After liliana's beautiful letter of Mother's, here is a speech from
> 1988 that I just received through the LA yogis list.
> Jai Shri Mataji
> Debbie
> (Ashram of Vienna, 9th June 1988)
> You know the story of Markandeya or not? I tell you the story of
> Markandya. You see, his father had no children and the father and
> mother were unhappy. So they prayed to Shiva and they said that we
> want to have a son. Shiva said: ”I’ll give you
> the son, but I will have to take him back after eight years. So
> he’ll only exist till he is about eight years of age.” So they gave
> that boon to him plus this kind of a curse. The parents were very
> upset that “our child will die after eight years of age”, very upset.
> But they found the child very bright, brilliant and also shining and very religious.
> One day he asked his father: “Why do you always so worry, I mean,
> after all I am your son?
> ” So they said that it is said so, eight years or sixteen years,
> something like that. “Now I will be losing you very soon. Who can
> surpass Shiva?” He said it, “so I cannot think we can really ask
> anyone to neutralize the curse upon us. If you are not born to us we would not have been so attached to
> you. Now you are born to us, we are so much attached to you.”
> He was a very wise person, he said: “No, I know someone, I
> know Adi Shakti. And he went to this place where you got to see this
> Saptashringi.
> There he prayed to Her.Nobody had prayed to Adi Shakti. They would
> pray to Jagadamba, they would pray to all others. To Adi Shakti, who
> is the God, he prayed to Her. She appeared there and Her face is just
> like Me. It is Saptashringi because She has seven
> chakras on Her head. “Shringa” means on the head, like what you call
> the Shikara, peak?’ “Seven Peaks”. She was born with seven peaks. She
> came there, appeared from the Mother Earth, She just came out and he
> prayed to Her. He prayed to Her and then the whole place became so
> vibrated that Shiva could not touch him.
> Then he wrote all this Markandeya?’ things, I mean he was the
> first who wrote about Adi Shakti. All these things that you read
> about Shankaracharya, he took it from Markandeya. He was the first who
> wrote about Kundalini, the first about realization, he was the first
> who did all that.
> Even today they say that there
> is a gap between two hills and people used to cross that gap on a
> bullock cart and the bullock cart was carried over to the other side.
> Now of course you got a place to go up, but at that time there
> was nothing like that, so they used to go up on a bullock cart and the
> bullock cart was carried over without any tension by Adi Shaki. And
> She is the complete, because we have got, as you know, Mahakali,
> Mahalaksmi, Mahasaraswati, three of them in Maharastra. Mahakali is in
> Tulsapur [ Tuljapur ], then Mahalaksmi is in Kholapur and the third
> one is in Mahor [Mahur]. In Mahor there is one mountain where is
> Mahasaraswati. And Adi Shakti is Artha Mata, on top of everything and
> this is it. Markandeya was actually the dearest son of Adi Shakti,
> because he is the one who incarnated Her.
> … he was like a little child, absolutely. Everything is
> described, My hands and everything, even My body in a way. Just like a
> little child grabbing on the Mother. The dedication and devotion was
> so great, I mean, that Adi Shakti had to take him up. He is the one
> who brought Me in. There was no idea of Adi Shakti taking birth or
> anything, nobody thought of it.
> Only once She came in Gokul, She was created in Gokul. Gokul is the
> one, now of course later on it was reflected in India, but Gokul is
> where Shri Krishna played, in the Goloka, in the Vaikuntha. She was
> created as one cow with all the deities sitting in Her, She never
> came on this earth and he is the one who gave the form, in what form
> She has to come?’ with thousand hands, the face like Mine and seven
> chakras. In that way India is very much blessed, I should say, with these things, but the difference between the
> saints and the public is so much, that they never understood. They
> know it is a very great place and Saptashringi is there. We have
> Saptashringi also in Puna, but Saptashringi is only there, where all
> you people go, near Nasik, that’s the place. So that’s the great part
> of Markandeya. He took his birth later on as Buddha,
> then he took his birth as Adi Shankaracharya, it’s the same
> personality. But he was actually the
> son of Rama, to begin with. He was Luv and he went to Russia and
> that is why they are called as “Slavs”. He ruled in Russia, that’s why they are
> called as Slavs. Another son was Kush, who went to China, that
> is why they are called as Kushan. Then they incarnated again and
> again, also as Hassan and Hussain [ Husein ], as Mahavira and Buddha,
> as Adi Shankaracharya and Gyaneshwara, like that.
> See, it is so peaceful. Cool breeze. I think the name Markus might
> be coming from Markandeya. Markandeya is a very unique name, isn’t it?
> “Markanda” means a powerful personality. Markandeya is son, of course,
> Markandeya is the name of the son. Markandeya, is the son.
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