now of course you got a place to go up, but at that time there
> was nothing like that, so they used to go up on a bullock cart and the
> bullock cart was carried over without any tension by Adi Shaki. And
> She is the complete, because we have got, as you know, Mahakali,
> Mahalaksmi, Mahasaraswati, three of them in Maharastra. Mahakali is in
> Tulsapur [ Tuljapur ], then Mahalaksmi is in Kholapur and the third
> one is in Mahor [Mahur]. In Mahor there is one mountain where is
> Mahasaraswati. And Adi Shakti is Artha Mata, on top of everything and
> this is it. Markandeya was actually the dearest son of Adi Shakti,
> because he is the one who incarnated Her.
> … he was like a little child, absolutely. Everything is
> described, My hands and everything, even My body in a way. Just like a
> little child grabbing on the Mother. The dedication and devotion was
> so great, I mean, that Adi Shakti had to take him up. He is the one
> who brought Me in. There was no idea of Adi Shakti taking birth or
> anything, nobody thought of it.
> Only once She came in Gokul, She was created in Gokul. Gokul is the
> one, now of course later on it was reflected in India, but Gokul is
> where Shri Krishna played, in the Goloka, in the Vaikuntha. She was
> created as one cow with all the deities sitting in Her, She never
> came on this earth and he is the one who gave the form, in what form
> She has to come?’ with thousand hands, the face like Mine and seven
> chakras. In that way India is very much blessed, I should say, with these things, but the difference between the
> saints and the public is so much, that they never understood. They
> know it is a very great place and Saptashringi is there. We have
> Saptashringi also in Puna, but Saptashringi is only there, where all
> you people go, near Nasik, that’s the place. So that’s the great part
> of Markandeya. He took his birth later on as Buddha,
> then he took his birth as Adi Shankaracharya, it’s the same
> personality. But he was actually the
> son of Rama, to begin with. He was Luv and he went to Russia and
> that is why they are called as “Slavs”. He ruled in Russia, that’s why they are
> called as Slavs. Another son was Kush, who went to China, that
> is why they are called as Kushan. Then they incarnated again and
> again, also as Hassan and Hussain [ Husein ], as Mahavira and Buddha,
> as Adi Shankaracharya and Gyaneshwara, like that.
> See, it is so peaceful. Cool breeze. I think the name Markus might
> be coming from Markandeya. Markandeya is a very unique name, isn’t it?
> “Markanda” means a powerful personality. Markandeya is son, of course,
> Markandeya is the name of the son. Markandeya, is the son.
> "If music be the food of love ..."

Devi Puja - On Nature of Father & Mother Within Us

During the Devi Puja, 26th March 1985, Shri Mataji has

(translated from Hindi)

On today’s auspicious occasion we have gathered here.
Today is the 7th day of the Goddess. On the 7th day,
the Devi Goddess destroyed the various rakshasas and
sinners, because they were torturing the great saints
and rishis who were doing meditation and penance.

We wonder, ‘Mother, why they did so much penance? What
was the need?’ The reason for doing it was because
although human ascent was still low, yet their
aspiration was very high. They aspired to achieve the
Atma through the body. That is why they worked so hard
and did penance in this place. It is due to their
aspiration that today we are able to achieve this

This does not mean that we should think that because
of the blessing of Sahaja Yoga we are some great
people or some specially chosen people by God. People
who think like that will receive a great shock. You
will see that those who are  simple, innocent, and
good-natured will ascend foremost and the rest will be
left behind. Therefore just receiving your Realization
is not the end.

On this auspicious occasion God Almighty has
manifested all His shaktis for your protection,
benevolence and welfare. In everything God is blessing
you. He wants to see you enter His kingdom. In a way
it is His desire that you should return to your
Father’s home and enjoy its comforts. But at least we
should be worthy of it. If we are not worthy of it
then how can we enter it? We should examine our
worthiness and see what it is.

The first thing is that you should come to your
Father’s house. Today I have also come to my Father’s
house. I feel like that because Himalaya is my Father.
On coming here, I cannot express in words the feelings
that are rising within me, but I think that today I
have found a great occasion to celebrate the glory of
my Father. A great opportunity has come before  me to
praise the glories of my Father and narrate the great
achievements of those who meditated here. With the
inspiration derived from the Himalayas they rose from
nowhere to such heights that they achieved the highest

The Himalayas are the Sahasrara that Mother Earth has
created for you. This Sahasrara is to be worshipped.
This Sahasrara is very great. I don’t know if you can
see vibrations emitting from it. I am completely
engulfed by their vibrations that I cannot see
anything else. There are only vibrations and
vibrations. Nothing else. Those who are residing here
are swimming in vibrations and seem like fish swimming
in the ocean of vibrations. You cannot distinguish one
from the other. I cannot describe in words the
splendour of the beautiful vibrations that are spread
here. This is indeed the blessings of the Himalayas.

Foremost we recognize the ocean as our Guru. The ocean
is our Father. When the ocean leaves behind  all the
dirt of the World that is dumped into it and rises in
the sky as clouds, then it becomes completely pure and
beautiful. Floating in this state it reaches the feet
of the Himalayas and spreads as ‘Him.’ The word dhaula
means ‘completely pure’, nirmal. Dhar means ‘range.’
(The mountain range is called Dhauladhar.) Like these
pure ranges in the Himalayas, they are also to be
found in our brain, where they support an opening of
the Sahasrara. After this I cannot describe any
further but I can say this, that the auspicious
opportunity has come today of this connection; try to
avail it and go to its depth. Think that before it, we
are a dot of sand, an innocent child. There is nothing
so special in us that we can stand before its majesty.
What are we? It is so awesome!

The Himalayas are the Sahasrara of the whole Universe.
They have given the whole Universe so much comfort and
joy after which there is nothing more to be attained.
With the help of this Sahasrara, I have opened your
sahasraras. With the help of this Sahasrara, I have
realized that till the peace of the Himalayas settles
in you, till its greatness penetrates your behaviour ,
it is useless to open your Sahasrara. Otherwise your
Sahasrara will burn like a furnace. When I see a
furnace burning inside some people I wonder O God! Why
did I open his Sahasrar? There is so much smoke and
negativity coming out that it is better that his
Sahasrar closes. Like the opening of Pandora’s Box,
one does not know what all is coming out. It is
shocking to see snakes, scorpions and all the possible
negativity being thrown out of it.

Today we worship the Himalayas and the seven Goddesses
whose blessings are here, and pray to them to bless us
with Devi Shakti. We have received the blessings of
the Devi Shakti from a Mother. That is why, in the
form of Mother, let us come to the feet (Sharanagat)
of the Himalayas.  

Keep your attention on yourself. People think of
others. They think, ‘this person is bad. That person
is not good. That fellow is not good.’ What about
yourself? See yourself. Don’t look at others. ‘This
fellow does not do this, that fellow does not do
that.’ Watch what you are doing. Himalaya does not see
what the World has done with Him. How much they have
exploited Him. He only sees what He has to give, what
hard work He must do. How to nurture the people? How
to protect them? We have gotten our protection from
Himalaya’s Peak. From it we received the streams of
Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati. All these streams flow
within us, nirmal, despite all the negativity we throw
in them. Despite the way we disrespect them. Yet,
Himalaya unhesitatingly flows His purity in them. But
all such things will soon end, they cannot go on

You should remember that I should find sweetness in
your tongue, sweetness in your talk,  tenderness in
your behavior. I am warning you that now I will not
forgive. To hurt anyone in any way is a great sin.
Kindly respect each other. You are a Sahaja Yogi. The
other is also a Sahaja Yogi. Today you may hold a
certain position which the other person may not have;
you have not achieved this position, I have bestowed
it upon you. I can remove you from it whenever I
please. That is why, please become worthy of it. With
great humility serve others.

Many people have reported to me that, ‘Mother, we will
only attend your lectures but not go to the centre.’ I
am very surprised that thousands attend my lectures,
then why do they get lost? Are you blocking them in
between like some negativity? Kindly pay attention to
what I am saying and look at yourself. Do not look at
others. What is it that I did? Did I do it like that?
Why did I do like that? Then you will know, you will
understand, when you will realize your mistake. Then
only you will be able to  correct yourself; then only
you will be able to recognize the greatness of this
Himalaya. Otherwise you will not be able to comprehend
it. You lack that perception, that vision, that
maturity, that discretion to realize what it is. Where
you have come, in whose lap are you sitting, in whose
lap you were born, nurtured, brought up; that is this
great Father of ours. Honour it’s glory and, in paying
homage to it, prove that the work you are doing will
be fruitful and will not be wasted.

In this way there is the great blessing of the seven
Goddesses upon you – they are like your maternal
aunts. They look after your welfare. There is a saying
that even if the mother dies, the maternal aunt should
not die because the maternal aunt lovingly indulges
the child. She looks after him, plays with him, amuses
him, protects him from hardships.
You can witness the movement of clouds in the sky,
making patterns in myriads of colours and hues, in
breathtaking  vistas. These are all plays to drench
you with beauty. There is a lot to be gained here. It
is to be seen that after receiving Blessings of Peace,
how beautiful you become.

This Puja is very special, many will go deep and
receive tremendous blessings. But first make your
attention steady. In your attention pray for peace,
“Mother, please bestow peace upon me.” Pray for peace
so that you may spread peace in the Universe. Then Joy
will come. Joy cannot come without Peace.

It will work out tremendously. I know it will work
out, because I have really tried first of all to curb
you down, and after curbing you down I think you
people should ascend because many things have fallen
out. Now don’t try to gather them or go back to them
and justify. Try to be without them.

May God Bless you.

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England Farewell Words (July 2006)

"Is that you are all very close, you are all very close.
If you can understand that, you can overcome anything."
To my flower children

You are angry with life
Like small children
Whose Mother is lost in Darkness
Your sulk expressing despair
At the fruitless end of your journey
You wear Ugliness to discover Beauty
You name everything false in the name of Truth
You drain out emotions to fill the cup of Love
My sweet children, my darling
How can you get peace by waging war
With yourself, with your being, with joy itself
Enough are your efforts of renunciation
The artificial mask of consolation
Now rest in the petals of the lotus flower
In the lap of your gracious Mother
I will adorn your life with beautiful blossoms
And fill your moments with joyful fragrance
I will anoint your head with Divine Love
For I cannot bear your torture anymore
Let me engulf you in the ocean of joy
So you lose your being in the Greater one
Who is smiling in your calyx of self
Secretly hidden to tease you all the while
Be aware and you will find Him
Vibrating your every fibre with blissful joy
Covering the whole Universe with light.

Mother Nirmala

This poem was written on the journey back from the United States on a ship, when She witnessed the subtle conditions of North American seekers. The poem says it all.
On Prayer

You must pray, to God and ask, what you want. Ask for “complete satisfaction in
my heart, joy in my heart,
bliss in my heart, so that the whole world becomes blissful. Give me love, love
that I could… love the whole world
and that the whole world becomes one in love. Give salvation to this...
humanity. Which is suffering.
Take me to your feet. Cleanse me with… with thy love.”

Now see if there is God or not? You can feel within yourself. He hears you. He
understands you.
He's the glory of all the glory. He loves you. He protects you. He guides you.
He created you to reveal His love,
but accept it.

Any time any thought is coming you pray and you will be moving in the waves of
that ocean which is unconscious mind,
which starts with thoughtless awareness.

[long pause]

If you cannot become thoughtless, you pray to: forgive me for what I have done
and forgive those
who have done harm to me.

On Ekadasha Rudra

"Ekadasha Rudra is extremely powerful, explosive, but it is not blind. It is discriminative and extremely delicately woven. It avoids all the good points and attacks the wrong things.
And it hits at the right time "

V.5.28.Jul 85. p25

Ed: Ekadasha means the number eleven in Sanskrit
On Nature of Sahaja Yogis
[Note: This post is an impression, not verbatim]

This weekend there were some significant concepts that made into the heart:

--> Sahaja Yogis should be like the bottom of the ocean. If the ocean of worldly demands expands, the bottom holding the ocean should scale accordingly.

--> Development of Sahaja Yoga was very spontaneous. Watch the 1995 Diwali Puja in Nargol for a detailed historical development of Sahaja Yoga and en masse self-realization.

"Now I would say, to understand the detachment of
Spirit we should study ourselves very well, clearly -
"How are we attached?" We are attached, firstly, by
our brain. Mostly by our brain. Because all our
conditionings are in our brain and all of our ego is
also in our brain. So emotional attachments are
through our brain and all our conditionings are in our
brain and all of our ego is also in our brain. So
emotional attachments are through our brain and all
our egoistical attachments also are through our brain.
That's why it is said that after Realization one must
try to practice the Shiva –Tattwa by practising
Pandharpur, India. February 29, 1984.

Now the third nadi. Third nadi is the nadi by which
we feel attached, attached to someone. Like this is my
child; this is my husband; this is my family; this is
my wife; this is my father; this is my mother. In the
beginning of Sahaja Yoga of everyone, when they are
just the beginners, so they talk about their whole
family - my father is like this, my mother is sick, my
mother's sister's brother's this, that's, real.. this
thing is not well. As if, you see, we all have taken a
contract. What should I do?

Like today somebody said, that you see, ah, they
lost their first child, first child they lost because
the child was sleeping in another room. I said, small
children should sleep with mother and mother must look
after the children. It's a simple I mean. In India, no
mother would accept such a situation. She'll throw
away the husband, say "what's this? I have to look
after the child." So I said tell them that they should
sleep with the child. But they don't believe in it.
All right. What can we do?

Have we taken their contract that we should look
after their children? Even when they don't want to
listen to us? So the idea, is all the time in the
beginning, is that "Oh Mother I've been doing Sahaja
Yoga for one month, but so far my financial condition
has not improved." As if they're going to sue me for
that. As if I've let them down. But they don't want to
see that you have just now come to Sahaja Yoga, or
even if you have been in Sahaja Yoga for so many
years, you have not been a Sahaja Yogi. Something
missing, you don't deserve. Something wrong with you,
not with Sahaja Yoga. But they feel that Sahaja Yoga
is something which has got the contract. Immediately
they'll inform you. Now somebody is sick there,
somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody, send five
Sahaja Yogis. For what? These attachments start
working within us.

Now some people I've seen are very attached to
their children and they go on pampering 'my child, my
child'. And suddenly they discover the child is now is
a devil's child. The child starts answering back,
saying all kinds of things, beating the parents,
misbehaving, and then they suddenly discover that this
is the child whom I have been looking after, giving so
much love. And they feel even worse because, "I have
done so much for my wife and she is treating me like
this." "I've done so much for my husband and he is
treating me like this."

Why do you do so much? There's no need. And if you
are doing it you just do it and you forget it. I never
feel that way. I have known of Sahaja Yogis for whom I
have worked very hard and they have gone down. Only
thing if I feel anything is "God knows where will they
jump? Where will they be in hell? What will happen to
them?" That's the only concern. Not the concern what
has happened because nothing can happen to me. But if
they have been sinful I just get worried about their
future, about their lives. That's different.

So this kind of attachment that is we call in
Sanskrit is 'mamartha'. This is mine that's my joy. My
this thing, my that. Who are your relations, are
Sahaja Yogis. Remember this. It's a sentence you must
remember: My relations are Sahaja Yogis only and
anybody who plays against Sahaja Yogis, troubles
Sahaja Yogis, -that person could be my own wife, could
be my own child - is not mine. Because I'll not allow
such a thing to happen. This relationship is all right
till Sahaja Yogis are one with each other.

As soon as somebody tries to harm any other Sahaja
Yogi then I'm not with that person. I've seen there
are many like that, very good Sahaja Yogis. They'll
never side with their wives, never side with their
children because they know if you are siding with them
you are making them sinful. You're destroying them.
They're worried about their ascent so they'll never
allow, never allow anybody - a relation of theirs, to
trouble others. I've seen some children who are
extremely naughty, very troublesome, very violent. And
the parents just say "Mother, put them right. We leave
it to You." They are to be put right. But others might
say, "Oh, no, no, no, no you see my child he can not
do such a thing," you know. So one has to understand
the discrimination part of it that "why am I

I've given the simile many a times like the sap of
the tree rises, goes to various places of the trees,
various areas; looks after the bark, looks after the
branch, looks after the leaves, flowers and fruits and
comes back. Or it gets evaporated. Doesn't get
attached. If it gets involved into one of them the
whole tree will die and that part which is so close to
the sap will also die. But sap has much more sense
than we have. To them, husband's so important. I mean
so many problems of husbands, wives, this, that...
like "God", I sometimes think, "what is this?"

That's why we used to say take a sanyasa. So nobody
can talk about wife, children, nothing. You have to be
a sanyasan. First of all be a sanyasin, so no headache
to the guru. As soon as you start talking about any
one relation of yours the guru will say "All right you
get out. Nothing doing. No good."

But in Sahaja Yoga... Sahaja Yoga has much deeper
work to do. It has to penetrate into the society, into
the political life, into economic life. You have to
emancipate the whole world. Try to understand your
responsibility. You are not only here for one ascetic
ascent, no. How much wisdom you must have, how much
love you must have, and how much discrimination you
must have, to understand that you are chosen for the
emancipation of the whole world. So, now this
so-called limited love, what is the solution which
takes you to destruction is the unlimited love.

Because Shiva is nothing but love. He's love that
corrects, that nourishes, that wants your benevolence.
That's what Shiva is. It wants your benevolence. It
looks after you benevolence. So when you are looking
after the benevolence of others with love, then the
whole life changes, the whole pattern changes, and you
really enjoy it because you become one with so many,
concerned with so many families, so many things, so
many problems of others. You just feel you are one
with so many.

Shri Shiva
Puja, Italy 1991.
On Materialism

Our Spirit

Meaning of Life

On William Blake, St Michael

“…from the books you cannot understand who he could have been. He was an incarnation of Bhairavanath, that’s whom we call the St Michael or St George who is, as you know, the saint angel of England. That’s why he had to incarnate and forgive. This was his role, to talk about divine in an open fearless manner...”
Shri Mataji, in Her address given on William Blake’s Birthday anniversary,
28-11-1985, Hammersmith Town Hall, London, UK

"In Sahaja Yoga we recognize Lord Mahavira as the incarnation of Shri Bhairavnath. He also incarnated as Imam Hussein. St. Michael is the same who is also called St. George (the Guardian angel of England)"
Mahavir Jayanti, Delhi, 04-04-1993
The Opening of Sahasrara

"....As soon as the Sahasrara was opened, the whole atmosphere was filled with tremendous Chaitanya and there was tremendous light in the sky, and the whole thing came on the Earth as if a torrential rain or a waterfall with such tremendous force as if I was unaware and got stupefied. The happening was so tremendous and so unexpected that I was stunned and got totally silent at the grandeur. I saw the Primordial Kundalini rising like a big furnace and the furnace was very silent but a burning appearance it had, as if you heat up metal and it has many colours.

In the same way the Kundalini showed up as a furnace, like a tunnel, as you see these plants you have for coal burning that create electricity and it stretched like a telescope and came out one after another. Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! Just like that. And the Deities came and sat on their seats, golden seats and then they lifted the whole of the head like a big dome and opened it, and then this torrential rain completely drenched me.
I started seeing all that and got lost in the joy. It was like an artist seeing his own creation and I felt the joy of great fulfilment. After coming out of this beautiful experience, I looked around and saw human beings so blind and I became absolutely silent, and I desired that I should get the cups to fill the nectar, not all stones...."

H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.

[Archive: The Holy Words for Saturday, May 22, 2004]

"Actually when we are close to a mountain we cannot see much of it,
and that is why we do not realize the volume that is so close to us,
the greatness that is facing us. This is one of the illusions that
works out, for people who do not realise it mentally what they are
in for, where are they, what have they found, what is Self-
Realisation, what is its magnitude, how far they have to go, why are
they chosen, what is their purpose of life, how far they have come
up, how far they can understand? All these things are beyond the
grasp, and one gets stunned. One does not know what has happened to
him when he has got his Realization actually."

"So the only method you have got now, or only way is left to you,
for a drop which has become an ocean, is to dissolve more in the
ocean, so that you feel the ocean at least.
And to communicate with other drops in such a way that you know the
whole through time."

[Archive: The Holy Words for Friday, May 21, 2004]

"First of all, Sahasrara is the only way we can perceive, understand
and know the reality. You have come to know as to what is the
reality, and you are enjoying that state where you know what is the
reality. It is a great blessing that Sahasrara was opened out and
all of you got your Realisation.

Your search for truth was intense and definite. You wanted to know
the truth, that is how it worked out. Otherwise no amount of money,
no amount of effort, nothing would have helped. Sahasrara had to
open by itself."

Cabella, Italy May 9, 2004

HWP for Monday Jan 9, 2006

One boy came and he just prostrated himself before Me.
So, I said, "Why you did it?"
"Oh, I was getting cool vibrations, Mother, from You, so I did it."
"You like it?"
"Of course."
"More than chocolate?"
"Of course."
I was surprised. "What? You eat them or what?"
"No need to eat, oh on. You feel so happy inside and I feel, Mother,
You are putting Your hand on my heart and trying to console me."
Surprised. "And where is your heart?"
He says,"Here. Here is my heart. I feel it here."
Just imagine what love and what understanding of Sahaja Yoga for these
little children who are below even five years.
Now, you're all grown up children of mine and I want you to know all
the beauties that are within you, that you have to enjoy.

Shri Krishna Puja, 1997

--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

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HWP for Friday, Jan. 6, 2006


I am very happy that you kept today's puja. Shri Krishna's Puja
will take place and a lot of people will get cleansed from within
because this is a special blessing of Shri Krishna. He will do it
Himself, but you have to show a little interest, an inclination that
you want to be completely cleansed from within. You don't know how
deep this question is. To fix this, we have to work very hard."

Shri Krishna Puja, August 2003

--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

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HWP for Wednesday, January 4, 2005

"The message of today's festival (Shri Krishna Puja) is that we should
look within ourselves and see. This is what Shri Krishna has said.
But people find this hard to do. It doesn't happen. What is the
reason that we are not able to see ourselves? What is this veil in
between? The veil is of bad things like ego, etc. They stand up and
we are unable to see the defects that we should see. To see these
defects is very essential."

To be continued...

Shri Krishna Puja, August 2003

--Founder of Sahaja Yoga—

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AIDS has a woman's face. Help women to protect themselves.

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